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Conversation Jurgen with Marcus


Hello, dear Marcus Stegmaier, 

In Oct 2011 our last email exchange has happened (In Nov 2011 newsletter). You explained that in daily life there will be shown how deep the understanding is, that the world, man and the mind are spontaneously looked through as illusory. 
I have been reading again and again the books of Dr. Shankar in german (Absolute Understanding Vol. 1, Evolution of Mind, What am I)...!

In Absolute Understanding Vol.1, I came across the sentence (page 226) that life has given to man the thought that he is in control of life, so that he may learn, that he could neither control his mind nor life. It has already been clear to me that……….. read further



Conversation: Marcus Stegmaier with X

X: I had a rough trip. And didn't handle it all well. Just a lot of internal mind stuff.

M: What do you mean?


X: That all this is illusion and even the ego, witnesser being an illusion. It all seems real and even the ego and thoughts etc come from the source and I have nothing to do with it. It seems life is really playing this game. And most suffer because of it, including me. I am speaking relatively. It seems personal and I know intellectually it isn't.

M: Something is aware of the suffering, of the ego, just watch and wait. there is no thought lasting forever, did you notice?


X: Yes. It is all passing. As quickly as it appears it is….. read further




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Sophisticated Mind (2)


“Life sophisticates the mind.

Man does not”




Letter to AAU, Germany

Hi Regina,

The best thought which ever came up in me was to buy the DVDs. What a joy to see Guruji and to listen to him again and again... Regina, maybe you can inform Guruji that I am very very grateful to Life, that it made it possible to show itself in form of Him in front of me as itself. Today, early in the morning, I watched and listened to the DVD "One too Many". What a Satsang!!!! What a revelation!!!!
One answer is enough! What is life? Life is a mystery! What is love? The absence of the ego! What is enlightenment? Just be! It is so easy! Watch the mind and life will reveal itself, your words. Very very very true!!!! Thank you! Beloved Guruji thank you so much (something in me is crying, tears come out of me) You are right - L I F E gives everything in the moment.

I can't stop watching and listening... Please send me 587, 588, 589, 590, 604, 605, 606, 612, 613, 614, 615, 621, 629, 631, 634, 635. Altogether 16 DVd's I am amazed how alive the DVD's are and I appreciate the "Technology" which makes it possible to rewind Guruji's sound, so that I can follow the not very familiar English words. What a happening - life reveals its wisdom in English to me, what a joke too!

Your Andreas

Response by AAU:

Dear Andreas,

Yes Andreas, the best thing to have is the understanding Guruji gives in all his talks. I agree that to have his DVD's is the best thing to have. I have given Guruji your message. He was touched and responds that life gives every moment but yet the mind demands more
Regina Brand


Letter to AAU: Andreas, Germany

Beloved Guruji,

At time my life is a stop - rewind - and go - phenomenon. The DVDs reveal such much wisdom, which one can really not catch at one time watching and listening... For "Covered Coward" I needed almost 5 hours, but what a pleasure and enlightenment.
What can I say? Again and again: Thank YOU!
Your Andreas


Response by AAU:

Knowledge breaks in the mind and wisdom arises. Seed breaks in the earth and a tree arises.

Happy for you



Facebook comment:

Three ways to ENJOY life: CTRL+ ALT + DELETE

CONTROL your life
DELETE the situations that give you tension


Response by AAU to facebook:
Control yourself is impossible. LIFE is controlling everything. Mind does not control life!
Alternative solutions means you do not accept life as it is. This gives tension.
Situation is happening to man as a thought in the mind. Deleting is impossible.
You can only enjoy life if you understand LIFE is illusory.
Gerard Benerink



Comment: CD “Purpose Fuelled (7)

Elisabeth, Netherlands

Where would purpose find an existence in a mysterious life? What would have been the first purpose, which has generated so many? Dr. Shankar painstakingly reveals to us  what happened to man in his mind first, what man became aware of first. The silence which we all are trying for is not the real silence. The absence of the silence man recognized it as the presence. Words had to convince man of his actions which there was none. That is how purpose came into man because of his beliefs. Just by words life creates the deception. How life has meant it to be so that it may create and magnify and reflect its reflection of reality. If something real exists, could it be mysterious? What an interesting clarification of what man became aware of first. Man came to know the sound while he still was in sound which he could not hear. Like being deaf?


Comment: CD “Light”

Harrie, Limburg

Last week I have listened several times to the cd 'LIGHT' ( Roermond 2001). Immediately it was for me the favorite cd of my whole collection; so strong and so complete. Many a thing was falling on its place, though I have to hear it still more times. Because the flipchart was used regularly I would like to have it as DVD. Perhaps a suggestion to make it? What a privilege to be together tomorrow with that human being who has spoken such complete wisdom on this cd ! Thanks and thanks again for that great privilege.







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" Life gives. Mind takes ”


Dr. Vijai S Shankar