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by Dr. Vijai S Shankar


Non duality or Advaita cannot be known. Duality or Dvaita can be understood to be non-duality.


Every word derives a meaning to itself through its opposite word. But only one word can be present in a moment. This implies that the meaning of a word and its opposite are illusory and not real.


Only one letter or a word could be present in a moment and neither two letters nor two words could be present in the same moment. Opposites are known in the moment. Opposites, however, is made up of a word and its opposite, which makes opposites two words.  Therefore it is impossible for opposites to be present in a moment but yet opposites do exist in a moment. The existence of opposites in the moment is therefore illusory and not real.

Numerical time

Numerical time is absent in a moment in life and the mind. A letter or a word, however, requires numerical time to be present. A letter or a word depends on their opposites to be known as a letter or a word. This implies that opposites, a letter or a word known in a moment in the mind in numerical time is illusory and not real.

Letter and Word

A letter is relative to another letter. A word is relative to another word. Therefore neither an absolute letter nor an absolute word exists. 

Article ‘Togetherness’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
A family is a unit made up of members. Any place of work or play has members and that makes them a family unit as well. In any family opposing words do happen whenever the members do not accept or expect what is done or said. Therefore, opposing words do happen in any type of family, whether we like it or not. So what could togetherness mean in any family unit?
To read further click here. In German translation click here.

Comment ‘Article togetherness and chapter ‘Position Barrier’

Elisabeth, Netherlands
The article ‘Togetherness’ which you read aloud is a very welcome answer concerning the issue of how to live together. In the chapter ‘Position Barrier’ in the Five Elements Book 'Fire' you also say, 'all such turmoils’ are there because one pays attention to them. This attention gives them energy to propagate. This very acceptance of disappointments gives them existence. Mere witnessing negates their existence.'  I never looked at it this way and it is very true that it gives the disappointments existence. I am very happy reading the Five Elements books, so much love and compassion for us is felt through your answers. It was a lovely togetherness we enjoyed with You.

Letter to AOA:

Barbara, Munich
Website www.academy-advaita.com
How nice! Thanks to everybody who worked on it!

Elisabeth, Netherlands
Website www.academy-advaita.com
The website of the academy of advaita is brilliant! What a fantastic work by Gerard. The website functions are good and simple and its header is beautiful.

Rebecca Perry, USA
I've listened to the CD ‘Light & Sound’ at least 8 times. Dr. Shankar's insight and depth is breathtaking.

Sigrid, Munich
Comment article ‘Togetherness’
The article TOGETHERNESS touched me deeply and I enjoyed reading it. Thank you again very much.

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Comment article ‘Memory’
Wonderful article. If memory would be in the past and man can visit the past man would be the doer. Dr. Shankar has clearly explained that memory is not in the past and man cannot visit the past. It’s a revelation to understand that life makes man learn and understand and not the mind.

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