This new Book ‘Water’ is the third volume in the series ‘Understanding life’. The first two are ‘Fire’ and ‘Air’. The book contains pointers that he has shared to all men and women in the form of answers to questions that were communicated to him from all over the world.


Man is deluded into believing that he is the doer, and from this belief springs the guilt and misery of personal responsibility. The book offers help which once given results in peace that man so desires.



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‘NON-Duality’ first time visually explained



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“Comfort is temporary never permanent”




Review: CD ‘Witnessing’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

What is our understanding about life? By whatever understanding has happened to man he must think, by this understanding am I capable of accepting life or not?  Man is not at all alert to life, he has not recognized that life happens to him, he has not clearly understood what is the meaning of happening. By observing life, by witnessing life, life itself has presented the gift of acceptance to man. When you have completely accepted your waking state, your acceptance that it happened to you, that is the point when a total surrender will happen. And when surrender has come to a certain point, trust will happen to you. That is how trust happens, merely by witnessing life. Trust is the pinnacle of your witnessing when you know that life happens totally to everyone. All satsangs are the best! So grateful for Witnessing, I enjoyed it totally.


Review: CD ‘Expectations 2’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

In Expectations (2) Dr. Shankar gives answer to written questions to him. What could the definition of matter be? Is there such a thing as negligence? What is temperature? And all through the satsang Dr. Shankar emphasizes how every moment man tries to prevent something which he does not expect. How did expectation start for man? Every mind expects, every mind loves to prevent. Life will flow only in one way and that way life knows how it will flow. You cannot change life. Very much enjoyed all the deep aspects of the sharing.



Review: CD ‘Next Generation’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

Life flows in only one way and that way is not the same for every generation because life evolves and sophisticates every generation. Dr. Shankar reads  out the words from a fifty-nine year old grandfather to his grandson which shows how fast life is moving. Within sixty years the change in life has been phenomenal. The generations next to come are right here, therefore to live harmoniously will be to observe life how fast it is changing. When objects are getting sophisticated so fast, we must understand the mind too gets sophisticated fast. You begin to understand everything happens to man. Phenomenal satsang, very much enjoyed. Thank you. And I studied the satsangs Control, Situations and Behaviour, and I can listen on a deeper level now.





Question: You say that life is illusory, what are the grounds on which this opinion stands?

Response: The question is, on …

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"Life is not made by man. Life happens spontaneously.”


Dr. Vijai S Shankar