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Bill Kelly, Austin, USA

I recall that one evening in satsang at the ashram you shared an observation about falling leaves. I don't remember exactly how you put it, but the effect has stayed with me since then. It's as if a falling leaf is one of the closest things to a moment that the mind can appreciate .

Many leaves falling at once is also really something. Thank you.

Response AAU:

Many leaves or a single leaf fall in the moment.

Dr. Shankar


Bill Kelly, Austin, USA

I've been enjoying the book "Air".

I find myself pondering many of the issues that were raised by the people writing to you.

Releasing myself from the entanglements of the mind and witnessing is still a challenge, but what you have shared with us makes it so much easier. Thank you.

Response: AAU

Enjoy the books ‘Fire’, ‘Earth’, and ‘Water’. It will help in your pondering.
Dr. Shankar


Bill Kelly, Austin, USA

I've been listening to the sat sang "In Dependence" this week. The part that has struck deeply is that when we are angry, for example, our thoughts are angry, not us. They are in the past. When we react to our thoughts, we are only reacting to thoughts, which, as you have shared elsewhere , are sound only. It is my "hope" that this will help me with something I've been dealing with in one form or another for most of my life. I long for a deep understanding of this aspect of truth and thank you for what you have shared with us.


Bill Kelly, Austin, USA

I am continuing to enjoy the "Understanding Life" series of books.
I just read that "anger is a tremendous energy, & when you witness this energy without reacting, the journey within will be fast". Such an appropriate aspect of wisdom for me to integrate. These are really good books. Thank you for everything.

Response: AAU

Dear Bill,

Happy the books mean a lot to you. It will mean a lot to all who read.



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‘What does man think?’

 To think is to mean something. So, it is obvious that the answer to the question ‘what does man think’ is: man thinks words that convey meaning. But man cannot think a meaning alone, no matter how hard he tries. Even to answer the question ‘what does man think?’ words would be required. Hence, man thinks words that convey a meaning and not a meaning by itself.


Therefore, until words evolved that ….. read further


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Comment: Julian, U.K.

These words are putting man on the spot, not to mention his mind. It is a penetrating reappraisal of man himself.













“The mind imagines”


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“In life there is no time, an act or an individual.
Free will is therefore an illusion”

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Comment: CD ‘Free will’

Harrie, Netherlands

What does 'free will' mean? Man thinks; it is being free to do and to speak whatever he wants. But isn’t man a prisoner of his own beliefs and the past? He certainly is, as man cannot go beyond his beliefs or the past. How free is man then? Freedom has also to do with the cause and effect phenomenon. For this phenomenon to be real there has to be an interval between cause and effect. But where can you find the separation point between the cause and the effect?  A cause is the effect of a previous cause. Today is the effect of yesterday and at the same time it is the cause of tomorrow. So life is one continuous process of transformation. Life is a flow! How free is man then?


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""A Witnesser watches a movement without cause and effect."


Dr. Vijai S Shankar