Absolute Understanding series

Volume 2


The sages declared that the dreaming or madness of the mind is ‘Illusory’ and not real. Since the labels, the known, ideas, logic, dreaming and madness were illusory, the mind was understood to be ‘Absent’ by the sages! The chronological arrangement of the chapters in this volume of Kaivalya Gita provides a systematic and clear understanding of this mental process.




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What could be the most precious thing in life? Is there something really precious in life: so precious that it is invaluable; so precious that it cannot be bought in any market place, collected from collectors or borrowed from lenders? Man tries to find in life things that are precious to him. Could there be anything precious in life? One has to find out what it could be, or is it just an illusion? ……..


‘Well, I just do not understand that there is no karma. I still don’t understand that; I mean, is it an illusion?’

If the world is an illusion then karma too must be an illusion. If karma is an exception to this rule then truth must have an exception too. If so, would that make it the truth? …….


The question is, does man bring ideas or do ideas happen to man - and why? Firstly, is it true that man wishes to be happy? Do you all wish to be happy? This is a very fundamental question. And a far more fundamental one should be, what could be man’s innate nature? What could be man’s true nature? To answer this query, man needs to understand that God surely must be very happy, if he is God. Isn’t this so? …….






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World is illusory


“World is a play of Light and Sound”





““Every position is precise”


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Colour is an illusion of light”


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Comment: CD ‘Position’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

The moment expectations start, the cycle will start. Expectations will give rise to choices, that you can choose. Once man has choices, these choices will give rise to hope. The moment hope comes, the next thing that will happen to man is, doubt will come. The moment doubt comes there will be fear. And the moment fear comes in, you will begin to expect again. The moment you understand this is a hopeless cycle which happens to my mind, no matter how many expectations I have, life still happens to me one way or the other, whether I expect or do not expect. What will happen to all that energy which is spent in expectations? Once you observe it, the mind will still down. Very much enjoyed Expectation Cycle. Thank you. The chapters in Evolution of Mind I find amazing. In Evolution of Duality You so explicitly define how duality did give rise to meaning. What a revelation.

“Position is bondage.”



Comment: CD ‘Colours’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

Light appears as seven colours. These colours are also a mental experience, not a visual experience. Light appears through the mind as colours. Thoughts too are colours. The differences which we see in life is nothing but the pattern of light we reflect through our mind. Each one of us has got different colours going through our mind. What is it that will merge all colours into white? Everything transforms itself. Life and death alternate each other. Light fades away, but something is not disappearing, that is the white light. That is why they say, become deathless by understanding everything is disappearing. Dr. Shankar also beautifully touches on a few colours of the rainbow. A fascinating satsang.







‘NON-Duality’ first time visually explained



DVD with Dutch and German Subtitles

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" Life renews itself.

The mind does not renew life."


Dr. Vijai S Shankar