“Emotional and physical distance is illusory”


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“Non-duality visually explained

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Essence and Free Will of Action

Man believes he has free will, and he is convinced that free will enables him to do what he wishes to do in his daily life. What is free will related to? Free will is related to actions, spoken or written words and thoughts because man is convinced that he has a free will to do what he wishes to do, to speak, to write and to think. To do, speak, write and to think are actions and actions involve movements of ……… read further


Essence and Free Will of Speaking

Man believes he has a free will. It would come as a surprise to many if man were told that free will does not exist. This is because man is certain that he can speak what he wishes to speak….. read further


Essence and Free Will of Thinking

Man believes he can think. And this belief is much cemented in a teenager and an adult rather than a child. The parent does not teach the child, the teenager or the adult to think. But apparently the child, which does not think, begins to think as it grows up to be a teenager or an adult…… read further




Julian, UK.

The author of this article ‘Essence and Free will of action’/CD/books (as appropriate), Dr Vijai Shankar, is gifting priceless insights into the life of mankind. He is offering the deep understanding of the sages on the issues and opportunities facing every man and woman every day. It is welcoming to see that Dr Shankar’s words, spoken and written, are available in books and CDs and can be ordered through the website - Fortunate are those into whose hands these words of a living enlightened being falls.


Gerard Benerink, Netherlands

Mathematics of Duality

LIFE – LOVE = SAD +++ Remove love and we have:


LIFE = (HAPPY + SAD) / 2

Which means: LIFE = 1/2 HAPPY + 1/2 half SAD

This is the duality which we have in daily life, and we cannot change the mathematics. So live life.


Gerard Benerink, Netherlands

Man has a soul. Planets have a soul. Companies have a soul. All different souls with missions, and statements with purposes for every lifetime. Spiritualists and religions think the soul leaves the body by dying. Some think they can see and many courses are there to see, to feel and to listen to the soul. The article ‘essence and spirituality’ makes clear that all are beliefs and imaginations in the mind and makes clear that soul and essence are the same. What a wonderful series of articles that makes clear what we are in essence. Thank You!!


Gerard Benerink, Netherlands

Again ‘Essence and self-enquiry’ is a profound article!! Dr. Shankar explains in depth that searching is not the key towards enlightenment, but understanding your mind is the key towards enlightenment. Thank You for making humanity understand!!


Gerard Benerink, Netherlands

The article ‘ Essence and Now’ is a wonderful article!! The mind tries to get the now as a dog who trying to catch his tail. So beautifully explained that life is happening in the now and not in the 'now' of the mind. Mind can never be in the now, because mind is always in past or future, which is the now for the mind. Now in life is a thoughtless state. Now in mind is a thought-full state.


Sonja. Canada

Dear Dr. Shankar,

Thank you for the c.d. "change" and all the recent articles. They help to expose the strongly held, unexamined belief that man is the doer and can change the way life flows to his liking and then be happy. Man believes everything else needs to change not me, but when I change from being stuck in conditioning, the entire place does not need to change, it will appear as beautiful as it is.

Thank you for shining the light.


Rebecca Perry, USA.

Dear Dr. Shankar,

You are the most precious gift to many. On your special day, it is you who should be receiving and yet it is us who read and listen to what you share that are the receivers of the greatest gift possible - the possibility to discover our true identity and, therefore, live spontaneously and authentically rather than through the conditioning that we all must all pass through. Your presence in my life is the most important thing to me since it is what you share that has allowed me to live life in an entirely different manner from the way it was just 4 short years ago. My deepest appreciation and admiration is yours for giving so freely and tirelessly your profound, unique understanding.


Rebecca Perry, USA.

Dear Dr. Shankar,

I have been rereading Kaivalya Gita, Vol. 2 and it is simply the most important book I have ever read. It never ceases to amaze me that each time I read it, it is as I have never read it and yet I seem to have a deeper understanding of what is written. For me, KG 2 is a launching point for understanding the rest of the KG series. If I could have only 1 book to keep with me it would be KG 2. This does not take away from the depths that are delivered in all your books - every one of them have changed my life profoundly with absolutely no effort on my part since they are a fascination and a joy to read - not easy reading of course, but so captivating and irresistible. It is as if there is a hunger for the insights provided in those books. The best money I have ever spent, and gifts I have received, has been on these books and cd’s. I have noticed that some comment about why it takes so much reading and listening and I find that attributable to the depth of the insights and how far away understanding seems to be. The continued rereading and listening reveals more with each pass making the material new and fresh. I could thank you over and over again for sharing this wisdom and understanding. With great love and appreciation,


Did your friends read these books?


The books on display are an invaluable collection of an in-depth analysis and investigation of the illusory mind and the world man lives in. They delve deep into every feeling and emotion known to man, some of which he adores and some he loathes, but nevertheless are all illusory. Man's desperate attempts to ward them off or to invite them are shown to be as real as a shadow. The reader will need patience and courage in following the way Dr Shankar illuminates in these books that it is the illusory which when understood - the way to enlightenment.


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