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“Witnesser is aware. The ego knows”




Comment: Book Understanding Life -“Water”

Rebecca Perry, USA

Life for me, as me, through me, has been and continues to be forever changed because of your presence in my life. Perhaps the Master Sculptor is removing whatever is covering [my] pristine state. The latest book, Understanding Life – Water, is such a treasure as are the others, Fire and Air. Your unabashed, ego-shattering responses to the questions and inquiries put to you are so intimate and yet so applicable to everyone who is drawn to understand the nature of existence. There is a ‘tone’ to the Understanding Life series that is different from the other books - it is almost as if I am speaking with you directly because all questions are similar for all, just different words and phrasing are used by the different personalities asking the questions.  Thank you and all at Advaita Publications for this latest addition to one of the most important and profound bodies of work gifted to mankind.


Comment: Book Understanding Life -“Water”

Dori, Utrecht

I enjoyed reading the book: Understanding Life- “Water”. The questions are beautiful, the answers beautiful, clear and straight. Thank you for the gift.


Comment: CD “Purpose Fuelled”

Elisabeth, Netherlands

What makes life precious to man in his everyday life? Is it present every moment? Man is not bothered about life as life, he is bothered about everyday life. Everyone in their lives they need to have a purpose. Without a purpose man is lost. In purpose man is always helpless. Why do we think man needs a purpose or wants a purpose? Man is not convinced that life happens to him. The reason why he wants to have a purpose is because he believes he is a doer. Life will flow only one way. Watch it. Watch your purpose how it goes. The moment you realize no matter what purpose man has in life it will go only one way. The first of seven great satsangs called ‘PURPOSE FUELLED’.


Comment: CD “Purpose Fuelled 2”

Elisabeth, Netherlands

Why does man go to a satsang? Man wants to know the truth, but what would he do with it? Why does he want to know the truth? Every moment everything which happens to you happens so that you may understand your mind. That is what a satsang is all about. And all you can understand from the mind is, what is illusion? How is it illusory? Life happens so that you may understand yourself, man wants to understand the other. We are uncertain as to what is going to happen only because we know what should happen. How come man knows what should happen? A purpose is always present in man. Only through purpose can man recognize it is not in my control. As long as purpose is there, trust will never happen to you. So happy with the satsang. And KG2’s chapter Dreaming is so enlightening. What a revelation.



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" Knowledge blames. Wisdom unites.”


Dr. Vijai S Shankar