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Letter: to Dr. Shankar

Diny, Netherlands

What a gift of Life that it has permitted me to meet You. My understanding may be like a drop, but for me it is tremendous. Now I look differently at my husband, children and my surrounding. What a gift! Where else I would find this? Where would I be without Your sharing? The whole Life is a gift every day. Life itself permits me to be in this wonderful manifestation. What a wonder that I can read and listen to English spoken words - I didn't have  had any education in English at all! Thanks for coming in my life and for sharing Your wisdom. What a gift! With love and best wishes.

Response Dr. Shankar

The ocean is made up of drops of water. Husband, children and surroundings are drops that make the ocean of life. Where would Dr. Shankar be if they were no one to share with. You are a gift too for Dr. Shankar. Thanks for being in Dr. Shankar's life and accepting the wisdom. What a gift!

Comment: Christmas Greetings

Fali Engineer,

www.houstonlodgetheosophicalsociety.org We are grateful for the kind Christmas and New Year greetings from the AAU, along with the wise words of Dr. V. S. Shankar. We too wish the AAU continued growth with increasing acceptance by society of its message of freedom from suffering. With appreciation and best wishes.

Comment: Christmas Greetings

Rebecca Perry, USA

I have watched the Season's Greetings clip from the Academy twice now and it has brought tears to my eyes - tears of joy, of course. Please convey my deepest love, appreciation and wishes for his comfort and joy for that is exactly what he has given me. Sending much love to you, Dr. Shankar, and all at the Academy of Absolute Understanding for your untiring service to all of us on this great journey that is happening to us so suddenly, magically and mysteriously. WOW!

Comment: Article ‘Advent season’ by Marcus Stegmaier

Anna, Slovania

Oh what a pleasant reading Marcus, thank you for posting it. Readings of this kind we can only find on sites like NNH, not needing to mention acadun.com, which we all know by now.

Comment: Christmas Greetings

Kati Couck, Belgium

Thank you so much, dr.Shankar, and thanks to all the beautiful people around you.

Kati Couck



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Comment: CD ‘Wake Up’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

Why do the sages say, wake up? Because we are not observant, we are not aware of life. Whatever planning is to be done, it happens, whatever speaking has to be done, it happens, whatever action has to be done, it happens through you. Our mind is acting, we are not observing. There are no actions in life there are only reactions to life by the mind called actions. That is why they say the whole world is a thought form, held in a thought form, held as a thought form. There is already an illusion. There is no point in creating an illusion. Wake up and observe life. Wake up is such a straightforward satsang.



Comment: CD ‘More or Less’
Elisabeth, Netherlands

In MORE & LESS Dr. Shankar clarifies that the mind must always function in terms of more and less. That is the nature of the mind, you are not like that, the mind is like that. There is no duality in the mind, it is just a matter of more or less. How could there be two different natures when your mind’s nature is just one? In this field of energy, where would be the separation point between love and hate for them to exist separate from each other? How could there be duality in life, how could there be two if everything is just one? Very much enjoyed the satsang wherein you reveal about the state of energy being one. Please know that I think of You and I am so grateful for every satsang and every book You have given.


Comment: CD ‘Knowledge’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

What could basically be KNOWLEDGE? Man does not like to be ignorant, he wishes to be knowledgeable. But if all knowledge comes to you from an external source, could it be yours? Is it your knowing? It always belongs to others. A man becomes knowledgeable if that knowledge erupts from his own Self. Otherwise he will be covered by that which has been donated by others to him. This is artificial knowledge which conducts life in its relative thought form for it to be propagated, so that this may be enjoyed by me once I know who I am. If I have the real knowledge as to my identity, then I will relish and rejoice this artificial knowledge. Life appears as man as all that you see and hear. It conducts its own orchestra by itself.


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" Honesty is the door to understanding”


Dr. Vijai S Shankar