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"The world, man and mind are illusory and not real"

Dr. Vijai S Shankar


Light and Sound.
Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Thoughts appear as images on a computer. It’s all thanks to a new app called WordsEye, which allows you to “type a picture.” Available as both a Web and mobile application, the program allows the user to create a digital picture using plain English. Thoughts using plain English appear as letters and words as well on a computer. The computer works on electricity (light) in digital format signals. This implies that images, letters and words are illusions of light on a computer in daily life.

Similarly, in daily-life light-rays that enter the eye appear as images, letters and words in the mind as well. This implies that images, letters and words are illusions of light in the mind in daily life. The mind is a computer of life that works on sunlight, just as computer works solely on electricity and electricity is light. Also every atom of everything that exists is light. The enlightened proclaim that life is a play of light and sound, a miracle and a mystery.

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New article: "Interaction"
Dr. Vijai S Shankar

“Can man do?”

Man believes that he can do many things in daily life, and he believes that others can do as well. This is because man firmly believes that he can do. But is it so is the question? Therefore, it is important to understand whether a man can do. To do anything man needs to interact.

The doing is an interaction when we meet. Interaction may either be in the form of an action, listening or speaking. It is evident that we meet a person in the present moment to interact. But the question is, do we make the present moment in which we interact?

Deep understanding reveals that man neither makes the present moment in which he is, nor the next moment. The moment in life just is and man is    .......read further

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Letters to AOA:

Derek Ayre, Wales
Hi Gerard, I would like to be connected. I have learned much from our interactions and currently working my way through Dr. Shankar's articles and purchased his book Evolution of Mind that I am finding enlightening. Best Regards,
Roberto, Columbia
I have just seen and heard the DVD ‘Non-Duality. Life as it is’. As far as I have read the books of Dr. Shankar a change has happened in the understanding. I looked at a video of a musician playing a strange string instrument with two strings only, and there was the perception of movement and sound, not any person moving or playing but, just, movement and sound. This is an example of the understanding.
With the DVD I think it is so simple, so well done, that it includes everything. It has to be seen many times and understanding will happen. If everything is happening there are no doers, thinkers, and speakers. All is energy; life is just a play of light and sound. Only an enlightened one as Dr. Shankar can show statements of life as it is, so the understanding will happen.
Sigrid, Munich
Thank you dear Dr Shankar, it's indeed amazing how fast life sophisticates. Only life can create such a software (statistical parsing). You also said that a computer is an external mind. I never doubted what you have shared so far, but more and more it gets proved by science and the sophistication of life. Nisargadatta said its very rare in life to meet a master you can love and trust totally For this privilege I am eternally grateful! Even my family is blessed by you Love from Munich.

Gerard, Netherlands
You ‘can buy’ knowledge. The www, books and schools are endless. You cannot ‘buy ‘wisdom’, yet there is ONE place in the www POINTING to wisdom: “the Academy of Advaita”.  Dr. Vijai Shankar explains with clarity that the world man and mind are illusory. This understanding leads to wisdom. Yet for the most the beliefs of the very conditioned mind (knowledge) are much more stronger than the realisations of an enlightened being (wisdom)”. Books, CD’s and DVD’s from the academy are very rare and if happen to read and ponder a big step to understand and to realize who we are.

Comment article ‘Interaction’ and CD ‘5 elements as sound’
Gerard, Netherlands

The article is wonderful and very clear. Thank You for making us understand. The CD ‘5 elements as sound’ is wonderful! After listening several times it’s still new. No words can describe the value in it.

Paul Dekker, Netherlands
Hi Regina, thank you for this link, indeed inspiring. Please, never hesitate to share that what helps understanding Dr. Shankar’s wisdom – for anything to that goals is always and most welcome.

Andreas, Munich,
Hi Regina, thank you very much for the link. It is really amazing to see how life shows us what we know already, because of our wonderful Dr. Shankar, who is Life itself. The DVD 'Light' is more than fantastic. It is godly!

Teun, Netherlands
Dr Shankar. Amazing indeed. Thank You for the link. I'm going to study a bit more on it. Very interesting.
Riet, Netherlands
Dear Regina, very grateful, I am very happy with this mail/ link from you. Thanks to Dr.Shankar. Sweet greetings.

Rebecca Perry, USA
Thank you so much for the CD and the Christmas wish.  I have already listened 3 times and it will require many more listening's. What is shared in that CD is so amazing and deep. This information is life-changing. Listening and reading continues to bring such joy as understanding deepens. I am also re-reading What Am I? and am stunned by the depth of the wisdom and life's intelligence that appears on those pages.  It is simply exciting when understanding unfolds and then transforms into contentment.  Life truly is magnanimous that it has brought us together in the form of my being able to read and listen to your message.

Comments ‘Christmas Greetings’

Elisabeth, Netherlands
Thank You Dr. Shankar for the lovely season's greetings, when light which is love and care is everywhere.  I was waiting for the greetings! Namaste and love and every day is Christmas. Best greetings for You and for everybody.

Fali Engineer, Houston www.houston.theosophical.org
We thank the Academy of Advaita for their Season's  greetings, good wishes and enlightening words of Dr. Vijay Shankar. We too wish you and the Academy even more ability to care deeply, think kindly, act gently and be at peace with the world. With appreciation and best wishes.
Response to Fali:
AOA, Netherlands,

The Academy understands that ability to care deeply, think kindly and act gently (albeit illusory) and to be at peace with the world evolves precisely as it is meant to, and the academy can only point to life, but cannot make life happen.

Sigrid, Munich
Thank you for this wonderful touching video, it's really a precious Christmas gift! Best wishes and love.

Roberto, Columbia.
Thank you very much, very beautiful greetings. the best wishes for you all.

Comment CD ‘Interpretations (2)

Elisabeth, Netherlands,
By rejecting life and jumping to conclusions, we have not lived totally. The phenomenon called interpretation goes on continuously in our minds. Dr. Shankar throughout the satsang reveals how the thought formation in the mind happens and will make a man feel very total. Man does not accept transformation; man wants to transform himself on his own terms. Interpretation will happen just to let you know it is not related to life. Interpretation is a separate phenomenon happening in our mind as thoughts, and life as a flow is a separate phenomenon. We will reject life merely because we do not accept life in its live form. We want a state which we can never have because it is already there in front of us.  I always read in one of the ‘Understanding life - Five Elements’ books which are so dear to me when confronted with my strong conclusions and interpretations, the questions in the books indicating the conditioned mind belief that life is a matter of events and situations, while the answers point to life as an eternal flow of transforming energy that projects an optical and auditory illusion of world, man and mind. Very much enjoyed the satsang.
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