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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

"Light is unconditional love."

Article: "Moon”

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Moon is a ball of light in space. The human knows the moon in the sky is light. What is the moon to a human? To a human a moon is an object of light. This signifies that to a human light appears as an object. How does a human know the moon as an object? The human eye has evolved to receive light rays. This fact of evolution indicates that the human eye has evolved to receive an intensity of light wave from the moon as light in the night sky. Wisdom reveals that the intensity of light rays from the moon as night light that enters the eye has evolved as a word ‘moon’ in the human mind. The word ‘moon’ to the human, therefore, is an object. What is the light that appears as a moon?
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Comments: Article ‘Moon’

Julian Capper, UK.
What a wonder is consciousness. Its light, accompanied by sound, appears to human awareness as the whole world in which we live on our daily journey of life. The light during the day from the sun and the light during the night from the moon were revered in classical times as divinities, brother and sister. Modern mind has even endowed moon with romantic qualities in music and verse. Understanding the world in we live as illusion, a wonderful illusion, is the gift of the wise. What a wonder is the compassion of the wise.

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich
When you see the moon, you are reminded of how small humans are, because the moon appears in the night sky even smaller than the head of man, but knowledge informs us that the moon is only far away and therefore in reality much bigger than it appears from our perspective. What the wise, like Dr. Shankar here, inform about is that the moon is a thought generated by light that transforms as sound in the human mind. The whole world is contained in our little heads, albeit illusory!
Wisdom quotes by Dr. Vijai S Shankar: 'part 19: Choice (6)'
New CD: "Why is LIFE difficult"

Comments CD: ‘Why is LIFE difficult’

Elisabeth, Netherlands
"It has touched me deeply and emotionally to realize how stuck up I am with my conditions and my expectations. Thank you."

Sigrid, Munich
"This CD may jolt and awaken us so that we are able to embrace difficult situations in life in gratitude and immerse ourselves in silence, which is our 'True Identity'!  Thank you so much for this abundantly clear CD!  With love and best wishes"

Letters to AOA:

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Enjoyed article ‘Fear’ and quote.

Enjoyed article ‘Causality’! No cause and effect means life is singular and singular means what is meant to happen will happen as declared by the enlightened. Very few understand it deeply. No one has explained so deeply. Thank you Dr. Shankar!

Enjoyed article ‘Determined’.
Enjoyed article ‘Bliss’ and both English and German note.

‘Expected’ is a very good article!! Thank You!

We are conditioned to look forward. We plan. We organize. In the car we look forward. We look forward to make decisions. All because we think, we are the doer. Understanding will decondition the mind and brings trust and patience. Thank You for helping understand! Beautiful article!! ‘To Look Forward’.

Enjoyed article!! ‘Life is moving’

Enjoyed article ‘Expect’. Have to read over.

Enjoyed article “Surprise’ and quotes!!

Article ‘Potential’. Wonderful article. Enjoyed quotes!!

Enjoyed article!! ‘Care’. Dr. Shankar is an example of taking ‘real’ care. Thank You!!

Sigrid, Munich
Good morning Dr. Shankar,
Thank you again for this awesome website. I enjoyed all these profound articles this month. Dr. Shankar never ceases to amaze me with a different look at our daily life with all and sundry aspects of the illusory world. Most of all the article ' WHY IS IT DIFFICULT?' struck a chord in me. Especially the sentence 'The permanent solution to difficulties faced in everyday life is the moment.'  So clearly explained that the content within the moment is unique and precise and cannot be otherwise. Understanding this deeply endows a release from being driven by the mind and adding fuel to mental activity in order to find solutions in life. This article is truly a gentle touch of wisdom (as Julian noted) and an invitation to accept life as it is! Tremendously helpful! Thank you!

I offered your book THE ILLUSIONS OF LIFE (the German translation) to a friend of mine. After reading it she wants me to send you the following lines:
"Dear Dr. Shankar,
I have read your book DIE ILLUSIONEN DES LEBENS and it becomes significant to me that I am not the doer! That is an absolute clue! At the same time I recognise that my conditioning begins to waver, all my believes are at stake. But there is no doubt that this is the way to freedom. I have read many books in my life, but this one is radical and revolutionary, thank you for sharing this overwhelming wisdom!  Elisabeth from Munich  P.S.: I very much appreciate the German translation, thank you."
Answer to Elisabeth from Dr. Shankar
The German translation is by Marcus Stegmaier. I shall convey your appreciation to him.

Dori, Netherlands
The articles sun, moon, star, planet, species and the big picture 1 and 2 give  man  a deep insight in how we come to know our daily life and how unique and specific every single specie is. They offer man the ability for a deep understanding of life.  What a beautiful articles.  Man is prisoned in the limitations of his mind. Your articles are such a gift to mankind.

Margareta Weich, USA
Dear Dr.Shankar,
Barbara and I talked yesterday. We shared our multitude moments where all our readings, listenings and your so precious monthly letter suddenly Got a glimpse of understanding. Erika said the other day : It is like seeds and suddenly one opens unexpected. Barbara and I shared the preciseness in what happens. And with all those words I only want to say: T H A N K  Y O U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In deep appreciation  

Dear Dr. Shankar,
Thank you for the two words written to me: BE HAPPY. It hit me like Lightning and Thunder. It uncovered very ancient Beliefs  I was holding on and It is still moving and shaking like an Earthquake. Like all what comes from you. Simple, clear and so loving. Thank you again
Answer to Margareta from Dr. Shankar
Yes, be happy for the moment that is and whatever is in the moment, because man neither makes the moment nor what is in the moment. Regards

Andreas, Munich
The possibility to watch this miraculo
us amazing life is a very great gift from LIFE itself. Thank You so much. 

Sonia, Canada
Dear Dr. Shankar, 
Thank you so much for the article " Potential", answering questions, and all that you share.
Answer to Sonia from Dr. Shankar
It is all for humanity to understand deeply what life really is.

Barbara, Munich 
Thank you very much for all these articles. The article ‘POTENTIAL’ has hit me deeply. It is very strong and powerful for me.  What a mistake that we could do anything! Again and again thank you for guiding us with infinite patience towards clarity and happiness!

Elisabeth, Netherlands
Your answer to a question from Austria 17.1.2019  is that consciousness, soul or Atma is a reflection of Pure Light, and life, albeit illusory, is a reflection of consciousness, soul or Atma and not a reflection of Pure Light. Reflection remains a mystery to me. The article ´Life is the Master´ is so beautiful, to understand that life is in any moment to a seeker or to anyone. The living Master is always available to all every moment and is guiding everyone to wisdom and enlightenment no matter how the moment in life is. Thank You. With deepest gratitude.
Answer  to Elisabeth from Dr. Shankar.
Reflection is an inherent characteristic of light, for example a mirror reflects and every atom of a mirror is light.


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