‘Why man is not the doer’
Dr. Vijai Shankar: AAU

Every moment in life is alive. The aliveness could be growth, action, speech, thought, light, sound or darkness. The moment by itself is not under man’s control, for it is not man who makes a moment, but it is a moment that has received man within it. Man has not made and also does not make the aliveness within a moment too, for he can never premeditate the aliveness within a moment with certainty. If man makes the aliveness within a moment he would certainly be able to premeditate the aliveness within a moment with certainty. He is only convinced that he can do, he can speak or he can think, and only comes to know that he has after they happen and not before they happen. If man can make growth happen, do an action, speak a word or think a thought, he would be able to premeditate the aliveness of any moment with certainty. Since he cannot, it only means, he has never done anything in any moment of life. Man is not the doer as the enlightened have rightly proclaimed. Doing speaking, thinking and growth happen to man and man does not do them.

Dr. Vijai Shankar: AAU

If man can do anything, he can do it because he believes and knows from his memory what he can do and how to do it. For example, man knows, because of his memory, that he has to brush his teeth every morning after he gets up. He also knows how to do it because he has done it on the previous days. So he brushes his teeth every day. The same principle applies to anything that man can do. He believes that he can do it because his memory informs him that he can do it, but also how to do it. However, if he were honest, he would know after he brushes his teeth that he did not brush his teeth that exact way the day before. So, could memory and mind have enabled man to brush the teeth every day, or could they have actually enabled man to do anything when it was actually done. The question man needs to ponder is whether it is man, because of his mind and memory, who brushes his teeth or does anything, or life that brushes his teeth and does everything else too. Man also needs to ponder the statement of the enlightened that man is not the doer.


Dr. Vijai Shankar: AAU

That man is not running barefoot covered with leaves now, is proof that man does not make his memory but it is life that evolves memory in man, and man just cannot be the doer, which he never was, even when he was running barefoot covered with leaves. Man would require memory to learn, develop, create and invent. But he has no control over his memory. Life developes, creates and invents things including memory. That man can learn, develop, create and invent new things is illusory that he can and not real. Life is diverse and similar but never identical. That is why every moment with its education, experience, beliefs, culture, religion, feelings and emotion is unique and mysterious and not depended on memory. Man certainly did not make the moment to be in it. The moment received man within it. Ponder who could have taught our parents? Be grateful for everything that you have as some do not have it. The illusion that man is the doer is huge. That man is not the doer is the realisation of the enlightened and not a view or opinion of man.


Dr. Vijai Shankar: AAU

Duality is not illusory as a point of view. Duality is illusory by reason, logic and science. Illusory does not mean non existence. It means it does exist but not in the manner the mind believes it exists as actual. The illusoriness is the reality of that which exists as real and appears actual. Illusoriness means that it is not real. Two objects of different color and shape can be seen to exist but not two different waves of different colors and shape. Ocean is non dual because every atom of an ocean or wave is light and not water and so too is every duality. The understanding that what exists is illusory is not a concept, as the understanding is based on common sense, logic, reason and science all of which are not abstract ideas which a concept is. That understanding is a fact of life and not an imaginary point of view. The understanding surely helps to un-condition the mind from what it believes to be real. The real that can be tied together with an illusion by an ‘I’, which is false, is an imagination.


‘Ocean and the wave’

Dr. Vijai Shankar: AAU

The ocean and the wave are the same not separate from each other. The ocean is constantly moving and a particular movement of the ocean not separate from the rest of the moving ocean is seen as a wave. The wave therefore is illusory, though it is thought and seen as being present, separate from the moving ocean. Similarly the body is constantly moving, and a particular movement of the body not separate from the rest of the moving body is seen as an action. Therefore an action is illusory, though it is thought and seen as present, separate from the moving body.


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Paula Smit, Netherlands

The mind perceives life as separate events, separate images, like on a filmstrip. The mind sees the images one after the other, which suggests time. Everything is moving continuously, it is impossible to find the beginning, or cause, of a movement. Still the mind is convinced life exists of separate events, which are, according to him, the effect of a preceding cause. If everything is light, then what the mind distinguishes: past, present, future, cause and effect, is in fact light and is therefore present simultaneously, without time. The thinking mind is being challenged to face the limits of its thoughts.

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Comment: CD ‘Blame’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

Something is always wrong for man. He blames. The mind blames. Blaming happens to you, you cannot do it on your own accord. Blame is always referable to an action, to activity. Activity happens to you whether you like it or not. Activity is always related to ambition. An ambitious man is in conflict, he is confused. He is in conflict with himself. When you are clear with your mind you will never act. The clarity itself, by itself, is the action. That is why life wants you to find out. Watch life and you will know the mind does not control life. In the satsang You speak about the body and the mind. I read the chapters Body and Mind again in 'What am I?' where you describe how the eye is the crucial piece of the optical puzzle of the body, that these optical pieces transform as a word 'body' with a meaning in the mind. That is quite a transformation to understand. Thank you so much. ….to shop


Comment: CD ‘Permanent’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

What can be permanent in life? The only thing permanent in life is a changing life. The changing is the permanent thing in life. When the changing becomes permanent to you, then you are always eternal. In the mind the words are present until you realize it is illusory. Even then it will remain there, but it will never remain real to you. Mind is a great gift from life. It either gives you bondage or enlightenment. Thank you for the deep sharing throughout the satsang. To be aware of every moment of your life in a day, one day is enough for you. And embrace what is in front of you. ….to shop



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