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"Deep understanding of life that we cannot be other than what we are in any moment reveals love and care"

Dr. Vijai S Shankar


Love and Care

Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Advaita means NOT two, because dvaita means TWO. The mind understands that life is made up of moments, one moment following the other in succession. The duration of numerical time within a moment and the duration which divides one moment from the next, however is not known. This implies that a moment in life is eternal and neither one, two or many.
Man understands that it is obvious that only one thing can happen in a moment and neither two nor many. Man also understands that time is needed for anything to happen, and as time duration is not known within a moment, it signifies that not even a single thing could happen in a moment. This signifies that only movement in an eternal moment appears as one two or many movements within a moment.  The deep understanding that the moment in life is eternal without numerical time reveals that advaita or life as it is, is what it is. And as every moment of life is energy or light, what is as it is in every moment has to be an illusion of light. Therefore, life as it is, is what it is, albeit illusory. This understanding reveals love and care for everything in life.
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New article: "Language"

Dr. Vijai S Shankar

“Quantum Speech”
Language is a mystery even to prominent linguists. Language is present and it cannot be denied, because denying language proves its presence. Language is diverse.
Language is identified by the sound the language is made up of. It is obvious that language is sound, because a foreign language appears as sound. This indicates that any language is sound to imply that a word in a language is sound.
It is also obvious that the human ear receives sound-waves that appear as words of ..... read further

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Comments: Article "Language"

Julian Capper, UK
Such is the gift of the enlightened to show that language is not the exclusive domain of homo sapiens. Thus the understanding may grow to appreciate that the whole of nature, illusory though it may be, is joined through sound. It really is. Dr. Shankar’s article on Language throws a profound light on the unity of our lives, embracing all that we have come to call animate and inanimate, from the subtlest to the coarsest manifestations. There is nothing of which we are conscious that is outside this remarkable unity. 

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany
In the article 'Language', Dr Shankar as a scientist and as THE enlightened advaita- author of the 21st century, reveals the essence of understanding life as an illusory manifestation of light and sound, beautifully with little words albeit illusory. Enlightenment, language and science explained together and reciprocally in a most exciting way! Einstein would probably have enjoyed reading it too. 

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
This article is a revelation! Not only wave/particle has been declared very clear. The analogie to language/word as explained expresses very deep insight and sharpness. One of the closest articles to explain that Life is a play of light and sound. What a manifestation! Life is advaita and dvaita in the same moment. 

Andreas.schleibinger, Munich
The recent article ‘Language’ is the very very best I have ever heard about language. Speech is like an atom both light-wave and light-particle, called sound-wave and word, at the same moment in the very moment 'now', which is without a sound-wave and a word. How wonderful and enlightening! 

Rebeca Perry, Houston
The subtitle, 'Quantum Speech', to your article 'Language' in the Newsletter really caught my attention and has been really helpful in my day-to-day life as have all your communications.  In particular, the last paragraph of your article - "Similarly, the quantum nature of life is a moment, which is timeless and thoughtless, and a moment in the mind, which is time-filled and thought-filled in the same instant. The understanding and cementing of this quantum nature of life is “enlightenment", made for a big WOW for me.  Recognizing that the ears receive sound-waves and they appear as words to the mind puts a stop to being bothered by the words spoken by others. I have noticed an increasing calm and relaxation in my life over the years since I started listening to and reading what you share. Your explanations have a richness that I have never come across before. Without trying to, I have benefitted greatly and, therefore, so have those I interact with in life since I less and less try to manage or control anything or anyone. Humans look for fun in all kinds of ways and my fun is reading and listening to the limitless ways that you explain the nature of existence. It is like a puzzle and a roller coaster ride and a cool, refreshing drink all at the same time. Thank you again and again for sharing.

Paul Dekker, Netherlands
Thank You profoundly for the article on language. In the article Language “Quantum Speech”, Dr. Shankar amazingly explains just with a handful of simple words, how language itself appears as a sound-wave and a word at the same moment – indeed: the quantum nature of language, revealed by a sage nowadays living in our midst.

Letters to AOA:

Sonja O, Canada
Thank you to the Academy and Dr. Shankar for the Christmas greeting, the newsletter, articles, CD’s, and the wisdom that is present in them all.
Thank you, thank you.
Henk, Netherlands
Gerard, after receiving the last newsletter, I can tell you that it is tremendously rewarding by reading it, because it quietens the recording in your mind. It is so nice to enjoy wisdom, initially for me it was at a high level, but now wisdom is becoming more understandable.
Gerard, Netherlands
Fantastic for you Henk!! Here I can enjoy very much!! Well on the way, wisdom is a road without end.

Comment CD ‘Fear (2)

Elisabeth, Netherlands,
Dear Guruji,  fear has permeated every aspect of our life. Primordial man used to be frightened initially of his fellow creatures, he used to be frightened of lightning, thunder, earthquake. He could not be alone, so he was hiding. Then this fear, instead of making man to hide, nature made him to hide, then nature made him to work. When he used to work he was not alone, because he was attentive to his work, he was not frightened. Basically we are frightened because we cannot be alone. Thinking happens to create that illusion that the other is needed always to get rid of fear. Because man thinks he does not seem alone. The entire physical activity has converted into mental activity. Dr. Shankar's sharing of how prehistoric man and woman still is present here in a sophisticated form is so helpful to understand how man and woman became sophisticated now. Thank You.
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