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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

"Evolution refines everything that exists in life."

Article: "Refined (1)”

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
When life evolved, everything in life was crude. Every cell of vegetation was crude. Every cell of vegetation eventually evolved and refined as yielding vegetation of food, flower and fruit. The cell in vegetation eventually evolved as a crude animal-cell. Every crude animal-cell eventually evolved as crude animal and eventually refined as complete and separate, male and female, reproductive animal-kingdom. The cell in reproductive animal eventually evolved as a crude human-cell. Every crude human-cell eventually evolved as crude human and eventually refined as complete and separate, male and female, reproductive humans. Similarly, movements of man and woman in the moment were crude initially and, as evolution progressed, movements of man and woman in the moment became refined.
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Comments: Article ‘Refined (1)’

Julian Capper, UK.
The brilliance of the understanding of the wise as gifted in this superb declaration of the process of evolution, is a wonder in the evolution of language itself. This is a wonderful expression of the intellect of life in the present moment. In his appreciation of the refinements of almost every aspect of his environment on land, sea and air, man has heaped praise and, where thought appropriate, blame on his fellow men and women. This arises from the conviction that man is the doer, albeit illusory. As the beliefs of the conditioned mind are gradually transformed in the company of the enlightened beings, namely the author of these articles and elsewhere, so is the understanding of what it is in the moment refined.

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich
Man wants to learn everything and above all he wants to teach his children. From speaking, walking and writing to arithmetic, mathematics, foreign languages, history, sports, art and music. A teacher is quickly called upon to teach you everything. Thus, accompanied by the teacher, the ability to develop in all these areas from crude to fine and highly developed skills evolves when it is meant to happen. People praise pupils and teachers and believe firmly in the conviction that man knows what he wants to know, can do what he wants to be able to do and teaches what he wants to teach. But not everyone learns everything that you want them to learn. This is attributed to the individual talent and above all to the diligence of the student and teacher. The wisdom in this article, however, reveals a different picture of human abilities. They develop as evolutionary wonders! What a liberation from the inner and outer compulsion of teaching and learning, although teaching and learning should not be questioned in their illusionary function. 
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Letters to AOA:

Andres, Munich
Thank You for all the beautiful articles and DVD'S and CD'S and books and and and...Love

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Refined (1) is Wonderful article and very good notes!! Enjoyed!!

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Wonderful article(s), ‘Anger (2)’ and ‘Jealousy

Bill Kelley, USA
Comments on the articles "Refined (1), (2), and (3)” Dr. Shankar explains in great detail the process of evolutionary refinement in the three articles entitled “Refined (1), (2), and (3)".  The absolute beauty of life is found in the detailing of what has happened across the span of time with life in the moment. Vegetation was crude at first, primal man's movements were crude, eventually man’s knowledge of letters began as crude and evolved to where we are today. Knowledge, in time became  wisdom. This is a very important addition to the wisdom that Dr. Shankar has shared with mankind.

Sigrid, Munich
I appreciate very much the article ‘CONCLUDE’! Watching the mind diligently it can be easily recognised how much we conclude and interpret in daily life, missing life every moment. Your article points to the precise moment in life which is neither early nor late. The next moment renews the previous in a singular flow. Conclusions and actions are just impossible in this eternal moment. Thank you for this deep clarification. Reading the article I remembered very well your narration years ago: Being a boy your elder brother took you to a tea-shop listening to the conversations around you. As a man made his statement, your brother suggested that 'Now he has another problem!' I know how lucky you were having such an elder brother guiding you to wisdom. And we can be more than lucky and grateful to have your books, Cds and a constant growing website of the AOA. Thank you for continuously sharing priceless wisdom and guiding to an understanding that the mind (and more certainly concluding) is illusory. With love and best wishes.

Sigrid, Munich 
The article ‘CAUSE’ hit me surprisingly. Like a burning class the focus comes onto the moment. The understanding that there is no cause in the precision of a moment stops the repetitive cycle of emotions (rejecting and accepting). It is irrefutable that the intelligence in life is light and light has no cause. This statement touches my heart deeply. Trust arises that the intelligence in life is taking care of everything what happens in everyday life, without a cause and a reason. It feels like taking a silky smooth bath and the ego relaxes ...... accepting whatever is in the moment. Thank you again!  With best wishes

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Everyone especially in politics should read this article ‘Convince’. Wonderful!!

Elisabeth, Netherlands
What a beautiful article ´Convince´ is wherein you convey the wisdom of convince. I find myself listening to the CD´s Conditions 1 and 2 wherein to understand that the moment we have a deep insight into mental life, into our conditionings, we get a deep insight into life. And I love your wisdom quotes.


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