Newsletter September 2015
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'A moment in life is a movement.
A moment in life is a movement of light and sound'

Dr.Vijai S Shankar


‘It is said’

by Dr. Vijai S Shankar
It is said that truth and true self is beyond time, space and forms. This rightly implies that our universe is not caused by living beings. Only those who are truthful to themselves will realise the truth and not see it, because truth and true self is beyond time, space and form. Only those who are courageous to accept the truth will realise the truth and not see it, because truth and true self is beyond time, space and form. Only those who see and accept things and everyone as they are will realise the truth and not see it, because truth and true self is beyond time, space and form. Only those to whom the fake self is understood to be fake and not real will realise the truth and not see it, because truth and true self is beyond time, space and form.

Facebook comments

Erika winter-cobbs
Dear Dr. Shankar, I ponder about -you are not the doer and the thinker and last night a deeper understanding was given to me. I suddenly remembered the Jesus saying: Father forgive them, they know not what they do: it was the whole day with me and I understand it now on a deeper level. Thank you so much Life for Dr. Shankar. Step by step understanding is happening.
Irvene Harvey
AOA : “The knowledge we have about life as facts or stories are both illusory stories in life which the mind tells.” Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Irvene Harvey: yes, thank you! This is profoundly liberating information.
Joy Houston
AOA : "Thinking takes you away from life." Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Joy Houston: Yes. Well it would appear so.

Letter to AOA:

Diane, USA

Thanks for what is below is from Dr.Shankar, and what I call true help.

  • the kind of help which makes me stand on my two feet,
  • the kind of help which makes for living life as it happens,
  • the kind of help which does not require any further help.
True gems of wisdom below from Dr. Shankar!
  •  ‘Life is what it is.’
  •  ‘Life is a reflection of light.’
  •  ‘Life is neither good nor bad.’
  •  ‘Good and bad are labels in the mind.’
  •  ‘The ‘I’ lives personal illusory labels in the mind.’
  •  ‘Life is a singular, spontaneous, uncontrollable and unpredictable impersonal flow.’

Comment: CD ‘Anger (2)’

Elisabeth, Netherlands
We should understand in life the truth exhibits itself to us every moment. Dr. Shankar shares a deep insight about something which constantly accompanies us all and which is least understood and that is anger. The entire movement outside, the weather, has expressed itself as thoughts in the mind of man and man is frightened of the movement of his thoughts. The movement outside, the weather outside, has transformed itself as thoughts into man's mind. If man gets stuck with desire and fear, at this midpoint he becomes angry. Jealousy, greed, sadness, agony, depression, everything is nothing but a variation of a basic anger which has got various expressions in a constant movement to realize your true self. This anger when understood will transform itself into another form of energy called compassion. Movement in life is a tremendous gift for man to become steady. How can a man be steady if there is no movement outside?  To understand anger as an illusory interpretation is a tremendous gift for me.
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Recommended book: "What am I"

'There is no mistake for the cosmos happened spontaneously'

Understanding the nature of life, a singular and eternal flow of energy, is their realisation and life’s gift to man, who is a perfect expression of life, albeit illusory. Everything is in its place in the cosmos.

In this cosmos dawned the mind and became its centrepiece. No wonder, for the remit of mind includes all man’s sensual faculties, his or her thinking, remembering, deciding, perceiving, dreaming and reasoning, as well as mind’s very private and subjective world. Furthermore, it is through mind, fired with emotion, that religious worship is conducted wherever it is.

Thus mind is the unchallenged navigator of man, throughout his or her journey in life. This no-one would dispute, illusory though it is. Understanding this is the gateway to enlightenment.

But, if man, mind and the entire cosmos is nothing but energy – What, then, am I?

Peter Julian Capper
M.A. (Cantab) UK.
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“a must?”
It is only the mind that requires planning. Planning happens to maintain the illusion that man is the doer. Man is not the doer for the simple reason that there is neither time nor mind in life. Planning merely entertains or depresses the illusory ego until it is no more. The moment understanding happens to man that he is not the doer, who can plan, he becomes the moment, which is spontaneous, uncontrollable and unpredictable.  .......read further

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