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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

"Illusion at quantum level is light and displays illusory reality on perception."

Article: ‘Why and How’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
The mind has an answer to ‘why’ anything happens in life and ‘how’ anything happens in life. The answers are many, because the knowledge of ‘why’ and ‘how’ in every mind of an individual has different answers to different questions. The answers are therefore many, which may be either similar or dissimilar. All the answers to ‘why’ and ‘how’ in life are logical and reasonable and appear as the truth to every human being. Human beings have specialized knowledge in them, which makes their answers to ‘why’ and ‘how’ in life more authoritative and real than others.
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Comments: Article ‘Why and How’

Julian Capper, U.K
To all of us a mystery is a puzzle, a conundrum, an unsolved problem. Man, be he an adult or a child, loves mysteries. We will go to the theatre to be enthralled by a mystery-play. Whatever happens in the theatre of daily life that is not understood fascinates man. So life has gifted him ‘why’ and ‘how’ it happens or happened. With these questions motivating him, he will spare no effort or expense to the find the answer. For him or her the answer is real – for him or her the cause and the effect are established beyond peradventure. The wise, however, reveal that life is a mystery to be lived – understanding this is freedom from the bondage of cause and effect and from the conviction of being the doer.

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany
Why and How are probably the most frequent questions at school, on the university, in every family and at any business meeting. The conditioning to be a doer is therefore strengthened every day. However the conditioning is not unbreakable. The insight provided by the wise, as in this deep article „Why and How“ by Dr. Shankar, helps to overcome the illusory power of the belief to be a doer. Even with the questions Why and How present in the mind frequently, you would be at ease and stay relaxed if the understanding has deepened. What a gift to humanity. Click here to read German Translation

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
‘Wonderful article! Dr. Shankar explains in detail 'why and how' leads to beliefs in the mind and beliefs cannot be the truth. This can only be explained by One who leads life as it is and understands mind and life. Thank You!

Comments: Article ‘May or May not’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
‘May or May not’ is a wonderful article!! This article makes clear that the flow of life is uncertain and mind tries to make life certain, which is impossible. To understand man is not the doer, man and woman will have gratitude for life every moment, no matter whatever happens. What bigger gift can be given to Humanity than this? Thank You Dr. Shankar!!

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany
This deep article “May or may not“ reminds us of the only certainty about life in the mind as thoughts is: That what happens is not certain before it has happened. Let us readers watch whether a deep understanding happens by reading or not – or better: not yet. Better say “not yet“ instead of “not“, because we never know with certainty! This is for sure.

Comment: CD ‘Conditions-1’

Elisabeth, Netherlands
How do we go about understanding conditioning? As long as the conditions are there you are under an illusion that you will get happiness. But the happiness we feel once the conditions have been met is not real happiness. The condition is not holding you anymore, you have released it. To understand how these conditions operate we must understand how everything becomes mine. Every one of our conditions always has a reference point to the ego. It will be the ego which makes these conditions. Dr. Shankar gives striking examples to clarify how these conditions operate. It gives us a wonderful chance to go deep into self-enquiry. Thank you, Dr. Shankar. I am amazed how thin my understanding of condition was, you have opened my eyes.

Comment: Article ‘Situation’

Barbara, Munich
The article ‘SITUATION’ is so wonderful, clear and obvious. It makes the truth so simple to understand. Thank you so much for this present for me!

Comment: CD ‘Conditions 1 and 2’

Barbara, Munich
Thank you soooo much for the CDs ‘Conditions’!  Yes, I remember the talk, the hall and all my friends they showed up only once very well. They sadly didn't come again (and couln't have this wonderful harvest like we have!).  The quality is wonderful and Dr. Shankar spoke slowly. Very good to understand. And the talk is so true!  Thank you again.

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Letters to AOA:


Letter to Regina AOA

From New Zealand
Dear Regina, thank you very much for the article ‘Why and How.’ And also for clarification on the word "Sadhana" though illusory, by Dr. Shankar. Once again convey my regards to Dr. Shankar
Response to letter from New Zealand:
By Regina, AOA
Thank you for informing me that you got the article. May I ask, did you understand the article and therefore enjoyed it? When there are questions please ask and I will forward it to Dr. Shankar. To understand the mind deeply is the deepening in spirituality. This is the outcome from all the years to be with Dr. Shankar. I wish it for everyone. I will surely also convey your regards to Dr. Shankar.

Letter to AOA

Elisabeth, Netherlands
Dear Dr. Shankar, Regina sent me the attachments and the videos concerning Prof. B.M.Hegde. The three articles make me so happy, the Historic Breakthrough in Health, the Miracle of the Sun and the article on Metadichol. I could not have waited any longer. I cannot stop crying. I watched Prof. Hegde´s video talk at Nagpur and it feels like listening to a brother of yours. In the Miracle of the Sun Prof. Hegde says that as a child it is like the night before that long awaited event, you know what is about to happen is going to be so joyful and loving to you and everyone you know. He did not think this type of excitement can happen to an old man, I did not think this type of excitement could happen to an old woman. And it happened. Do not know how to thank you. Will watch the two other videos.

Letter to AOA

Andreas, Munich
It's time to thank You for Your recent articles, which 'electrified me' very much. Of course I like the questions and answers on the website as well. Thank You again and again.


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