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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Birth is a seedless miracle "

Article: "Birth”

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

‘Seedless Miracle’
The world is full of living entities such as vegetation, animals and human beings. The variety of living entities is innumerable and widespread. This implies that the variety of seeds needs to be innumerable and widespread as well. The variety in seeds includes shape, form and colour. It is obvious that seeds are needed to form any variety. The seeds are a variety as well, such as seeds that germinate as vegetation, ovum and sperm are seeds that fertilize into animals and humans. This is superficial understanding of birth, which is knowledge. There are, however, important aspects of birth that need to be understood deeply rather than superficially. The deep understanding reveals wisdom.
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Comments: Article ‘Birth’

Julian Capper, UK.
When the moment of giving birth arrives, be it of a human being, an animal or a bird, those fortunate enough to witness that moment are filled with awe. There is a rise of energy and joy, even for the one giving birth. No less is the moment of the birth of wisdom revealed in this article. Miraculously wisdom is giving birth to itself: fortunate indeed are those witnessing this supreme birth – a moment of enlightenment. 

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich
The moment we are born, our supposed time runs out. This is the common belief. Wisdom however, as presented in this article by Dr. Shankar, “Birth“, reveals that life is a continuous process and birth as well as death are neither a real starting or ending point. The identity of man in between is nevertheless existent as an illusion. 
Wisdom quotes by Dr. Vijai S Shankar: 'part 22: Birth'
CD: "Why am I here"

Letters to AOA:

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Article Cause (2) is beautiful !

Article ‘Speaking’ is wonderful.

The article ‘Seeing’ is very beautiful!! Man is saying: “first see then believe”. Shankar: “first understand then clarity will happen” The eyes will slowly be opened by understanding this article.

Enjoyed article ‘Convince’ and both English and German notes.

Enjoyed article ‘Planning (2) ’ and both English and German notes.

Enjoyed article ‘Writing (2)’ and quotes

We take walking for granted. Dr. Shankar explains deeply walking is a movement and not under man’s control, so happens. For to move you need have control about every movement IN the body, but do we have it? Life is a miracle! Thank You! for the article ‘Walking (2)’.

In article ‘Running’ So beautiful explained running as a thought in the mind. What a miracle!!

Article ‘Laughing’ is beautiful!

Sonia Ostrikoff, Canada
Appreciating all the articles, especially the last two on nature. Thank you.

Sigrid, Munich
Namaste dear Dr. Shankar,
Since endless generations man has been deceived by words and their meanings. Life has covered its secrets very well. Following the website of AOA it becomes obvious that in this century life is disclosing its magnanimity not only to a few. I am amazed how much more Dr. Shankar has to share to deepen the gift of understanding and to realise the illusory nature of the mind. The remarkable articles 'SPEAKING', 'SEEING', 'HEARING', 'THINKING' and 'WALKING' bestow a tremendous opportunity to take the jump from knowledge to wisdom. What a miracle it is that we can speak, see, hear, think and walk. All as a play of light and sound which we take for granted so readily! There is overwhelming admiration and gratitude for life that has kept me alive so far.  Love and best wishes. Hope you are well

Elisabeth, Netherlands
In the last newsletters You address the CD 'Why is LIFE difficult?', so I listened again and in the satsang You clarify how effortlessly we are identified with our thoughts and that this conditioning has been going on for so many generations. You reveal that effortlessly remembering that which is beyond the mind is very important, in a sense it will happen to you. The word ´effortlessly´ strikes me. Our habitual pattern of thinking is not habits, it is suffering to an individual. Habits merely means that the source continuously and meticulously keeps on reminding you that you are neither the thinker nor the doer, but the ego thinks that it has got the habit of thinking all over again. Thank You for addressing this enlightening satsang. 


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