International Newsletter July 2013



Letter to AAU:

Andreas, Germany

I only want to thank Dr. Shankar for the last article "What does man speak". He is very much present in my heart and my mind. Everyday it still happens, that I listen to His words and reading Its books over and over again. The books are always new for me (though they look very used: they are full of marks, notes and doodls), because everyday I find a new aspect of the illusory world, man and the mind. It is really amazing, what some sentences can produce on wisdom. And every page of which book ever unfolds a whole world of understanding - how the illusion is made up of. Sometimes one page is enough to make me ponder for hours, which means in my case to write down something about it and make a lot of drawings, which is really fun for me. I stop now, otherwise it will never end: What I really want to say is, how thankful I am, that life has brought me near to Dr. Shankar.

Bill Kelley, USA

I'm continuing to enjoy the "Understanding Life" series of books and the CD's. It's true that each listening gives a new understanding. All that you have shared with us has helped me face what my mind sees as challenges with more peace, although some spots have had rough moments.


Comment: interview Marcus Stegmaier with Richard Miller 9th June 2013



Thank you Richard, Marcus and thank you Richard, Marcus and Yvonne for sharing this conversation, it was a great fun to watch!

I`ve been following quite closely the discussion Richard/Marcus on the forum and it has been exciting to get more of it by this video. I am very close to Marcus (i.e.Dr Shankar`s) way of seeing things and, understanding at the same time Richard`s points and how he is interpreting Marcus, it was wonderful to watch their meeting face to face. After hearing about Richard`s interest in meeting Yvonne I actually was quite curious too and it was then a great delight to meet the whole family.

What was specially interesting and fun was to watch the two (actually three) totally different personalities and Richards`s attempts to shake down Marcus` imperturbability (without of course any success). It was more interesting than the content of the conversation. But of course, the content was already wellknown after having followed on the forum.

Personally I always love to figure out, or get in touch with the Person behind the words, both in a kind of "enneagrammish" way of understanding and in the heart.
Mostly I experience people talking to themselves in pseudo-conversations, so here we could witness a genuine meeting between genuine persons and really really enjoy.

So thanks again and thank you Marcus for posting on the forum!


(source: Never not here-website)


Comment: Article ‘what does man think?

Julian, U.K.

Far from limiting man to a life of realising that he does nothing, he finds himself, if he will, in a flowing river of life where all his needs and deeds have no real existence as he imagines. Such is power emanating from this article. Man cannot just think himself into this flowing river - he cannot do that. Fortunate is he or she who comes to understand.


Comment: Article ‘what does man speak?

Julian, U.K.

A teacher who has both studied the ancient languages referred to in this article, and has taught them to young people, is aware of the importance of understanding and thereby taking delight in the development of language in man's world. Surely this article throws light on the most powerful of all man's means of communication - speech.


Comment: Article ‘what does man see?

Julian, U.K.

What is the effect of reading this article 'What does man see?'  Reading and understanding, or not understanding, come under the same intensity of light as that in the article itself. The man who dares to expose the conditioning of man's mind in the most basic and unquestioned act in every person's life, the act of seeing, has already stepped beyond the limits of mind. This exposition is a wonder.


Comment: Article ‘what is a moment?

Julian, U.K.

This article opens up the whole platform upon which man's life is founded to a new understanding. Although the new understanding is not clearly definable,  man's traditional agenda, based on time and date, loses its powerful grip and imagined control. As the white rabbit remarked (in the preface to Vijai's first book): '' I'm late, I'm late for a very important date. No time to say ....''


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Comment: CD ‘Illusory world (1)’

Elisabeth, Amsterdam

What is proof that you know about life? Man believes he is separate from life and has to conquer life and to be successful in life. How sure are you that you are separate from life, that you have to do something in life? Man knows a lot about his mind. Life is not mind. Life transforms and manifests thoughts in your mind, makes you believe that it is about life. What is the meaning of living a moment? You live one moment, not think about living a moment. Which is the strongest conviction within man's mind which is very difficult for him to dislodge? The strongest belief is, man believes that his mind reports life, that his mind talks about life. Living happens the moment you understand how illusory your mind is. Dr. Shankar's questions are always comforting, the understanding conveyed very straightforward and clear. I am so grateful and happy for every word.


Comment: CD ‘Illusory world (2)’

Elisabeth, Amsterdam

It appears man is really not interested in truth. He is very comfortable with the illusionary. Life has presented us a life and the world, so that we may understand we are experiencing a sensory world and what could sensations be? Are we prepared to confront the illusion which life is? Dr. Shankar's invitation for us to confront the illusion is the greatest gift to mankind. So touched by your care for us, Dr. Shankar, listening to the satsangs and reading the books is really the greatest joy.