Newsletter april 2015
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New website - new name - Academy of Advaita!!

Happy that everyone received the special newsletter with the important news that Dr. Shankar has changed the name ‘Academy of Absolute understanding’ to ‘Academy of ADVAITA’.
 ‘Advaita or Non-duality is absolute understanding.
Non-duality or absolute understanding is advaita.
Absolute understanding or advaita is non-duality.'

 The articles point to advaita.
The books detail advaita.
The CD’s explain advaita.  

Dr. Vijai S Shankar

New in website!

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Letters to AOA:

Rebecca Perry, Houston
Dear Dr. Shankar,
I don't know how others feel about reading and listening over and over again but I highly recommend it.  It never ceases to amaze me how alive your message is since with every repeated listen and read I either find something entirely new or a dawning of deeper understanding happens for what had previously been read or heard.  For that reason, I find your message truly is the living word, the living waters, that brings me back into now where life is and a problem is not. The aliveness in front of me is surely more interesting, in whatever manner it is there, because of what you so generously share.  Eternal gratitude to you and all those who participate to make this available.
Paula Smit, Netherlands,
Dear Dr. Shankar,
I’ve listened to the CD ‘Sadness’ twice. Over the years I’ve noticed sadness is never present all the time. It can even be totally forgotten either, until it somehow is reminded and the repetition of the feeling is maintained. Understanding that expressing sadness is wanting attention, also made clear how superficial and even childish this is. I was touched by the comment about being independent.  Independent of all the attachments as sad, rich, poor, smart, clumsy or whatever. In the ‘here and now’ all these things do not exist, as the forgetting shows. Thank you for being so frank, I appreciate that because I know you’re concerned and you wish for us all to really understand our own mind.
Andreas Schleibinger, Munich
'Thank You sooooooooooo much for Your Wisdom, which You still share with me every day in form of Your DVDs and CDs and books too. They are miraculously every time new and fresh in the moment (which is without time and thoughts and therefore immortally eternal) and they always let me see directly into life! What a gift! Thank You over and over again.'
Els, Netherlands
Dr. Shankar,
This noisy mind is silent while reading the book Absolute Understanding volume 1 about love. Thank you for your wise words.

Comment: CD ‘ No’

Elisabeth, Netherlands
How can no create separateness? How will we understand the other is not separate from us? Distance, separateness is created by the word no. Light is colourless. This colourless light gives forth to seven colours and these colours have transformed into feelings. We have shades of different colours depending upon the intensity of light. That is why we have so many feelings in our mind. One of the feelings is no. No has a varying intensity. No must have varying expressions. Every time there is a different form, so there is no question of distance and separateness. Understanding in an absolute sense means that you will stay steady between the duality of the mind and you will understand totally what you see. I very much enjoyed the satsang. When we understand that the other is separate from you, in the same way, somehow, we will understand the other is not separate from you. To enjoy the understanding of the world is bliss.
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