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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

"A day is beautiful as it is, and this understanding makes the day beautiful and not by any thoughts about how to make the day beautiful."

Article: ‘Writing’

“Sophisticated Movement”
By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
The pen is mightier than the sword. This proverb implies that you can solve problems or achieve your purpose better and more effectively through communication with words than by violence with weapons. Edward George Bulwer Lytton, an English novelist, wrote this for the first time in 1839. Written communication through writing can either lead to knowledge or increase it. It can also reveal wisdom, which is in-depth, right understanding of knowledge. Knowledge, on the other hand, is superficial, right understanding. Wisdom is revealed when writing is understood to be illusory and not real, because it would then reveal that what is communicated either as feelings or emotions is illusory as well. The last line of the nursery rhyme row, row, row your boat points that life is but a dream, and a dream is illusory.
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Comments: Article ‘Writing’

Diane, USA
Beautiful clarification that the movement of writing including the visual written is illusory meaning not the way our conditioned mind believes it exists or not as far life has evolved understanding in the majority of minds. I enjoy very much how you clarify every single knowable thing which is all what is stored in the mind to be illusory meaning present but not present once again the way the conditioned mind believes it so far. I thank you for this because I can attest that these meticulous clarifications you share of all that is known to be illusory and not real brings clarification after clarification more and more peace in mind and acceptance of what is. Life as You gifts us a deeper look into what Life has so far bestowed/evolved in the majority of minds. You are the minority for sure because I have only come across ONE who suggests to look more deeply, into the majority accepted knowledge which can reveal Wisdom. This wisdom or knowledge taken to the deepest of depths of understanding so far is the game or life changer we the majority wish for. This in depth understanding brings the peace and acceptance of what is by life's singular uncontrollable unpredictable evolution versus the majority accepted belief that man brings life about by his own doing! Thankful to Life for You.

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Wonderful article! Writing is so 'normal' for conditioned mind. Beautiful explained with deep understanding what a wonder sophisticated movement is.

Comments: Article ‘Electricity’

Diane, USA
Thank you for the article ‘Electricity’ enjoyed it very much. When you state that "Science informs that every cell of the brain is electricity and generates electricity “ meaning science doesn't know and definitely doesn’t understand as yet that every cell of the brain IS electricity. They so far only state/know that the billions of cells generate electricity correct? That the very make-up of the cell IS electricity or light so far Life has not revealed this through science yet, but the enlightened have realized this aeons ago and you are their voice today!!! This reminds of the LHC experiment where they are looking for God’s particle while the machine they use to try to detect is itself made of the same essential ingredient or light they are looking for. Thanks for sharing.

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Wonderful explained Life is a play of light and sound. Also smart phone and the computer are proofs as you have explained earlier several times. Not easy for many minds, but a real step to real freedom and happiness. More and more minds recognize the importance of this gift for Humanity. Your patience is real unconditional love. Thank You!!

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"The mind is conditioned to believe."
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New Article: “Honest Search”

By Julian Capper

Life – a manifestation of Light and Sound. Our honest search for relief from pain or other feelings that we do not wish to experience runs deep in the human mind. How deep run the convictions that we hold – or hold us. The Kaivalya Gita series indicates that pain is the most sensitive core of every human being. From the time when man evolved as a thinking creature, homo sapiens, he or she has looked up into the sky above in order to contemplate the existence of a creator.
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Letters to AOA:

Elisabeth, Netherlands
So happy with the breaking news that the Academy of Advaita has on its website menu bar a new click button Questions and Answers. That is wonderful. The questions and answers are so meaningful to me, just like the questions and answers in the Five Elements Books. It is such an intimate way of sharing what questions are sent to you for the understanding of life.
Marcus Stegmaier, Germany,
Wonderful February Newsletter! Have enjoyed everything, especially the text Light, and Regina's clear responses!
Elisabeth, Netherlands
What beautiful words Regina has written in the February Newsletter as a response to letters. It has touched me deeply and I am so grateful to her. Very well done! Thank you so much. The article LIGHT from Dr. Shankar that starts with ´First there was light´ I also find amazing, what a beginning. I love it.


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