“Happiness is imagined and not actual”

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Linda, Canada.

Dear Dr Shankar

I have been pondering what you say in your recent article that you do not lose anything in the past to learn from the past. You lose only in the present and learn from the present which appears as the past. It is an illusion to think you learn from the past. So recalling a memory of a past loss is only the present moment unfolding or moving as an illusion of a past moment. Man does not catch where the delay of the deception begins. He exists in the delay and takes it to be real not realizing the speed of life s intelligence. Thanks to light for reflecting such brilliance in the sound field as you Dr. Shankar. I am forever grateful

Rebecca Perry

Please let Dr. Shankar know that I am enjoying the 'Essence' articles immensely. Wouldn't it be lovely to someday see his works offered as a college course - what a difference that would make to all who took those classes!!


Gerard Benerink, Netherlands

The importance of ‘to understand’ is unimaginable. This importance is shining through the article ‘Essence and Understanding’.


Diane, USA

The article ‘Essence and understanding’ is quite a leap for knowledgeable man to understand that more knowledge doesn't lead to wisdom but only to more knowledge. With Essence and Understanding Dr. Shankar offers knowledgeable man a ponder tool (if pondering happens) to cross the bridge from a self-claimed/achieved knowledge to understanding the illusory nature of knowledge, which is wisdom. Dr. Shankar never spoonfeeds the reader, he makes room for pondering to happen, and if this happens, man is much the better off, and it will reflect into his daily life where it really matters.


Gerard Benerink, Netherlands

The article ‘Essence and Innocence’ points to Life in a very deep manner. Mind's interpretations are based on cause and effect. So beautifully explained that Life is a flow and it can only be lived. Thank You. Humanity will be grateful at some 'moment'.


Gerard Benerink, Netherlands

Understanding the article ‘Essence and Honesty’ will help man and woman to accept the other for who he or she is in every moment. A beautiful gift to Humanity.


Diane, USA

The article ‘Essence and Honesty’ splits open and evaporates the belief that honesty can be measured by truthfulness, trustworthiness, sincerity, standards and opinions. A belief, which is relentlessly strengthened and encouraged by the spiritual world and religion at large. Reading this article and all the other Essence articles is such a huge fantastic breath of fresh air, because it shares an understanding of LIFE AS IT IS which is NOT in a narrow way but in the hugest most complete way possible. Wish one and all would read them, they are SO brilliant. Thank you Life for your presence


Rebeca Perry, USA

Please tell Dr. Shankar I am enjoying the whole KG series all over again, fresh and fragrant like a new flower. I appreciate and admire him so much.


Sigrid, Germany

I listened to the cd ‘change’ and it becomes clear that all the events, situations and stories we come to know every day - believing them to be real - keep the conditioning going on. I recognized how foolish all the ideas about changing the world are, when it is changing every moment anyway - nevertheless illusory. We have to stop blaming God and watch the miracles of this quickly changing life, which is as it is. So waiting for a changed world we can finally enjoy is the best joke. Thank you for making it so clear again. With eternal gratitude.


Sigrid, Germany

Thank you for 4 wonderful articles about 'essence' in October. All the different issues are pointing out how the mind is working in duality and that everything is a manifestation of the source/essence. I remember your sentence: 'The relative enhances the absolute! It's a constant celebration!' Understanding this, love and compassion will be the outcome. In your articles only few words are needed now and each word is a bullet - the shot being on target.


Sonya Visser-Fonteyne

Thank you very much for your help to let me understand. You are right it is haughty to think that it is possible to comprehend the reflection of light; the mind is too small to comprehend how the illusion is formed. The greatness and the extent of the creation it to huge for the mind to comprehend, which is illusionary itself. Reflected light is not to investigate it is beyond the possibility of the mind. Light and reflected light can never be known by the mind. Reflection is as an inherent characteristic of light, not a cause nor and effect.


Comment: Article ‘Life Mind and Memory’

Paula Smit, Netherlands

In this article the function of the mind and memory is made clear and how man is deluded to think that through the mind and memory he can do actions. If someone would be asked if he or she knows exactly and with certainty how he or she will pour out a cup of tea, how much strength will be needed to hold the teapot, if a drop will be spilt, how much tea will be poured in and if this was done exactly the same way the previous time, that person would answer: “Of course I cannot know all this exactly and with certainty and of course it will not be done in exactly the same way”. Yet there are just few who have fully understood that this implies man cannot be the doer. Though proof is given every moment, it is not perceived as the mind is hindered by the idea of being the doer. We are locked up in a circular reasoning, moving around in our daily circles, until we finally get fed up with it.


Comment: Article ‘Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent’

Paula Smit, Netherlands

We worship a supreme power and acknowledge it’s omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience, but in daily practice we think we ourselves are standing behind the steering wheel. We place this power, God or divinity outside ourselves. It is shocking for the mind to realise that the body and the mind are the same light as everything else that exists, that there is no difference between inside and outside.


Comment: CD ‘Understanding life’

Elisabeth, Netherlands

What makes one jealous? How does duality come within the mind? Knowledge has not made man certain about life. Knowledge does not tell us much about duality. A duality will be created only by a movement. Wherever the body moves, there duality will arise. Duality gets created by labels which you think in the mind. Mind labels, but life cannot be labelled. If you are only here and now you cannot have duality. What is the rightful place of knowledge in this illusion of this world? Knowledge simply happens in a way to make you get convinced that it is required for you to lead your life, a life which has got no notion of any knowledge embedded within it. Knowledge has not wiped out the duality of life. What a huge satsang. Holiday time, ponder time. Yes. To ponder and wonder about all the conditions, opinions and conclusions one has got. The false expectations that I can do. So much enjoyed the satsang.

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