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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

"Intelligence is light"

Article: Intelligence “In life’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
The intelligence in life, as evolution, has manifested both the body and the mind. The intelligence in life evolves both the health of the body and the health of the mind. The health of the mind is knowledge and wisdom as well. The intelligence in life has manifested sun-light. Sun-light transforms whatever the body eats through a series of biochemical, evolutionary steps to produce finally glucose. Glucose is transformed into energy by the intelligence in life. This energy is needed for the body to do or to maintain any activity. 
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Wisdom quotes by Dr. Vijai S Shankar: 'part 4'



Comment: Article ‘Intelligence’

Julian Capper, UK.
Every one of us advocates good health and counsels against ill-health. The health of the body and of the mind has evolved as one of the major issues for human consideration and concern. The intellect of man and woman has become conditioned to regard whoever and whatever is assessed as ‘good’ to be acceptable and whoever and whatever is assessed as ‘ill’ to be unacceptable. However, this article gifted by the wisdom and understanding of Dr. Shankar, makes it clear that there can be no valid judgments as to what is ‘good’ and what is ‘ill’. In the context of bodily and mental health, both what is ‘good’ and what is ‘ill’ are natural processes in the evolution of life. Man has never been, cannot be and never will be the doer. Understanding this is the gateway to enlightenment.

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.
It is wise to love life as it is, this includes family members as well as colleges and the man or woman in charge. And it also includes the own body. When wisdom begins to settle in the mind, the body is also affected by this wisdom. Unconditional love expresses itself in a deeper understanding and awareness of what the body really needs. The basic needs of the human body is healthy food. Dr. Shankar, as a wise and a doctor of medicine too, gives a deep insight into how a healthy body is easily attained and maintained. No medicine is needed, but a wise approach to cooking and eating.

Comment: Article ‘Intelligence 16 and 17’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Thank You for making me understand the healthy food for the body. Good health is not to buy in the supermarket, with the understanding that good food is to buy.

Comment: Article ‘Intelligence 25’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Enjoyed!! Article Top explanation of Advaita!!

Letters to AOA:

Sigrid, Munich.
So much enjoying reading the newsletter and this overwhelming website with continuous articles pouring out of Dr. Shankar. I am left in awe and admiration for the intelligence of life. I observe that even the newsletter is sophisticating with beautiful video clips of 'Wisdom quotes', pictures and music and a deep sharing of comments and letters from all over the world. Every point of ink and colour points towards the Real which has no need to sophisticate. My deepest gratitude to all who help to sustain the website and keep this sharing platform happening.

Sigrid, Munich.
Dear Dr. Shankar,
After reading 25 articles of the series 'INTELLIGENCE' over and over again I am amazed how simple and joyful life can be. These articles are guiding to a deeper understanding of the intelligence in life. Besides knowledge wisdom is piercing the mind and the disturbance may settle down. When understanding happens deeply it leads eventually to contentment, surrender and trust in the intelligence in life. Life knows best how to appear in its limitless expressions. I can only bow low to this magnanimous intelligence. All the articles have the power to open a door to Reality! Eternal gratitude for your love, care and concern.  

Julian Capper, UK.
Dear Dr. Shankar
The talk by Dr. Khadar shown on You Tube is very moving. The message he gives is so important for every adult to hear and to understand the damage being done to children across the world, especially in the so-called civilized communities. It is no wonder that this has influenced the eating habits of millions, especially children. Before it was illegal to feature children in advertising especially on TV. Now there is hardly any TV commercial that does not feature children selling products. We seem to have lost our way. I recall when I was a child in India noticing Indian people on the streets chewing on charcoal or what looked like it. It was fascinating, but was not understood. Dr. Khadar speaks of the valuable properties of charcoal contrasting that with toothpaste with its sugar content and promises of dazzling, white teeth.


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