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by Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Matter cannot be removed from existence, just as matter as an image cannot be removed from a mirror as long as matter is reflected in the mirror. Matter therefore is an illusory reflection by consciousness in existence. Existence (the absolute) ‘IS’ before consciousness happens. Consciousness happens after existence (the absolute) ‘IS’. Rainbow is an illusory form of light, because colours of a rainbow are an illusion of light passing through a glass prism. Light reflects rainbow before mind happens. Mind reports rainbow after light reflects a rainbow. Matter is an illusory specific form of a specific wave-length of consciousness/light, and consciousness/light appears as a thought of matter in the human mind. Life or light reflects matter before mind happens. Mind reports matter after life reflects matter.

Article: ‘You did or did not’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Why you did or why you did not ‘do’ is the normal approach in any relationship, be it between husbands and wives, siblings or friends. The words ‘why you did or why you did not’ refer to anything that is said or done or is not said or not done. The words why you did or why you did not ‘do’ is a fundamental occurrence in any form of relationship. The words form the basis of an argument which may or may not follow. The words why you did or why you did not ‘do’ appeals to logic and reason as being valid and is believed to be necessary in any relationship. No party in the relationship is accosted for using the words. Love is nevertheless unconditional. So, if and when the words why you did or why you did not ‘do’ are used, it does not imply unconditional love. So what could the understanding be that would make the words why you did or why you did not ‘do’ never to be used, is the question one needs to ponder? To read further click here…
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Comment ‘Article ‘You did or did not’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands.
To un-condition the conditioned ego by a teacher, it has everything to do with cause and effect / to do and ‘why’. Why refers always to a belief, so every teacher is busy with conditioning and NOT un-conditioning. So it cannot lead to unconditional love. Dr. Shankar is not a teacher and is patiently explaining to make man understand, which is un-conditional love. His explanation that ‘man is not the doer’ is unique.  No man has explained with so deep understanding of the mind. Let us be grateful to Life for this biggest gift!!

Comment: CD ‘Guessing’

Elisabeth, Netherlands
Listening to this CD ‘Guessing’ has touched upon my guessing what illogicity of life could be. Somehow there is a desire for bad to happen in a good way, not a bad way, because it wants to enjoy its expression. In the Bhagavad Gita there is the sentence that ´always good happens´, meaning the way is always good. Minimal good and maximum good. The symbol of Nataraja, the King of dance, signifies you cannot separate the dance from the dancer, you cannot separate God from what you see. There is the inseparability of actions, the inseparability of doers and the inseparability of the thoughts in our head, therefore the ego cannot influence the thoughts. All our feelings in the head is a dance of various plays. Energy is transforming itself so fast. The contrast will be there every time, they are all one. Can we guess on one? Everybody is defending his own guessing system. What an amazing sharing.
Sigrid, Munich
I listened to the CD GUESSING several times to get the message. It's so clearly explained that a belief system is nothing but guesswork. When we are guessing we have a hope and hope is the fuel for belief systems to run. We guess because we believe there are individuals in life who can do something.  It also dawns on me why life is one energy expressed as different feelings, not separate from each other. Like the dancer and the dance cannot be separated from each other - as the beautiful form of Nataraja shows nicely.  What touched me most was the insight that bad wants to express itself and it will only happen in a good way. So only good will happen in life. After listening to this CD one will stop guessing and work it out what is in the mind. One may understand that only the magical happens when anything happens.  Thank you for this wonderful message.
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Letter to AOA:

Friedrike, Germany
Good afternoon, Dr. Shankar,
I have two questions about "reality".  My first question is: What is light?
And my second question is, what can I do, when I nearly discovered the illusionary of life?

Response to Friedrike
by Dr Shankar

Dear Friedrike,
First question: Light is the existential nature of energy.
Second question: You will continue to do what you are meant to do after the discovery. You will also discover that the doer, doing and done in life is albeit illusory.

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