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Letters to AAU:

“humanity will be grateful”

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany

After the article “Spiritual Quagmire“ was published, in which I expressed that Dr. Shankar‘s works are the only wise explanations of old-age wisdom that could be found presently in the world, the reactions of the readers on internet-forums were doubtful and even hostile. The present article, “WISDOM“ by Julian Capper, gives detailed explanations why such reactions are happening to the ego and to a spiritually educated ego in particular. Humanity will be grateful to the editor of Dr. Shankar‘s works, as well as to the author himself – both, however, spontaneous expressions of life‘s intelligence and evolution – to make clear how spiritual tradition in any language has been deceiving man to believe that what is just knowledge and interpretations could be wisdom and authentic. The access to wisdom nowadays is no more dependent on education, meaning the capacity of reading ancient languages and knowing spiritual terminology. There is no need anymore to believe in what translators and commentators write with more or less understanding of wisdom. May this article help humanity to accept wisdom written in the English language by Dr. Shankar. 

“these two books have the deepest and most profound insights into life”

Rebecca, USA

Of all the books authored by Dr.Shankar, I cannot overstate the immense value for me of two in particular - The Illusions of Life and The Power of Illusion.  Every one of the books, CD's and DVD's are incredibly valuable but every time I reread these books, that rereading brings a greater depth and clarity to all your other works. 
My previous beliefs about spiritual matters was that if I understood the teachings of the ancients, as well as the moderns better, then my life would improve outwardly as well as inwardly.  That was how those teachings appeared to my mind.  From you, I am coming to understand more day by day why that cannot be the case.  The way you explain how the mind and the world is illusory is incomparable, rich in minutiae that is lacking in present day teachings and too difficult to understand from the ancient sages.  I so easily mistook the statement that the world is illusory to mean that it did not exist when in fact that is not the case either and it is such a relief to watch that great misunderstanding unravel. 
All these years, holding the belief that all I have to do is 'get it right' and my world will be right, left me constantly working on myself.  Then, mercifully, you came into my life and the beliefs are falling away like winter leaves and working on myself now seems silly and immature.  Diligently reading and listening to you slowly, but inexorably, burns away the false ideas and confusion. 
The books are not easy to read simply because what you share is so far afield from what I am used to. But something in me recognizes the great value in your statements and I cannot stop reading and listening.  I am fortunate that none of my beliefs were so precious to me that I was ever offended by anything you say.  If anything, it showed me (to my great relief) that nothing had taken hold in me in such a deep-rooted way that it could not be let go of if I was shown something more intelligent - which is what you do. 
Anyone who takes the time to read and reread The Illusions of Life and The Power of Illusion several times will not be able to help noticing that each time they read it something new is revealed from the very same sentence that was previously read.  Of all the books I have read over 40 plus years, these two books have the deepest and most profound insights into life as it is rather than life as my mind says it is.  Also, these two books have made it possible to better understand and enjoy your other precious books and CDs.   
Thank you Dr. Shankar for sharing your insights with humanity. That life is a celebration worthy of admiration and appreciation never dawned on me until you showed so meticulously how it is that life is a play of light and sound.  Delving into your books and CD's continues to be a huge part of my life and has done nothing but enrich me by removing a multitude of false ideas.  I wish that for others too.  

“The wisdom in the words you share draws the attention to the witnesser”

Sonja, Canada

Dear Dr. Shankar,

Thank you for the constant wisdom that you share. The ego is impatient. The witnesser is patient. The wisdom in the words you share draws the attention to the witnesser where the gift of patience is the most precious gift. Thank you.

“Understanding that you have shared with us is infinite”

Bill Kelley, USA

I'm continuing to enjoy the discussion with linkedin. Knowledge is very limited, as limited as the ego. Understanding that you have shared with us is infinite. This is driven home over and over in the discussion. Thank you for your presence in our lives and for your patience.


New article: “What does problem mean?”

Every man and woman loves to live a life without problems. But everybody, young and old, confronts problems in their daily life. They appear unexpectedly, but could be expected too. Anything and everything that man knows, likes or dislikes can become a problem. If what man dislikes becomes a problem, he or she is not as upset as he or she is when what man likes becomes a problem.
Anything and everything becomes a problem when ….read further

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Comment: CD ‘Trust (2)’

Elisabeth, Netherland

What is the difference in trust between a man in a mind and a realized being? Trust in a man's mind is always referable to an action. The enlightened one's mind is crystal clear to him. An enlightened being waits patiently for you to realize that life is merely a movement. The whole cosmos is simply moving, that is why it is oneness. The whole world is just one movement. That is the trust wherein an enlightened being draws you to realize that what you see is an optical illusion and what you hear is an auditory illusion. Dr. Shankar touches upon an aspect of life which should get us pondering, why is enlightenment difficult to attain or to realize what it could be? ….to shop


Comment: CD ‘Exciting Moment’

Elisabeth, Netherland

What does life mean to you? What do you think life is? Could you know what life or existence is through the mind? Existence through the mind is our daily life. Man wishes to be excited in the moments to come. He is excited merely because he wishes to be happy. Happiness man equates it to excitement. In any moment he will be excited only about the next moment, and not the moment he is in. So long as man is convinced that it is his mind which determines how the day will go, you will never have peace. The moment you realise the moment is just there in which I am alive, you will be excited of that moment because you are alive in that moment. The moment is exciting for the enlightened. So much enjoyed the satsang… shop


Comment: CD ‘Roots of Logic’

Elisabeth, Netherland

What does logic achieve? Why is it so important for man for his belief systems to be used, strengthened and maintained? Mind uses logic to conclude. It needs to conclude to increase its authority. Dr. Shankar brilliantly deals with logic as how it has slipped into mankind, its roots being sound. How come an optical illusion of a tree appears as an optical illusion of an animal? Listen how the mind became activated in man. What amazing evolution and sophistication of man's psyche. Definitely a gear up in understanding in this satsang. Very beautiful... to shop



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