Letter: to Dr. Shankar

L, Canada

Dear Dr. Shankar, I have been enjoying listening to your cd’s and reading books of yours.  At this time, I am reading what am I?  Today I read where you explained how everything is light and how light strikes the seen and creates a sound that is inaudible to the mind and then further enters the eye as many light waves that become perception and as it strikes the retina of the eye another sound is made that cannot be heard by mind and at this point transforms into words and meanings. if this is correct, then I thought about language itself and it appears to me that man became familiar with light wave patterns over time and that  he then translated these inaudible sounds into words and these words, ...were they the original languages of Sanskrit or Hebrew?   were these original words more true to the inaudible sounds? And is there a value in this? It makes me think of mantra that they appear to have  a vibration that is more harmonious .and beneficial, I have a past history in mantra meditation that I found helpful, although i now wonder was it the repetition of these mantras that were of value? I have a keen interest in understanding it all.  this inquiry begins to paint a kind of picture of man’s evolution through time. I am understanding this optical and auditory illusion somewhat more than before. yet, at this time, it appears to me that even  more inquiry needs to awaken within to really live the way that you describe it. I thank you very much for all your efforts to shed the light of knowledge upon us.  I warmly remember the time my friend and I spent in Houston at your talks a year ago. And I thank you for sending a copy of your film.  I do pray that we meet again.
Response Dr. Shankar: Light reflected from the seen enters the eye to strike the retina and transform into words and meanings. These words and meanings evolved as primitive languages which further evolved as Sanskrit and Hebrew over evolutionary illusory time. Repetition leads to familiarity and to the belief of harmony for the duration of time it is repeated, and it is so till date. Every word is beneficial for it is an opportunity for man to understand that word is a transformation of sound and not man made. Mantras are helpful for it quitens the mind for the duration of repetition, because during the period of repetition words that disturb the mind are absent. This gives rise to the belief of harmony, which is time limited and not permanent till end of life. This limited temporary harmony is the value of repetition.
Reply L:Well once again, with the magic of your words, you have pierced the illusion of belief for me.   I do understand that life makes all happen, and only appears to be this me and in that is an amazing design of a dance of light which I have a desire to fully understand. Yes, I have seen the movie ‘Non duality. Life as it is’  and it is well done.  I enjoyed it very much.  it is, as everything you speak to us, a matter of contemplation and inquiry and will be an ongoing study for me. I will continue with it and quite possibly ask further questions. thank you , thank you