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"The depth of understanding reveals the depth of love and care"

Dr. Vijai S Shankar


Senses and Action,
By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

We neither know the particular sense nor the exact moment of its presence. We know the particular sense after it happens but never the exact moment of its presence. Similarly, with action too, we neither know the particular action nor the exact moment of its presence. We know the particular action after it happens but never the exact moment of its presence. The enlightened have rightly proclaimed that man is not the doer, speaker or thinker, though they happen just as the senses do happen, and man does not do them.

New article: "To be or not to be"

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Man wants and expects ‘to be’ happy in his life. Man does not want and does not accept ‘not to be’ happy in his life.  Man also longs ‘to be’ in bliss in his life and searches for bliss. Similarly, man does not want to be unblissful, and searches in his daily life for ways ‘not to be’ unblissful. But nevertheless, both happiness and bliss are always in the horizon, which is away from him, meaning the future, and man is neither happy nor is he in bliss in every moment of his daily life where he is   .......read further

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Comments: Article ‘To be or not to be’

Julian Capper, U.K.
The confusion and stress endured in the life of a human being by virtue of his or her conditioned mind is laid bare in this article. Thus the question posed in the title is the nub of the dilemma. Life, in its manifestation as the enlightened author, is gifting man his own realisation.

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany
All of us have a conditioned mind do not know that living life means only “to be“ what we are and not “to be this or that“. “To be or to become this or that” is in the mind and not in life. The mind never indicates the here and now ‘in life’. The mind indicates the future or the past repeated or refined as the future. Trust in life, happiness and bliss, is the outcome of the understanding conveyed in this wise article “To be or not to be” by Dr. Shankar.

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
This article if it happens to be understood, brings man closer 'to be’ who he is. I bow to Him who can explain in irrefutable wisdom and make it clear for Humanity that is and humanity yet to come. Thank You!

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Letters to AOA:

Comment article ‘Essence and Patience’
Derek, Cardif.
A very insightful article Dr. Shankar that simply points out what is so. Once I was impatient over 'important' things, like when clients didn't turn up for their appointments on time. Then that stopped. Now it tends to be unimportant things that don't really matter, like a disturbance that prevents me doing something or going somewhere at the time I expect.  Impatience transfers itself to whatever the mind decides is 'important'. Currently a force that will manifest itself. I seem to add the reason, but impatience itself like the wind, doesn't have a reason. I know impatience by the satisfaction I have when I have been oh so very patient!

Comment article ‘Essence and Now’
Derek, Cardif.
Great article. The truth being asserted, Life is now that we can never get with the mind, because we can only recognize events that was and never what is. The now of the mind would need to be totally blank which cannot be because the mind is a recording 'device'?

Comments article ‘What life is’
Derek, Cardif.
I find this article profound and challenging. I have always regarded (my) Zen to be experiential and that words whilst could point were more or less irrelevant, but my view on this has changed now – or a better word perhaps would be transformed. I look forward to reading more on this site. Thank you.

Anil Coumar, Canada
Dear Dr. Shankar,
You have once again, so clearly put into words the unspeakable! What an amazing clarity. Feeling lots of gratitude.  
Sonja, Canada,
Much gratitude to Dr. Shankar for the article "What life is", which is very helpful in deconditioning the mind. Also very much appreciate the now "clock" in the newsletter.
Rebecca Perry, USA
I have to thank Dr. Shankar for any understanding that comes my way as I continue to read and listen - still a great joy and what he points to is so fascinating when looked at deeply.

Recommended book: "What am I"

Understanding the nature of life, a singular and eternal flow of energy, is their realisation and life’s gift to man, who is a perfect expression of life, albeit illusory. Everything is in its place in the cosmos.

In this cosmos dawned the mind and became its centrepiece. No wonder, for the remit of mind includes all man’s sensual faculties, his or her thinking, remembering, deciding, perceiving, dreaming and reasoning, as well as mind’s very private and subjective world. Furthermore, it is through mind, fired with emotion, that religious worship is conducted wherever it is.

Thus mind is the unchallenged navigator of man, throughout his or her journey in life. This no-one would dispute, illusory though it is. Understanding this is the gateway to enlightenment.

But, if man, mind and the entire cosmos is nothing but energy – What, then, am I?

Peter Julian Capper
M.A. (Cantab) UK.
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