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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

"Intelligence reflects intellect"

Article: "Intelligence in Life' ”

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

The intelligence in life manifests the moment in life. The intelligence in life within the moment renews the moment in life every moment. This signifies that the moment in life is always present and new. The intelligence in life manifests the mind in life. The intelligence in life has manifested the mind in the moment in life. The mind has neither manifested the intelligence in life nor itself within the moment. This signifies that the intelligence in life has manifested the mind in the moment in life. The intelligence in life has further manifested vegetation and the animal kingdom in life in the moment. 
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Comment: Article ‘Intelligence in life’

Julian Capper, UK.
There is no judgment in the intelligence of life. There is judgment in the minds of men and women. There is no preference in the intelligence of life. There is preference in the minds of men and women. There is no beginning and end in the intelligence of life. There is both beginning and end in the minds of men and women. There are no thoughts or actions in the intelligence of life. There are both thoughts and actions in the minds of men and women. In the moment that is, there is no judgment, no preference, no beginning or end, no thoughts and no actions, save that they make their appearance as illusion, that which appears to be. In the minds of men and women, they make their appearance as reality, that which is. On his and her way to understanding the proclamations of the enlightened, as gifted in this article, men and women will hear the proclamations of the mind, manifested also by the intelligence of life.

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich
Intelligence is considered as the property of a human or animal. Intelligence is thus attributed to an individual. Intelligence is considered as in an individual, forgetting that the individual is in life and not separate from life. The enlightened, like Dr. Shankar in this article, show the arrogance of the ego, which regards the intelligence in life as its own achievement, as intelligence in itself. Without life, there would be no individual, albeit illusory. Pride and arrogance are based on this misunderstanding of intelligence. Modesty and gratitude comes from the understanding that intelligence is omnipresent in life and without the intelligence in life no living being could be intelligent.
"Ponder path" in Nature

Letters to AOA:

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
The article ‘A letter’ is gift from Life. Beautiful!!

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
‘A Word’ is a TOP article! So beautiful explained. Who did before ….Thank You,

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Love this article ‘An Action’. BEAUTIFUL!!

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Thank You!! Wonderful article ‘Give’. Without being asked the Enlightened gives articles with the opportunity to understand mind and life. Real example of unconditional love. What bigger gift is possible?

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
‘Take’ is a Wonderful article! Enjoyed!

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Thank You!!!! for the article ‘Without’. Very special.

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
The article ‘Process’ is wonderful. Man thinks she or he can control movement or ageing. Anti-ageing products are developed. This article explains with irrefutable logic that movement or ageing is not under man’s control. There are many spiritual schools to ‘become’ enlightened. This article explains that ‘to become enlightened’ is not under man’s control. Patience and trust is all what man needs. A revelation for every man who understands the deeper meaning that Life is a process. Thank You!!

Dori, Netherlands 
The article ‘without’ is of such a beautiful clarity! It’s a joy to read.  What a gift life and mind are.

Sigrid, Munich
The article ‘AN ACTION’ struck a chord in me, it is just beautiful and touching.  I always enjoyed to observe the blossoming of flowers, the ripening of fruits and the growth in nature. You are explaining so clearly that growing is an action in nature and we are part of nature too. I used to admire the construction of beehives, anthills and nests of the birds, not aware that they are built without a mind. You are pointing out that it happens through the instinct in animals. Only man believes that he does an action though he does not know how he speaks a word called 'action' or how he makes a thought of a word called 'action'. Nevertheless actions happen the same way as in animal kingdom instinctively without the control of the mind. With deep reason and logic present in wisdom we can understand that actions are gifted by the intelligence in life. They happen through the instinct in man, woman and animal kingdom any moment as they are meant to happen. This article is again a release from ignorance. Amazing grace!  Thank you for sharing.  With love and gratitude.

Sigrid, Munich 
Truly illuminating is the article ‘INTELLIGENCE IN LIFE (2)’. I am stunned how science meets religion. Evolution is the truth to science and creation is the truth to religion. I don't know any book or university that conveys the wisdom shared in Dr. Shankar's explanations. The omnipresent intelligence in life is light that manifests evolution and creation in the moment and the moment is always present in life. Any entity in any moment is both an evolution and a creation because both imply the same. Thank you for this wonderful article again removing darkness or ignorance in the mind guiding to a deeper understanding.

Sigrid, Munich 
Goodness gracious, dear Guruji! It seems you have swallowed me. In the moment every article hits me and I can't stop expressing my gratitude and appreciation - watching my hands writing again.  The article ‘PROCESS’ reminds me that every word has a superficial and a deeper meaning. Wisdom reveals that everything that happens in life is a continuous, unfolding process, which is a singular movement and neither a step or an action as an actuality. The awakening into enlightenment is therefore a continuous, unfolding process as well which man or woman cannot bring about. Tremendous clarity points to the truth. Love radiates from this article and incites me to fall in love with life - as it appears in front of me - every moment. What an adventurous journey inwards. With eternal gratitude for your unconditional love, care and concern.

Sonia O, Canada
Dear Dr. Shankar, At this time I am enjoying reading Kaivalya Gita 3 and especially the chapter "nothing wrong". Thank you for all that you share.

Sreehari Balaji, India
Guruji's exposition of wisdom and explanation of the illusion in such minute detail in every conceivable perspectives applicable to day to day living for facilitation of deep understanding to happen from different perspectives is unparalleled, very unique. Many thanks for giving the much required clarity at appropriate time. 


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