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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Daily life is an intelligent display of light and sound."

Article: New Year “Happy new year”

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Every New Year is greeted in as a happy new year every year. Every year is greeted happily with a fireworks display, which keeps increasing in splendour. The duration of a fireworks display also happily keeps increasing every year. The happiness of the New Year is, however, short-lived. The happiness exists until the display of fireworks exists and lingers in the memory. The memory of a new year lingers for a day or two or perhaps a few days. As soon as the memory of the fireworks display fades away, happiness or sadness fills the year. Similarly, as soon as the memory of a new year fades away, happiness or sadness fills the year as well. 
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Comment: Article ‘New Year’

Julian Capper, UK.
Man has a glimpse of contentment and happiness on special occasions every year. For a while these special occasions lift him or her out the concerns that are regular companions. These are the gifts of the intelligence of life; they are very important. As important are the words of the wise that are shared with each one of us in this article. This wisdom never fades and declares that in every moment of a human life, as the understanding deepens, there is contentment.  

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.
New Year’s resolutions are very popular. The resolutions are made because we are unhappy with what has happened last year. What makes the resolutions a source of disappointment is that they are not often taken into action the whole year. Therefore the next New Year is filled with resolutions again. The cycle of unhappiness is only paused for the moment of New Year celebration due to the hope that everything will become better in the New Year. Life, as Dr. Shankar wisely points out, is not under man’s control. Life is a play of light and sound, and resolutions are a play of sound in the mind as well. Life makes the resolutions happen and makes man take action according to the resolutions, if it is meant to happen. This understanding makes the whole year free of hope for the next year, even for the next moment, and unconditional contentment reveals itself during every moment of the old as well as for the New Year.

Comment: Article ‘Circle’

Gerard Benerink,
Wonderful article ‘Circle’. Enjoyed it very much.

Comment: Article ‘Ahimsa’

Gerard Benerink,
‘Ahimsa’ is a beautiful article, What a world by understanding this! Thank You!

Comment: Article ‘Shanti’

Gerard Benerink,
One of the greetings is ‘Om Shanti’ and man does not know the real meaning. Explanation in the article ‘Shanti’ helps man understand so that the greetings will be given in another dimension. This dimension will bring peace and harmony to humanity. Om Shanti. Wonderful article!

Comment: Article ‘Prema’

Gerard Benerink,
The article ‘Prema’ is a beautiful ‘Christmas' article!!

Comment: Article ‘Seva’

Gerard Benerink,
‘Seva’ is a beautiful article. In many religion and spiritual circles by seva they expect to become grace. This is not unconditional. Dr. Shankar makes man understand what Seva really means. Thank You!!

Letters to AOA:

Dilip Ram, India
Hello Mr. Benerink, firstly my apologies for the belated reply. New addresses in my computer are normally sent to my junk compartment. Hence the delay. It was very interesting to read all the letters with different insightful views in the December newsletter. Needless to say Dr. Shankar always has the right answer. Thank you for adding me to your mailing list. Warm Regards.

Hari, India
Dear Gerard, Thank you so much for the December newsletter, please keep me posted every month. Regards

Sonia, Canada.
Dear Dr. Shankar, Thank you for all your care and concern for humanity. Love Sonia.

Rebeca, USA
Happy Birthday Dr. Shankar. We who read and listen to you are the ones who have received the gift. I am grateful every day that your message found its way to me several years ago. As I continue to read and listen almost daily I have noticed the changes that have taken place in me over the years. It is like water poured over dry, hard, cement-like soil that takes a while for the water to penetrate. But once it does, all kinds of lovely things crop up and sprout and flourish. Deeper understanding doesn't remove the daily challenges of being human but it certainly does help to be less bothered by what I have not yet come to fully understand. Trusting life is much easier than resisting life in front of me. Watching it all come and go and transform in its endless movement shows there is no need, nor can I anyway, hang on to anything I like or dislike and therein lies a growing peace. May it be that life gifts you and all of us many more years of your wisdom. We are so fortunate to live in an era where your message is preserved and will always be there for us. With much appreciation, love and wishes for a wonderful celebration surrounded by those who love you and can be with you in person.

Rebeca, USA
Please let Dr. Shankar know I am really enjoying the CD’s ‘Illusion of Thoughts’ and ‘Life is a Flow’  - excellent and helpful as always.

Barbara, Munich
What a beautiful December newsletter! Thanks to Dr. Shankar and all of you.

Sigrid, Munich
Dear Dr.Shankar, Thank you so much for your CD 'ILLUSION OF THOUGHTS'. I've already listened and enjoyed each sentence as a statement by itself. So beautifully explained why life is a tremendous opportunity to know oneself. Life gives us anger so that the fire may burn itself out and transform into compassion. When awareness is increasing, the more we are in the NOW, the more compassionate we become. Looking into life directly reveals the apparent treasure. This CD also deepened the understanding of TOUCH. Without the phenomenon of touch there would be no manifestation; everything happens because of touch which is constantly there as an extension of movement. It hit me to understand that SILENCE is subtle touch. Silence as light and sound is gross touch.  Though I have listened to hundreds of your CDs over and over again, each one is still exhilarating, compelling, fresh and new. The same happens with reading the articles and books. This remains a mystery for me! I am grateful that life keeps my focus on finding out ‘WHO I AM’, never losing interest and joy! What a blessing!  With love and deepest gratitude for your continuous guidance.

Elisabeth, Netherlands
The chapter ‘Timeless Time’ in the book ‘The Power of Illusion’ where you reveal that morning and life are one and the same with different names, and that all man's activities happen spontaneously as an expression of the dawning of the morning, has made a deep impression on me. That morning happens and nothing in life can be held. When one understands the magnanimity of the coming of the morning one remains in awe. This awe is bliss. Thank You for this precious sharing. Namaste.

Bill Kelley, USA
The flower in the December newsletter is  beautiful and  a symbol for the flowering of man and of Life’s intelligence. I read the article Daily Life “Satsang” in the December newsletter as well. The article clearly explains that each moment is a satsang, which ultimately means that our entire existence is a satsang. Perceiving this leads one to the implication and understanding that life is very fast and that it only flows one way. May all ponder the truth of this article. Thank you for sharing with us.

Frank, USA
Dr. Shankar—Wanted to wish you a Happy Christmas and also a Happy New Year. Thank you for all the Wisdom you shared so graciously with me this past year, it is appreciated, it is invaluable. The sharing has opened new doors in the mind, and also closed some that needed closing! I appreciate you!

Fali Engineer, Houston
Dear Academy of Advaita, I am grateful for your kind Christmas and Season's Greetings and thank you for your good wishes. Wishing Dr. Vijay Shankar and the Academy continued ability to care deeply, think kindly, act gently and be at peace with the world. We enjoyed and learned a lot during his stay in Houston. With appreciation and warm regards.

Bill Kelley, Alvin, USA
Merry Christmas! Thank you and the Academy for the beautiful card.  

Dori, Netherlands
The Christmas greetings from the academy is very beautiful and to the point. Thank you for all the sharing.

Barbara, Munich,
Thank you very much for the SEASON GREETINGS  and thanks to you Gerard and Teun too! With loooove


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