Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Growth is a phenomenon of evolution and neither religion nor science has made growth start or progress, nor have they made evolution start or progress. Life is indivisible, therefore evolution, growth and movement are inseparable because growth is movement and likewise movement is growth, and both have evolved in life, and will continue to do so. Furthermore, an action is a movement and cannot be separate from the movement. As movement and growth are inseparable, it is only obvious that an action is inseparable from growth and movement. As growth and movement are due to evolution, it is apparent that an action too is dependent on how sophisticated evolution has become, and is not dependent on man to perform an action, though it appears that he or she does an action, while all there is a singular movement of the body. The same principle applies to speaking too. The mouth and the lips move while speaking and speech implies that sound has evolved as words and meanings in speech. Speaking is therefore not an act done by man, though it appears that he or she can speak. Similarly, sound has evolved and sophisticated as thoughts and memory in the mind. Therefore thinking happens to man, though it appears that he or she can think.



Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Why is it important to understand that the world, man and mind are illusory? A painter-illusionist and a magician can by a painting or an act make an illusion to appear real. This is possible because the painting or the magical act is precise, and it would not be illusory if it were not precise. This is a clue that life gifts man to understand that if the world, man and mind were illusory it needs to be precise. Light is precise therefore the world, man and mind though they appear real are nevertheless illusory. The world, man and mind are illusory as proclaimed by the enlightened and validated by scientific logic and reasoning, which means every act, word or thought is precise where it is meant to be. By this understanding man would not only be able to accept himself as he is in every moment, meaning his behaviour, he would also be able to accept the other as he or she is in every moment, meaning behaviour.



Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Doubting happens to man, so that an enquiry may happen as to what could be the basis of doubt. Doubt exists because man is not certain of the moment in life. But man can never be conscious of the aliveness (action, word or thought) of the moment in life with certainty. Man needs to understand that uncertainty of life is the certainty. If he does understand, then he would not doubt life but will trust life. That is why sharing of wisdom happens in freedom because doubt do not exist in freedom.



Sigrid, Germany

Thank you for so many new articles this month. Like cutting a tree down, you explain the illusion from different angles - so that understanding may deepen. The tree (ego) is stubborn because the mind is conditioned. The journey inwards is not smooth but continuous remembrance of your words happens to me and it helps. Such as "Be brave and steady, everything is for the good. Life gives you many opportunities to transcend the turmoil’s of the mind. Trust life it is taking care of everything; Life knows how to run its show. Leave the mind alone, be calm and witness the movement of life, what is destined to happen will happen anyway. We cannot have the ultimate on our mental terms." Looks like the ego is fighting tremendously but patience is the key. And my favourite quote is:" Whatever it is, it is, but it is light and sound." with tears of gratitude


Hedy Rose, U.K

Reading several of Dr Shankar's books over and over again, the illusory nature of life gradually revealed itself. Watching several of the DVDs added a new dimension to this understanding. With each viewing the understanding expanded and a trust in life began to grow. The clarity with which Dr Shankar explains the power of the illusion in all of the communication, brought about an understanding of the conditioned mind and, how we live life in the mind full of doubts, hopes and fears. It is difficult to understand the illusion as an illusion.

There have been gradual changes in my daily life. I began to observe my mind and movements. Trust in Life and in Dr Shankar's wisdom help me to become steadier in life and not to constantly revert back into mind for security. When old beliefs and programs appear it becomes easier to observe the game my conditioned mind is playing. It is challenging to confront the mind and the drama that has been going on all my life. Understanding that mind is not life has brought about a tremendous change. Changes keep on happening and I am simply amazed and very grateful for what is being revealed every day.

Dr Shankar's explanation of the illusion may appear difficult at first because of our own conditioned belief system. The mind will reject it. I would encourage everybody who comes across his wisdom to persevere and read the books and watch the DVDs over and over again. I realised myself how deceptive the mind is, turning anything into "the known". His explanation of the power of this illusion helped me to understand that Life, not man is the protagonist.

When I heard Dr Shankar state " what is destined to happen in life will happen and no force on earth can stop it from happening, definitely not the mind and what is destined not to happen will not happen and no force on earth can make it happen, definitely not the mind", it felt like a big relief.


NEW ARTICLE: ‘What does reaction mean?’

 Reaction is implied in certain branches of science, as well as in daily life. In everyday life, for every action a reaction is usually expected, but never certain. The reaction in daily life may be by an act, words or thoughts. The act, words and thoughts are, however, subjective and relative, but not absolute. The daily life of man is filled with reactions. Man is stimulated to react by the behaviour of others and when life does not go his way. The reactions are varied and so too is the intensity. The reactions are usually spontaneous and sometimes they are not, or never happen due to social etiquette or constraints.

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COMMENT ARTICLE: ‘What does mystery mean’

Paula Smit, Netherlands

Man likes to be in nature. The sound of birds in the forest, the smell of herbs or moist earth, the light which shines through the leaves and falls in bundles on the moss-grown path. Suddenly these observations of the moment before are put into words in the mind from memory. While putting into words in the mind, observations do come in but are not seen, heard, smelt, because in the mind we are busy with the moment before. Meanwhile the mysterious life just flows on and for this it doesn’t need any words.

Paula Smit

COMMENT ARTICLE: ‘Life is precise’

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany

Thank you very much!! Very enjoyable. Light has no cause, therefore life is as it is. No question of accepting life or not.


COMMENT ARTICLE: ‘Life is precise’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands

Hopefully man will understand how invaluable this article is. The article opens the door to a better world. Man tries to get a better world. All his trying is within TIME, meaning his better world works for some TIME and it is not better again for some TIME but NEVER TIMElessly.

The play of light and sound is so precise that it lets us believe WE do it and WE can do it through science, religion and spirituality. For the first time an Enlightened Being is able to declare in detail that "life happens". And what a gift for Humanity through understanding to accept him/herself and others as he or she is every moment. A better world is only possible through understanding.


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COMMENT: CD ‘What is consciousness’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

What does it imply, man is a thought? How come this thought, how does this reflection become earth which deceives you that reflection is of substance? The moment you say man is a thought, time is a thought, the five elements is a thought, it should mean to you that man is not of any substance. A thought means it is not made of substance. A man is not physical, he is merely a reflection. The consciousness which is in front of you is a mirror into which projects an optical illusion of a man. Man is a reflection, that is why it is a thought. Elements are not made up of substance. No matter what element is there, they have something polarity within them, positive and negative. At every point between the separation of positive and negative exists positive and negative. Consciousness is polarity, the separation of positive and negative.

So much enjoyed the satsang, really had to dig deep only to realize that the answer is always there, just did not recognize it. And now I am so happy.



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