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‘Advaita or Non-duality is absolute understanding. Non-duality or absolute understanding is advaita. Absolute understanding or advaita is non-duality - Dr.Vijai S Shankar’



“No problems, No Solutions”

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“Advaita visually explained

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Dr. Vijai S Shankar”

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Essence and Spirituality

Man is interested in spirituality. But what does spiritual or spirituality mean? This article addresses spiritual or spirituality as a quality that is concerned with the human spirit, meaning the soul, and not with religion.

There are many versions of spirituality, but ……… read further


Essence and Self-enquiry

Knowledge is present and man knows lots of it. There are many subjects in knowledge, including science. Man believes he has learnt the knowledge that he has.

With his knowledge man engages in self-enquiry. Self-enquiry is a spiritual quest, meaning it is a search not only for the essence of man, but …… read further


Essence and Now

Every man or woman believes that the word ‘now’ refers to immediacy in the present, where an action, word or thought happens. Basically, for practical reasons, the now is the present to all human beings, knowledgeable, scientific, spiritualistic or religious. The essence of life reflects the now as the ‘present’ moment in life, and in the mind as well, to everyone. Therefore, man and woman believe that the ‘now’ in life is the same as the ‘now’ in the mind.

The essence of life present in evolution evolves both the ……read further




Gerard Benerink, Netherlands

Thank You! ‘Essence and Happiness’ is a wonderful article! Your explanations are very clear!!

Happy in the mind is a result of cause and effect with duration in time. Happy in life is to understand that life is a flow which is timeless.


Gerard Benerink, Netherlands

The article ‘Essence and Emotion’ is a wonderful article!!

E-motion = energy moving = light moving. You have so many times very clearly explained that the mind cannot control energy or light, because mind is light at lower speed. The mind interprets the moving energy as thoughts that cannot be controlled and thinks there is a reason for emotions and so thinks to find solutions and courses to manage emotions. Understanding that 'emotions happen' is a revelation,


Diane Izzedin, USA

The article ‘Essence and Emotion’ is a beauty, a much needed reminder that man and woman is not separate from nature but part of nature too. Essence and emotion is a much needed shaker to the deeply rooted belief system of “we should control, let flow, be detached or "really" deeply feel and express our emotions!” Brilliantly explained a much needed daily read especially around the holidays when lots of family members are under one roof….understanding your article deeply will spontaneously bring peaceful holidays.


Brigitte Welch, USA

Thank you so much for each CD, and each book. They become so precious every time I listen to them or listening happens.


Walter, Germany.

I`m the one who has to say thank you for the DVD’s, because the words of Dr.Shankar can in no aspect be compared ore measured by anything!


Sonja Ostrikoff, Canada.

Thank you to Dr. Shankar for all the articles cd’s and books. It seems that we need to hear again and again that man is not the thinker, speaker and doer. At least I find the reminder helpful as the tendency of the mind to believe otherwise is quite strong and also I really enjoy listening to the CD’s and reading the writings. Thank you.


Rebecca Perry, USA

Wishing dear Dr. Shankar a lovely holiday season. I love the Academy's holiday card. No one but Dr. Shankar can keep it simple, like an arrow hitting the bulls-eye.


Kalpna, London

A wise ‘Christmas’ greeting message by Dr.Shankar.




Comment: CD ‘Change’



“Change happens every moment.

Mind does not record that change”.

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Elisabeth, Netherlands

What could be a change? Man has been trying to change since many generations. Even in the present we are conditioned to believe that we can change. Through our five senses we are constantly strengthening our conditioning. Can we change the expression of existence? The world is not something for us to change, it is already changing, there is no need for us to change it. You cannot change which has happened and gone. This illusion is going on and Dr. Shankar gives us a clear understanding how to jump out of this illusion to change.



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"When what you see is not in your control, how can you control what cannot be seen??"



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