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by Dr. Vijai S Shankar

1. Mind
Man is part of nature and its seasons. The mind is the fifth season in nature.

2. Freedom
Freedom is the understanding that you have evolved and had no choice in it, and so too daily life evolves and you have no choice in it. Be grateful to life that you are what you are, without having a choice to be what you are. This is freedom.

3. Worries and Problems
Worries and problems come and go the way they are meant to come and go.

4. Living
Living happens to us every moment. Living happens the way it is meant to happen in the present moment and we need not even have to try to live in the present, 

Article: ‘Doing’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Man believes that doing is possible and that doing results in the thing that gets done. The fact that modern man has a name further strengthens his belief that because his doing results in the done, he is the doer that gets the doing done. The enlightened have indicated that man is not the doer. The enlightened, however, affirm that the doing is present, albeit illusory. How could this understanding bring clarity to the conditioned mind? The point to begin this understanding is the name. Man is known by his name. Man, however, is not born with a name. Man is given a name after his birth. Therefore, the doing is done by a man or woman who has been given a name. To read further click here

Comment: Article ‘Doing’

Diane, Houston, USA
Read again the article ‘Doing’ and the points that were not so clear about evolution of a name for man and the connection to evolution of ‘Doing’ by man became clear. You bring to light another conditioned belief of the mind dissect it through deep logic and reasoning for us to understand the conditioning more completely, which results in deeper understanding and deeper understanding = helpful understanding. I read over and over from people all over the world how this Wisdom you share is practical in daily life? Well for me to understand deeply how man CANNOT be the doer is very practical in daily life. It brings with it a calmness in living with others for blame, judgment, anger, disappointment, sadness all appear less and less, they don’t stick around no more as if the understanding you share that "man is not the doer" brings in that peace the whole spiritual world at large advertises intensely by DOING something, be it meditation or any other practices. I find it ironic because I tried to do many things and they didn’t change one iota my quality of life living with others, but understanding deeper and deeper how man CANNOT be the doer miraculously does change the quality of life living with others.

Letter to AOA:

Elisabeth, Netherlands
Just wanted to tell Dr.Shankar that I am very much enjoying the chapter the ‘Illusion of Thought’ in the book ‘The illusions of life’, but it is not easy. I never understood what identification really could mean, how identified we are with our conditioned concepts. In the mechanism of identification you explain the requirements for identification to occur, that the ego cannot identify with any thought, and that this makes the mind anxious and fearful, for it does not know who man is. That this identification (that is the inability to identify) deceives the ego into thinking that it is identified with the thoughts. It is amazing how You have been able to put it into words for us to understand. Also the prologue by Julian Capper is very dear to me and brings me closer to be at peace with myself. Thank You, Dr. Shankar.

Comment: Article ‘Cause and Effect’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands.
Enjoyed article ‘Cause and Effect’ very much!! Cause and effect brings man in the illusory past or future. Beautiful explained!! To read further click here.

Comment: Article ‘Freedom’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands.
Beautiful article. There is a significance difference in what ego (knowledge)  thinks what freedom is and they are all build on “I can do". Dr. Shankar gives the first irrefutable explanation what freedom is. For the ego it is hard to accept, but when understood a gift for humanity. To read further click here.

Comment: Article ‘Freedom’

Diane, Houston, USA
Thank you for the article ‘Freedom’ it is wonderful!! Truly if man comes to understand deeply what is in your article he will live freedom and striving for freedom will no longer happen to him because freedom will be in every moment he is alive. NO ONE has explained it clearly like this EVER!!!!! With this you have taken Charles Darwin theory of evolution which is widely accepted and you have encompassed ALL nuances of human life within evolution which includes man's doing speaking and thinking. You point and make us ponder that doing speaking and thinking happen to man as evolution and man does not make evolution so man does not make doing speaking and thinking to happen to him. Our deep rooted conditioning receives a freeing dose of uprooting with your brilliant article. Thank you it is just wonderful!!. To read further click here.

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