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‘NON-Duality’ first time visually explained



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Review: CD ‘Next Generation’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

Life flows in only one way and that way is not the same for every generation because life evolves and sophisticates every generation. Dr. Shankar reads  out the words from a fifty-nine year old grandfather to his grandson which shows how fast life is moving. Within sixty years the change in life has been phenomenal. The generations next to come are right here, therefore to live harmoniously will be to observe life how fast it is changing. When objects are getting sophisticated so fast, we must understand the mind too gets sophisticated fast. You begin to understand everything happens to man. Phenomenal satsang, very much enjoyed. Thank you. And I studied the satsangs Control, Situations and Behaviour, and I can listen on a deeper level

Review: CD ‘I Do’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

What is the significant feature of man’s doing? Man only comes to know what he has done. Life is sophisticating at a great speed. When such a plethora of sophistication is going on, the conviction that man is the doer keeps on increasing. Sophistication appears stupid to an unsophisticated mind and that is normal, but that is how life is going to be. There is nothing abnormal. The abnormability is the normability of times to come. Such is the wail of illusion which life has cast upon itself, for it knows, as life progresses, so too will intelligence, no matter how strong, no matter how convinced the mind may be. Whatever life happens to you, understand you are not doing it, it is happening to you. The whole satsang is an answer.

Review: CD ‘Family’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

What is it exactly that happens in life? We want life to be strict according to what we believe. When we understand our own mind, we are sophisticating, our ego will turn into a witnesser. If every emotion is unpredictable, how could we be in control of life? Emotion happens to you just as weather happens in nature. Weather changes every moment, man too changes every moment. He is not in control of nature, nature controls itself. What prevents the mind from admiring what is in front of it? The ego only knows what it does not have, it never knows what it has. The moment you realize what you have, the ego is no more an ego, it is a witnesser. When you know everything in life has come without a label, when there is no label to anything in front of you, that is admiration. It touches me deeply when you speak about the grandparents, family truly gives an opportunity to realise love, and not the way you expect your family to be.

Review: CD ‘Precision’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

What the mind thinks is purely its thoughts. Not life. In life there are no thoughts.  A process of understanding gives rise to knowledge, and wisdom as well. The mind is the only faculty for wisdom to shine through. When the understanding happens in light, through light in light, the ego gets converted into a witnesser. Moments in your life will happen to you when the light from the real will shine through. As Dr. Shankar has said before, man should finish the process of thinking. Once the process of thinking is finished, the thinking will go on, but you won’t be affected by it. The thoughts are just sound to the witnesser. He admires the intelligence of life.







Only man asks himself how “to love“, what he or the other has done wrong so far and should correct in the future. Are stones, trees and monkeys searching for love? Do they ask how “to love“? How come that man is the only thing in the world having a longing for love? Matter, plants and animals do not have a “story“ because the mind does not function as it does in man as yet. They ARE life as the timeless and thoughtless “Here and Now“ which is Love. Yet, they are….

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"The intellect in the mind is logical.”


Dr. Vijai S Shankar