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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

"Wisdom de-conditions the mind by deep understanding."


By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

First there was light. Light appeared as sound, and sound comes out of a tiny creature, insect, reptile, bird and every animal. All these sounds evolved as sounds that came out of primitive human being. The sounds of primitive human being evolved as illusory letters, words and meanings in primitive mind of human being and sounds further evolved as illusory language in the mind of modern man. When this understanding happens to man he becomes light and lives in and as light, which is enlightenment.

Language “Quantum Speech”

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Language is a mystery even to prominent linguists. Language is present and it cannot be denied, because denying language proves its presence. Language is diverse. Language is identified by the sound the language is made up of. It is obvious that language is sound, because a foreign language appears as sound. This indicates that any language is sound to imply that a word in a language is sound. It is also obvious that the human ear receives sound-waves that appear as words of a language in the mind. As sound appears as language, it implies that language is an illusion of sound in the mind. The phenomenon of sound as illusory language baffles not only the linguist, but also the scientist, because in nature sound is present in abundance. But these sounds do not appear as language to the human mind and, if sound is language, then the sounds of nature must be a language as well, but they do not appear as language.

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Comments: Article ‘Language’

By Julian Capper, UK
Such is the gift of the enlightened to show that language is not the exclusive domain of homo sapiens. Thus the understanding may grow to appreciate that the whole of nature, illusory though it may be, is joined through sound. It really is. Dr Shankar’s article on Language throws a profound light on the unity of our lives, embracing all that we have come to call animate and inanimate, from the subtlest to the coarsest manifestations. There is nothing of which we are conscious that is outside this remarkable unity.

By Marcus Stegmaier, Germany
In the article 'Language', Dr Shankar as a scientist and as THE enlightened advaita- author of the 21st century, reveals the essence of understanding life as an illusory manifestation of light and sound, beautifully with little words albeit illusory. Enlightenment, language and science explained together and reciprocally in a most exciting way! Einstein would probably have enjoyed reading it too. 

Response to letter to Regina Brand

By Regina Brand
Thank you for writing. Yes please read the books and listen to the DVD's with an open mind. Maybe you don't understand every part but that is ok and maybe next time you can understand. Take it easy. Understanding when it happens is not man's doing, it is Life that let it happen.  We cannot get enlightenment by doing something and that is with everything. It looks like we can get what we want. Only it looks like!!! Life flows the way it flows without waiting for us.  Therefore we cannot train ourselves to be who we expect to be, because in life many things happen without any training. This means that training happens to let us understand that life happens the way it is meant to happen. So live the life that happens and do not expect to live the life that you want to happen. It may or may not happen. Patient and trust is the key. The want is the prison and to be open for everything that happens in life is freedom and that freedom is Heaven.  We want to get rid of what is in front of us or to change etc. When we understand what is in front of us is life itself, then we are free and can flow with life.  This flowing is the realisation.

Response to letter to Regina Brand

By Regina Brand
You are welcome to write and I shall respond to you. It is fine for you to ask a question to Dr. Shankar. Please ask your question about what he has written and not what others have written. Dr. Shankar is busy and it is not fair to ask him to explain what others have written. You can ask your questions about what he has written. I say this because it will not help you at all. It's like you are checking whether his opinion is the same as others opinions. He only gives his own understanding of LIFE as it is. Your mind is full of all what you have heard and have read before about life but not what life is as it is. Understand the mind is more than full. Now you started to read Dr. Shankar and the working of the mind is COMPARING with what you have heard before.  You will ask questions over and over again but it will not help you at all. I advise you read to the kaivalya books. These are so practical, meaning our own daily life. You can understand after reading your daily life step by step better and that understanding will bring you peace and contentment. That is what understanding brings. It is not the amount what you know but what you deeply have understood reflects in daily life. Quote: Dr. Shankar "The depth of understanding reflects the quality of speech and movement". As long you compare you try to get a ready-made theoretical story and that will never bring you at peace there will be only confusion. You have to find out not only by reading the books of Dr. Shankar if it is true, but to watch life itself. Life will give you the answer in life itself. Dr. Shankar gives so many pointers to find out yourself and comparing is not at all necessary. You only will deeply understand LIFE as it is what you have understood by yourself. That understanding becomes a part of your own being and that understanding will always be with you When that understanding deepens it will reflects your care and love in Life. This is the love from within and that is the only love there is. Life gave us this life to understand life as it is. The understanding is the Transformation.

Letters to AOA:

Barbara, Munich
I am listening to your CDs and watching the DVDs since years. It is always something that strikes me very much. In the CD FIVE ELEMENTS (4) you say what feelings are and how they come about. I've never heard this before, neither in my pedagogical or psychological education nor did I read or find it in any book or relevant literature! What you said about feelings is so convincing looking at my own life. I always get the proof what you have shared in my own life. I watched the DVD ‘SUDDENLY’ today. You talked about the difference between "to be convinced to be a man" and to "know to be a man". It was very eye-opening for me.  The message of this DVD was also very astonishing for me: we always speak and narrate the same old stuff, but because each word comes suddenly, unpredictable  and spontaneous the illusion comes into play, as if it would be new! Like everything else also the understanding sophisticated..... Thank you sooo much for understanding life more and more with the help of your words

Paul, Netherlands
‘Questions and Answers’ on website are indeed breaking and wonderful news!!!


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