Newsletter August 2015
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‘A moment in mind is knowledge. A moment in life is aliveness’

Dr.Vijai S Shankar



By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Life is neither good nor bad. Good and bad are labels in the mind. The ‘I’ lives personal illusory labels in the mind. Life is a singular, spontaneous, uncontrollable and unpredictable impersonal flow.

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"To be spiritual or to become spiritual is not spiritual. Just to be is spiritual."
Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Comment: Face Book ‘Quote’Erika Winter-Cobbs

THANK YOU Dr. Shankar---my mind believed--he is spiritual and with this soooooo speciell and closer to GOD . More and more understanding is happening--with your help !!!!!! Dankeschön.

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"The strongest habit of the mind is interpretation."
Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Comment: Face Book ‘Quote’
Erika Winter-Cobbs
Ja -- YES, just talked to a friend and our minds interpretations was endless--then we laughed when we caught it! Thank you Dr. Shankar.

Letter to AOA:

Sigrid, Munich
Watching the DVD ' Non-Duality- Life as it is’ after quite some time again I am overwhelmed by the brilliant clarity of the message. This time I even enjoyed the boxing scenes very much (in the beginning my mind was still judging and preferring the baby or hugging scenes). Now I understand there is only movement in life superimposed by the duality of the mind creating labels and thoughts of likes and dislikes. It becomes clear that there is only seeing and not seeing this or that. Life and mind can never meet with the concept of time. I am grateful to everybody who has contributed to this priceless gift for humanity. With love.

Rebeca Perry, Houston, USA 
Please let Dr. Shankar know that I really enjoyed the July Newsletter and appreciate that he shared the Donald Hoffman talk.  It is nice to see science catching up - a little - with intelligent life as expressed by Dr. Shankar. I'm still amazed every time I listen and read Dr Shankar’s CD’s and books because of the depth of his understanding.  It is a little deeper for me too thanks to him because it is truly a joy to read/hear what he has to share.

Barbara, Munich
Each day I lay here on the couch, I look one DVD a day by you. What a joy to listen to you and see you so young and alive with such a powerful voice. All your power for humanity and for us, your family, you spread unselfishly all these years. What a wonderful time for all of us it is, and all your wisdom with soooo many different metaphors you brought to humanity and us. I appreciate it so much. Soooo blessed we all are! 

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"Life is a reflection of light."

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Comment: CD ‘Adult and Child’

Elisabeth, Netherlands
What could an adult be? Has any change happened to us or are we all just the same as we were when we were a child, is what we should be concerned about. We get caught in the illusion of a doer and our ego becomes very strong. When man understands the duality of life, the rhythm of life, he becomes an adult. Dr. Shankar beautifully reveals the power of illusion with the example of the piece of gold we believe to be a bangle just like how we believe that there is something called man. Enjoyed the satsang, you make us happy. Thank you. It is amazing to understand that the scientific term of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva is electrons, neutrons and protons.
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Comment: CD ‘Grief‘

Elisabeth, Netherlands
Is grief real or unreal? Grief is nothing but the pinnacle of sadness. Man only thinks that he will be contented with life when it is as it should be. Everything which happens to us as grief, sadness or depression is nothing but the thought 'this should not happen to me'. Understand that you wil be given what you are destined to be given to you. No event can cause grief to you. If you grieve, it only means you are saddened by the way existence operates, it only shows you are regretting the way God operates. Existence has elaborated and expressed itself in such a manner so that you may know your true nature. To live the moment without any mind coming into it, because without any language coming into it, you have lived totally. You have lived. For me it was a very confronting satsang, I enjoyed it with many, many tears.
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Recommended book: "Absolute Understanding vol. 7"

"Life’s gift is the realisation of the moment that is, and this book is that gift."

Each and every one of us has developed a security check that spins into action every morning when we awaken from sleep – it resides in the mind and waits for the call. Each one of us spends every waking moment of the day listening to the spinning thoughts – we have come to depend on them; they have become our total reality; we have become them. More often than not, these thoughts lead us into a negative mood with which we become hopelessly identified.

In the chapter entitled ‘Attraction’, Dr Shankar reveals with astonishing clarity and understanding the mechanism by which this works.......

Peter Julian Capper (UK)


“The unattainable”

The word soul has many synonyms in every rudimentary or sophisticated language known to man. The meaning is synonymous with an almighty creator, who is believed to have created the world, man and mind.

The soul, it is believed, has many desirable attributes to possess which man would give or do anything. He strives for these attributes of the soul at some point in his life, usually when he is weary of life and its treatment of him.

The popular belief of the soul is its blissful quality. Man, sophisticated as he may appear to be, is nevertheless restless in his daily life. He is restless deep within, though  .......read further

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