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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Movement is followed by sound. "

Article: Birth of Movement”

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

A man or woman takes a movement for granted. A man or woman believes that he or she brings about a movement by doing an action. A man and woman are convinced that they can do, because they are able to move. All that a man or woman knows is: an action is followed by the next action when he or she does the action. Man and woman also know that an action is made up of many movements. What a movement is and how it is formed is wisdom. So what could this wisdom be is the question that man or woman needs to enquire? ........      Click here to read further.
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Comment: Article ‘Birth of Movement

Julian Capper, UK.
Man is dependent on the elements for his daily existence. Excess or deprivation of any of them arouses distress. The environment in which man lives, both animate and inanimate, experiences their gross and subtle movements. So intelligent is the nature of illusion, as revealed in this article, that it convinces the mind of man that what is not is and, accordingly, that what is is not. Turning unreality on its head to become undistinguishable from reality is the trick of a magician. The intelligence of life is such that man or woman will penetrate its illusion with the maturing of deep understanding, the enlightenment of Dr Shankar. Abide in this gift of light.

Comment: Article ‘Birth of Movement’

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.
That life is a singular movement and not filled with real actions, is wisdom. Dr. Shankar, however, never expects anybody to just repeat this wise claim, for it would do no good to anybody. Dr. Shankar repeatedly and again in this article, requests the reader to enquire deeply himself or herself. Let us enquire everything Dr. Shankar shares! The enquiry too will finally be understood as a reflection of the singular movement of life.

Comment: Article ‘Birth of Movement’

Paula Smit, Netherlands.
The growth of a plant, from seed to seedling, flower bud and flower, are mentioned separately in language as if they are detached movements. However, to the plant it is growth and the growth will continue in withering, dying off, transforming to humus, becoming food for other plants et cetera. A continuous movement that forms one movement together with all movements. Where could a beginning be found? In this article Dr. Shankar shows us that only understanding the true nature of movement reveals the beginning, not a beginning in time, but the birth in the illusion we too are part of.

Comment: Article ‘Birth of Thought’

Paula Smit, Netherlands.
Thoughts are seen as intimate and private. Thoughts are the ultimate freedom, because our bodies can be taken in prison, but our thoughts will always be free. This article by Dr. Shankar 'Birth of Thought’ shows us that thoughts are indeed moving freely and cannot be controlled by others, but also not by ourselves. It becomes clear that it is impossible to control or stop thoughts. By reading this article and letting it’s wisdom sink in, the understanding may come that thoughts present themselves to us, but do not belong to us. To read the article in Dutch click here

Comment: CD ‘Important Satsang’

Elisabeth, Netherlands
What is it that we have as a concept of going to a satsang? Can what I experience through my five senses, can it stand for true validation for it to be true? What could the very characteristics of an event be? As soon as movement came to be perceived as a thought in man's psyche, man knew that he could move. At that time the rudimentary thought I am the doer came into man's mind. As long as there is movement of the body man is convinced that he is the doer. To understand with great clarity our waking state Dr. Shankar gives us all these important satsangs to study and to ponder. Namaste. I am reading the satsang over and over again to not get shocked by the very existence we are living in. I am surprised where you say that everything is just a model though it helps me look at what is happening in life with a different eye. Thank you. Wishing you all the best, Elisabeth

Letters to AOA:

Sonia, Canada
Dear Dr. Shankar,
Ever since coming upon your writings and talks, reading the books and listening over and over again to the cd's there is a deep sense of gratitude for all that you share. Thank you.
Answer from Dr. Shankar to Sonia
It is easy to be grateful when life is easy to live with. It is not easy to be grateful when life is difficult to live with. It is easy to be grateful even though life is difficult to live with, when you understand that life happens as it is meant to happen and cannot happen in any other way than what happens in any moment in life. I am happy that deep understanding of life and mind is happening to you.

Andreas, Munich
Thank You very, very much for the articles 'Known', Unknown' and 'Unknowable'. What a wisdom! Danke, danke, danke.

Sigrid, Munich
Pondering about your article GRATITUDE I am amazed how often I use the words 'thank you' every day with a superficial understanding. Mostly it implies to another being and depends on conditions being present which make life easy to live. But this gratitude is not permanent.  Your article offers a deep understanding of gratitude which is permanent in every moment and unconditional. This gratitude is for the intelligence in life which keeps us alive in the moment, no matter what is in it. Even if others respond, react or behave in a way not according to the likes of our beliefs we can be grateful to life because it's always an opportunity to be steady and realise what we really are. Who could ask for more?  With love and gratitude (with a deeper understanding)!

Sigrid, Munich
Reading all the remarkable articles from 'Birth of Thoughts' to ' Birth of Wisdom' had already happened, but today I recognise they have to be studied over and over again to get the amount of wisdom they offer. These articles are an extension to your book 'EVOLUTION OF MIND' and deepen the understanding as to how we have come here and how life has evolved so far. I remember you saying once that we are not yet born into life, we are born only in the mind. That becomes clear now. To be born into life needs total understanding of the illusionary mind in all aspects. Though the birth of a moment remains a mystery which cannot be enquired unconditional love is a sign that the birth of wisdom has started in man or women.  My deepest gratitude and appreciation

Sigrid, Munich
Thank you for your continuous and tireless sharing of wisdom in the articles. Enjoyed very much the article ‘IMPOSSIBLE’. Though you use the same ordinary words as everybody else speaking English language, these words have a deeper meaning.  How astonishing to realise that words can have a superficial meaning and a deep meaning. Impossible does not mean that it is possible if effort and hard work are applied. You explain so beautifully why impossible means that it is not possible for man to do anything in the moment. This deep understanding of the wise seems impossible to get but it may happen when it is meant to happen. I cannot express my gratitude better than Julian does with his comment to the article: Fortunate indeed are we who come to read and understand deeply the words of Dr. Shankar. Our gratitude for his words is profound.'
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