Understanding life series

The questions in these books indicate the conditioned mind belief that life is a matter of daily events and situations, while the answers point to life as an eternal flow of transforming energy that projects an optical and auditory illusion of world, man and mind.



Some questions in these books:




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Q: Can You help my daughter and advice us on what we should be doing.?

S: Give her plenty of love which both of you possess in abundance. Accept her life and give love.


Q: It is not easy to be a witnesser all the time even though I am trying to that.

S: This is because you are identified with yourself as being the doer.


Q: I do apologise for taking your time for all my questions, wich may be very silly.

S: All your questions is seen lovingly for it helps to remove what is not essential and leave the essential as it is. Please feel free to ask it is sheer joy to see you blossom into your true form.


Q: Sometimes I love about myself, but sometimes I cannot help but cry. Who am I, and what is the purpose of my existance?

S: You are divine and the purpose of existance is to find that divinity in you!












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Q: I do not know what to do.

S: Stop thinking!


Q: Trying to live in the eternal moment called ‘NOW’. This needs a difficult key to open the lock called the mind.

S: The key is called witnessing.


Q: Otherwise everyone even at home feels that I am preaching and not doing anything.

S: Let there be transformation within you and this will affect the others at home. There is no need to preach. The change within will itself show!


Q: I also see the ego leads nowhere.

S: It leads only into an imaginary world!













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Q: I miss my woman.

S: Her soul or her body or her mind? We came alone, we go alone, and in-between if we are alone we do not miss anyone. It is the mind that feels lonely.


Q: I am aware that awareness is the real thing but this is unlike the shopping expeditions that we venture out.

S: The eyes see outside that is why one thinks that happiness is also outside!


Q: I wanted to spend time with you – and the opposite has happened!

S: When you expect something to happen, be prepared for disappointment.


Q: Eventually she consulted some reputable teachers who convinced her that her empty mind was not a pathological state.

S: Teachers do more harm than good. A teacher is full and not empty for he teaches. How then could a teacher be empty? There is a great difference between a master and a teacher!







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To realize Life


“Knowledge cannot realize Life”




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Comment: CD ‘Perfect Product’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

How on earth do I find myself in some mood? Where is the illusion that we can be happy right through our life? As we are, any moment of the day, where we are, we are a perfectly finished product. A finished product is total. The mind cannot recognize a finished product for the moment. The mind is not total to see a finished product. As we are, what happens to us, a movement of life happens to you. Life is taking you as a finished product every moment. As a finished product, nothing is diffused. The illusion gets created that the moment can be controlled by the thoughts which we never brought in by ourselves.


Comment: CD ‘Relative Spirituality’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

There has to be something non-spiritual for relative spirituality to exist and this is purely in the mind. Relative means it is related to that which is not spiritual. Any concept of relative spirituality it strengthens the ego. A truly spiritual man is he who does not divide life through his mind. Dr. Shankar gives a deep understanding of the concept we have that we can focus on spirituality. It is the expression of life that gives us a tremendous opportunity to marvel as to how reality can come forth in any form for us to wonder at it, reality expressing itself, giving an opportunity for our mind to be still. Very much enjoyed the satsang, and was also happy to receive the August newsletter yesterday. Such a wonderful way of sharing.


Comment: CD ‘Light’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

Dr. Shankar has always spoken about nada, sound. In LIGHT an extraordinary revelation is given on light, the other aspect of the manifestation of light and sound. Where does light get its energy to shine? Light is the primary energy which gives energy to everything. Light exists. Light as such is consciousness which is existing, which manifests everything. Light has appeared as life. When light condenses itself, or when it becomes concentrated at one point, it becomes life. Without light there cannot be life. Life is that what we see and experience in the mind. Can we see light? Light is reflecting itself through the objects so that we can see the objects and infer light is there. Light comes as the world. Right through existence there is only light. Thank you, Dr. Shankar. So very much enjoyed the satsang, Guruji. What a deep revelation. Light has appeared as life. Am now studying Anger in kaivalya Gita Volume I. Thank you.









‘NON-Duality’ first time visually explained



DVD with Dutch and German Subtitles

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" Watch not how life should and must go. Watch life go the way it will go.”


Dr. Vijai S Shankar