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New article: “What does trust mean?”

Every man loves to be trusted and loves to trust the other, especially before entering into a personal relationship or in any relationship. With regards to man, he believes trust means, actions, words and thoughts are relied upon on to be truthful. Trust is believed to form the basis, regular basis or irregular basis of any relationship. Without trust every relationship, especially marriage ….read further


Editors Note
The level of understanding of each man  and woman is not yet complete.  Each has a level of understanding that happens to them. As this expands, so is there a transformation in their response to the many, many situations and relationships they meet in life. ‘My word is my bond’, a time-honoured motto in human relationships and dealings, establishes a degree of trust that  enables life to flourish at every level of society. However, this trust cannot be sustained when expectations are not realised. Disappointment and criticism follow. This pattern is repeated over and over again. That life happens as it is meant to happen, so clearly illuminated in this article, reveals trust in life when understanding has become complete.



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Letters to AAU:

“The meetings with Dr. Shankar are more than fantastic“ by Wim Gaalman, Netherlands

The meetings with Dr.Shankar are more than fantastic through the CD’s and DVD’s I have in my possession. Please thank him for this. The world should learn more about this, especially because he speaks in the English language. World class!

“I was puzzled and confused“ by Hiroshi, USA

Thanks. I noticed that others on this subject make a point starting from: ‘that there are no separate individuals’, ‘that there is no separation’. I was puzzled and confused. There is a "me" I would say. The "me" doesn't exist was the reaction from a teacher of non-duality. I felt confused. I guess I didn't get it. The problem was that I thought I was a separate individual, and until that is realized and seen, I thought I would not be liberated or free. So I tried, but trying was preventing me from seeing it, the teacher would respond. I then found Dr. Shankar's website. Dr. Shankar shows that the world is illusory and in minute detail demonstrates that the mind, thoughts, feelings, and all that arises is illusory. Dr. Shankar doesn't just make statements about illusion, but with much love, concern and patience shows what and why this is so. Just saying the world is an illusion is not helpful by itself.  Other so- called teachers have used the term illusion, but fail to go into detail in what illusion means and how our thoughts are not real etc. Just saying "there is no self", or "there is no separate me" wasn't helpful in the beginning. Enter Dr. Shankar. Dr. Shankar in the first cd I listened to says the mind is not synonymous with life. That the mind is sound in which sound is converted into thoughts into meanings and interpretation etc., was and is bringing clarity to my life. Life is a play of light and sound. At first when I read that had me scratching my head. And after hundreds of cd’s and the many books of Dr. Shankar, I no longer scratch my head. Unless it itches of course. Thanks so much.

“but there was no transformation and therefore no freedom” by Rebecca, USA

Forty years in the metaphysical desert only to be brought home by the shocking but beautiful sounds/words coming from Dr. Vijai Shankar. I enjoy the poetry of all the present non-duality teachers but there was no transformation and therefore no freedom until I heard the words "Life is an optical and auditory illusion of light and sound" and "Man does not make life happen, life happens to him, therefore he cannot be the thinker, speaker or doer” as revealed by Dr. Shankar." What freedom. Everything still gets done only now there is little interference from the ego and it is a marvel to behold. Shades of Nisargadatta and J. Krishnamurti who have long since passed and Shankar is alive to carry on in his unique manner. The mystical is magical once again, but this time it makes sense.


“All the articles are a wakeup call of mammoth proportion” by Diane, USA

Blessed is the one who reads all the articles numerous times and then logs onto to dig deep and savour all volumes of books CD's and DVD's to fully understand what is stated in   “the articles”. We all want peace and harmony at home and without understanding what is in the mind and understanding how the mind functions it is nearly impossible. Understanding is much needed and wish it for all families around the world. It is priceless what you share and most of all it is complete. May it all be read by many and may they come to recognize the crucial importance that what you share is a true gift for it is complete understanding which will change man and not just a popular general belief which leaves man just the same if not worse. Enjoyed very much reading the article, ‘What does silence mean?’ Thank you Dr. Shankar, for all the articles.


“By explaining the mind universally instead of personally, you guided me into life” by Marcus Stegmaier, Germany
Since almost 5 years we know each other, but yet, we never have had any small talk conversation that usually happens normally in every human relationship. I don't know which kind of tea you like, if at all you drink tea, I don't know what you do the whole day, with whom you meet... And you also did never ask me about my daily life, what kind of job I do? And yet, or because of that, Dr. Shankar, not as a person, is most present, alive in me. By explaining the mind universally instead of personally, you guided me into life. And these explanations are so easily made available in I want to thank you for this extraordinary exchange which has changed my life


“All what lacked was understanding and understanding is to trust Life” by Andreas, Germany

Today is the election of the federal state government and I went there to cast my voice. It is so funny to see how the flow of life happens by itself as one movement. Affected light waves caring within itself light particles which appear as everything we call world, man and mind as thoughts, being itself light, in the mind, which is light too with a certain frequency. How beautiful. My thankfulness is for all You have shown me so far. Especially that the world and everything in it, inclusive myself, is an optical and auditory illusion of light and sound which is light too. It is such great to understand that the "I" is merely a sound without any substance. What an illusion of light. When there is an illusion of an "I", there has to be a reality behind this illusory "I". The problem is that the reality is the unknowable. How to solve this problem? The solution is Trust, trust in the unknowable Real, because the "I" is simply and precisely born out of the unknowable, though illusory. This occasion is to thank You for the new article: "What does problem mean?" The problem is solved. The magic is that there have never been problems at all. All what lacked was understanding and understanding is to trust Life. What a LIFE! It has made this understanding to appear in


“I finished reading "Understanding Life-series” by Bill Kelley, USA

I finished reading "Understanding Life-series once more this afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed them. I was happy to see the two newest articles on the website, "What does silence mean", and "What is oneness". Two beautifully made points regarding silence is that one cannot go beyond the mind by using the mind. This is a point that deserves a long and deep pondering . The statement that silence is the complete absence of sound and is pure light is so beautiful.
The last two paragraphs of the article regarding oneness are stunning . As you have shared with us, everything in the universe is energy and energy is light, therefore oneness is omnipresent. Also, pure light is God, or oneness, and reflected light is illusory oneness. Both of these articles go a long way in pointing out , again, how deeply you have shared with us all. Thank you for the articles.


“What is left after reading these articles?” by Sigrid, Germany

I enjoy the new articles on the website so much, thanks a lot.

The mind as a master in dividing cannot understand oneness and creates separation. So oneness remains a belief. The article what does oneness mean? explains so beautifully that oneness is present everywhere. Everything in life is energy or light and not separate from God (the real oneness); everything we can see is reflected light (not real) and an illusory oneness.

In what does silence mean? you made it clear once for all.....

the missunderstanding of silence and quietness in the mind believing it to be silence!

What does problems mean? helped me to be even more convinced that life needs not to be solved, it works itself out. Since everything is inherently a wave the solution follows the problem and vise versa. It´s shocking to realize that looking for a solution (what the mind is constantly doing) the foundation for the next problem is established.

What is left after reading these articles?

Trust and patience! Thank you so much again!!!!!!!!!!


Comment: Website AAU

Barry, London

Excellent presentation of Advaita by Dr. Shankar. Keep me on the mailing list!!



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