CONVERSATION: Marcus Stegmaier with X


X: Hello Marcus, in our meetings about spiritual, medical and political questions, we talk about a form of science that is not (allowed to be?) known in public. Based on Dr. Shankar‘s works I have told the other members, that we are not the doer. And that if I wanted to be in the Here and Now, I just had to witness what happens around me. As the mind is used to look at others as being wrong, it was not easy for me to take a stand in the group. Dr. Shankar, as he does not give any talks these days, is probably ill. Would he like to have a very interesting pointer about alternative medical treatment? I could send it. Love, X. P.S.: Who has written these lines now?

Marcus: Dear X, yes, the mind couldn‘t accept that all what it takes as reality is an illusion and therefore the “I“ does not matter. I could imagine how the talk in the group has been. If you like, please send me the pointers for Dr. Shankar, I will forward them to him. I also don‘t know whether he needs them or not, but I‘m sure he will appreciate your wish to help, illusory though the pointer is. Love, Marcus P.S.: All perceivable and not perceivable comes from the one source of life and is an illusion of light and sound.

X: Hello Marcus, here are the links to the websites with the pointers. {Note: It is an ideological website with an alternative way of treating illness and with the idea to build up a new Germanic State which intends to solve all the problems of humanity and to bring the german people freedom from the conditioning of society (for example orthodoxical medicine) as in "old times".}Yours, X.

Marcus: Dear X, have had a look at the websites. Here is what I think about it: Concerning the finding of the “true laws of nature about illness“: All laws of nature are based on the function of the mind and not on the nature of life which is a singular flow in which laws could not be a reality, because the eternal moment transforms itself always new (!) and laws of any kind would imply a sequence of parts separate from each other and therefore wouldn‘t be oneness. Concerning the Germanic Ideology on the websites: Any kind of “health- and welfare-promise“ due to discontent with the so called democracy in which we live, is as illusory as democracy itself. I see that it may not just be another Nazi-ideology even though it is very similar to it, therefore please understand that what I have to say about it is not just based on prejudice. Any ideology, be it democratical, monarchical, oligarchical or even germanical is a construct of the mind. To take ideologies for real leads to denial or even fight against other ideologies because of lack of a deeper understanding. This is the play of the mind with its claim to know about the right way. It is a sign of a strong ego believing to be in control of life. This is not wrong, it is just the play of life. But the more one is convinced about possessing the absolute truth and the more egoistical the ideology therefore becomes, the bigger is the chance and the necessity to look through it and to become free from any kind of belief, if it happens. Then man begins to respond compassionately to the environment instead of reacting with fight (motivation may be “good“ as can be)! "Love of one's country" by rejecting the assumed “foreign“ could not be real love as it borders itself from others. Life is one and without any borders and love is unconditional and does not compare. Love is the understanding that life is oneness appearing as variety. Life happens as a spontaneous, uncontrollable and unpredictable illusory flow and the mind tries - in vain - to understand the laws of nature to conclude about the right way of living! Love, Marcus

X: Hello Marcus, Your notes are very salutary. I think this was what I have needed, such a good response. While my wife was in hospital, I also played the game of the mind with the pretension to know the right way. This has costed much energy..! The perceived variety is the ornament of oneness and true love does not try to interfere. Thanks for you words. Love, X

Marcus: Dear X, I am very happy for you that you understand my notes. Life confronts you with people who are not aware of their conditioning. It is an opportunity for you to understand the conditioning in yourself without judgement and evaluation. Love, Marcus