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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Every moment in life and mind is precise."

Article: "Precision 1”

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

The enlightened in ancient times have proclaimed that life is a play of light and sound. The enlightened in modern times have proclaimed that life is an optical and auditory illusion of light and sound. The enlightened of both times are wise, but their proclamation appeals to knowledge as philosophical and not realistic, according to reason and logic of daily life, to every modern man and woman.So what could the understanding of the enlightened be is the question that every modern man and woman should enquire?
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Wisdom quotes by Dr. Vijai S Shankar: 'part 11: Precision'
New CD: "Problems"



Comment: Article ‘Precision 1'

Julian Capper, UK.
Man has been blessed throughout the ages by the revelations of enlightened beings that reach deeply into our daily lives. Nevertheless, our confidence that we are able to initiate, manage and complete the tasks necessary to provide for our extensive and precise needs is amply demonstrated by our daily vocabulary, both spoken and written. When there is prosperity or poverty, well-being or suffering, praise or blame may be conveyed through attendant language. This may include addressing a higher authority. If life is a play of light and sound. If life is an optical and auditory illusion of light and sound. If the deep understanding of the wise reveals that such is life. If the intellect of man may be transformed gradually to share this understanding. Let it be so - and with this the complement of profound gratitude.

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.
Man lives a complicated life, he or she at least believes. There are so many different opportunities and opportunities to seize, at the right moment. As in ancient Greece, the philosopher and statesman Pittakos said: "Know the right moment." This, of course, means the right moment to do or to leave something. The author of this saying was counted among the "seven wise men". However, wisdom is to admire the precision of life, rather than believing that through knowledge one could know the right time to act. The true, deeper wisdom of this article by Dr. Shankar reveals the precision of life: life is just a singular, precise, fluid movement, and the many different opportunities and opportunities to miss are illusory thoughts in the mind. Whoever understands this no longer misses life and no longer takes knowledge for wisdom.

Letters to AOA:

Diane, USA
I have read the article ‘Actions 2’ two mornings in a row for breakfast. First and foremost thank you for writing it for humanity. I love how it makes me reflect and ponder and look at life in front of me and at the “thoughts/stories in my head and with the wisdom the article shares how much clearer and clearer its layered illusoriness becomes.

Dori, Netherlands 
Thank you for the articles ‘Precision’.  Man is so much conditioned to think that he or she can do anything with precision and in the right moment not understanding that everything what is ‘done’ by him or her is not according to his or her ability to do,  but to Life’s magnanimous ability to make us to believe so.  Even reading the precision article, which the mind labels as ‘To Late’, is precise in time. They are beautiful and tremendously helpful in daily life. Thank you.

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
In the article ‘Action 3’ the illusory-ness of an action wonderful explained! 

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Enjoyed article!! ‘Gesture’. Man thinks there is consciousness and unconsciousness (instinctive) so man divides. There is no time in a moment to divide.

Dori, Netherlands
Thank you very much for the CD ‘Problems’. It’s a joy to listen to it. We are very privileged with Dr. Shankar in our life.

Sigrid, Munich
Dear Regina, thank you for the link. I can watch the video over and over again and it is very touching indeed. These children are adorable. Beside that I recognize the care and concern Dr. Shankar has for us and for everyone. His unconditional love and guidance is permanent and everywhere in my daily life. We can be eternally grateful. Best wishes for Dr. Shankar and also love and best wishes to you. 

Sigrid, Munich
Articles ‘Gesture and Seed 1’
Namaste. Thank you for all the splendid articles in May again. Especially the article ‘GESTURE’  conveyed a different flavour of doer-ship to me. So clearly explained that gesture as well as instinct are movement in the moment and the moment cannot be controlled by the mind. What an easy way of living to watch the movement without judgements and interpretations. Thank you so much!!!  The article SEED1 is an awesome revelation. To understand deeply that there is nothing within a seed and what vegetation comes out of it forbids to take anything for granted in life any longer. Rather it initiates and reinforces to admire and enjoy the variety of life's expression, albeit illusory. What an easy way of living to watch all shapes and forms without expectations. With love and best wishes.

Sonia, Canada
Dear Dr. Shankar, 
Over the past year I am very much appreciating your suggestion to me '' to wait patiently and things will work out". In the beginning there was a sense of waiting for things to "improve" at some future point and there was some stability felt...As "time" went by,[ these words were for the most part like a prayer] and there is a noticing that the patience itself seems to bring the attention more out of the past and the future. This state is very much appreciated and at the present time it appears like this. Occasionally thoughts will come of concern... and I am not taking it for granted that this state will remain the same. So much appreciation for all your support,
Answer by Dr. Shankar to Sonia
Dear Sonia.
Happy for you that stability is present. The concern that the past and the future will remain the same causes instability

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