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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Sound is an illusion of movement "

Article: Birth of Sound”

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

A man or woman takes sound for granted. A man or woman believes that he or she brings about sound by making a sound. A man and woman are convinced that they can make sound, because they are able to utter sound. All that a man or woman knows is that he or she can utter a sound at will and by choice. Man and woman also know that animals of every species also are able to make sound. What sound is and how it is formed is wisdom. So what could this wisdom be is the question that man or woman needs to enquire? Enquiry into what is known as a fact would provide a clue to the wisdom of what sound is and how it is formed. What is known as a fact is that daily life is full of movements.
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Comment: Article ‘Birth of Sound'

Julian Capper, UK.
Life is richly endowed. The life that you and I live is richly endowed. The deep understanding of the enlightened, as presented in this article, enriches this life, revealing the reality that is the play. As the superficial experience and knowledge of our daily lives give way to a deeper understanding, so the guiding star of wisdom illuminates your journey and mine.

Comment: Article ‘Birth of Sound’

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.
That sound happens to everything in nature including humans who don’t bring sound about by will and choice, is wisdom. Dr. Shankar, however, never expects anybody to just repeat this wise claim, for it would do no good to anybody. Dr. Shankar repeatedly and again in this article, requests the reader to enquire deeply himself or herself. Let us enquire everything Dr. Shankar shares! The enquiry too will finally be understood as the spontaneous sound of life. 

Comment: CD ‘Expectations 3’

Elisabeth, Netherlands
In ‘EXPECTATIONS-3’ the mechanism why the mind keeps worrying is revealed. The primary factor in our lives is we have a great deal of expectations within our mind in every sphere of life and we expect them to be fulfilled. Life is flowing and we are expecting here in the now and we think I am expecting in the future. That is the illusion. Because we have convinced ourselves that we can expect in the future, it creates so much of anxiety and misery. When life is always ahead of you, how on earth can you get ahead of life through the mind? Very much enjoyed the satsang but it feels like I have to read it again a thousand times, such deep understanding. Namaste, Elisabeth

Letters to AOA:

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
The article ‘Precision 7’ is beautiful.

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
The article ‘Life Gives 2’ is a beautiful article. By understanding this man becomes grateful to life. Thank You!!

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
The article ‘What is wisdom’ is Beautiful!! Wisdom is so misunderstood. Enjoyed the note on the article by Julian!!

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Beautiful article! ‘Worker’. Enjoyed!

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Enjoyed article!! ‘Thought 2’.

Barbara, Munich
The article ‘SINGULAR MOVEMENT 3’ is wonderful for me!  Nothing else you need to understand life!  Thank you very very much

Andreas, Munich
Your answer to the question from Netherlands 31-3-2018
Thank You for the brilliant answer. At the moment the smallest measured unit of time is a zepto-second, therefore it would be really impossible to make a moment with its content out of it. What a mystery, that there are nevertheless moments and its contents. Life as such doesn't need time and space to be. But to show itself, it reflects this wonderful optical and auditory illusion of light and sound in the moment 'NOW' without the help of real numerical time and real space. Life only (what a minimization) makes itself as us (for a time) believe, that there is real space-time, wherein we live and die. Yet sometime Life reveals itself making us understand, that we have always been life beings and not our appearance, called human beings. This is the greatest gift of Life. Thank You so much!

Andreas, Munich
Yes yes yes! It is indeed a very great gift, that LIFE as YOU has convinced me with incredible patience that LIFE is my friend. What a great gift, that LIFE let it happen, that I am able to listen to YOU in this lifetime. Danke

Sigrid, Munich
My almost daily visit on the AOA-website amazes me tremendously. What wisdom is pouring out of Dr. Shankar. It touches the bottom of my heart how acute and smoothly as well we are guided and taken along to a deeper understanding. Each article or answer to the questions is like a jigsaw piece completing a huge puzzle giving a clue of the whole picture. Finally everything falls into place. More and more clarity sets in and the mind calms down. My overwhelming gratitude has the urge to express itself in a BIG THANK YOU for this priceless gift. Namaste

Elisabeth, Netherlands
I so much recognize the anger described in the Questions and Answers of 24th of April. Your answer, that the freedom in every moment is free of sadness, depression and anger, is beautiful. Gratitude to life for every moment. Thank you, this way of sharing is so helpful. Namaste.

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
What a wonder Life is as expressed in the article 'Word 2'.
Thank You!

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