Newsletter May 2015
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‘Life is a river that flows, but you cannot find the moment the river flows’
Dr. Vijai S Shankar


  ‘Advaita or Non-duality is absolute understanding.
Non-duality or absolute understanding is advaita.
Absolute understanding or advaita is non-duality.' 

 The articles point to advaita.
The books detail advaita.
The CD’s explain advaita.  

Dr. Vijai S Shankar

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Absolute Understanding vol. 4

By the light offered in this volume it becomes clear that a life with thoughts as man’s guide is no life at all: just a treadmill. The book reveals that life itself is the guide and needs no secondary guide to assist it. To live in life as it flows, actually totally unknown and unknowable, is the challenge, and yet ‘challenge’ is only a word – it implies ‘difficult’. Clear though this may be, thoughts will constantly appear, some with dire consequences. Hardly a step is taken without the presence of a thought that commands attention. Some thoughts seem to lead to darkness. Do not lose heart for at such times the understanding gifted by this volume acts like a guide to take you into life and out of the mind, to live in life as it flows vibrant and fresh, not of this world of the known, but yet life. Shop


Cern researchers confirms existence of the force ...... read further


Life is a play of light and sound. The scriptures have mentioned and the sages have proclaimed that life is a play of light and sound,...  read further

Letters to Academy:

Sigrid, Munich
Thank you so much for the CD ‘SADNESS’, it is priceless! I like the new website very much, guess this was a lot of work. No doer but well done!
Julian Capper, UK.
Congratulations on the new website. It presents Advaita in such a clear and inviting expression.

Comment article: ‘Essence and Destiny’

Paula Smit. Netherlands
Usually we understand by destiny that everything is destined beforehand and we only have to wait for it to happen. This article gives us a deeper understanding in what destiny means. Everything that happens is future of the moment before. As explained in preceding articles, everything moves spontaneous, uncontrollable and unpredictable. So the moment must also be spontaneous, uncontrollable and unpredictable. The moment is as it is, but we call it destiny.

Comment: CD ‘Sadness’

Elisabeth, Netherlands
Is it possible for anybody to be sad? Some energy form has become a form which appears as a thought form. Sadness is an energy form. Where you are alive you cannot be sad because the mind is not there to tell you that you are sad. Mind is not where you are alive. We have concluded that we are sad because we have been conditioned to believe, yes, man can become sad. So many things we have concluded. One says I am sad just to get attention. The moment you need attention, the gifts of life when life happens to you, you will start rejecting life. It is not possible for us to feel sad where we are alive, because the mind is absent where you are alive. Dr. Shankar, thank you so much for making us understand that our sadness is a relative term related to the ego which is a root thought which is not present in life.  It is a revelation to understand that sadness is an energy form and that the moment you want attention you will reject life.  Dr. Shankar has changed the name to Academy of Advaita. It looks very good.

Article - "Miracle is the Mystery"

Every letter of the alphabet in any language is phonetic, meaning a letter is a sound. The phonetic of a letter does not have an opposite, meaning there are no opposites of a particular sound of a letter. A word is made up of letters, and letters in a word are a collection of phonetics .......read further
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