The Academy announces a Book launch titled “Water”


A book that helps to understand what life really is.


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Available in USA from May 2012.





This Book ‘Water’ is the third volume in the series ‘Understanding life’. The first two are ‘Fire’ and ‘Air’. The book contains pointers that he has shared to all men and women in the form of answers to questions that were communicated to him from all over the world.


Man is deluded into believing that he is the doer, and from this belief springs the guilt and misery of personal responsibility. The book offers help which once given results in peace that man so desires.


Each one of these answers was given as part of a specific question to ‘life’ issues. Every answer goes to the heart of life itself irrespective of our particular circumstance.


Dr. Shankar, by his own insistence, is not a teacher and has no pupils; nor does he give advice. His words, arising from the infinite source of all that IS’, reveal things as they are in the nameless ‘HERE’ and the timeless ‘NOW’ –and not as a mental opinion.


Life received our birth.

Life accommodated our birth within it.

Life celebrated our arrival.

Life keeps celebrating our presence.

Life reminds that questions are illusory.

Life gifts continuously with every breath.

Life prepares everything.

Life shows its mysteries cannot be questioned.

Understand yet the ego questions.

Dr. Shankar


Letter to the Academy by Rebecca Perry, USA

Dear Dr. Shankar,

You often state in your talks to listen and read the CD’s and books over and over again and I wanted you to know how powerful that has been for me. Each time it is almost as if I never read or heard what you are expressing and yet understanding has deepened because of doing so. It has been 20 months since I came across an interview done by you on which had a huge impact on me. I immediately searched for where to find your books and have purchased all the ones currently available. I also presently have close to 50 CD’s – either purchased by me or gifted to me. My income is limited but I budget for these because they are an invaluable treasure. You cannot put a price on something that changes your life.  When I am in my car a Dr. Shankar CD is playing and each morning I read a chapter from one of your books. My MP3 player is loaded with all the CD’s I have. In the beginning I could only afford 12 CD’s for about 6 months and listened to them over and over and over. That is how I came across the impact of the repeated listening and reading that you request. Often I will play the same CD at least twice before I go to the next one. If it is meant to be I will eventually acquire all of your CD’s because what you say has changed my life. Deeper understanding of the nature of the mind and the illusory manifestation is the most joyful thing I experience each day for that allows me to appreciate and admire what is appearing in each unfolding moment as the day goes by, merges into the night and the next day arises – all seamlessly.  Once the understanding begins to take root there is no turning back. There is a shift and even though the previous way of interacting with others may start up out of force of habit, it is almost immediately replaced with a steady relaxed sense that all is perfect as it is and the pull to change things is seen as simply thoughts arising. Maturing is such joy and fun and with all my being, I thank you and all those that make it possible for this great gift of books, CD’s and DVD’s containing life’s wisdom as expressed through you, to be available.  I wish you well too as you so often do for us in your talks.