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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Season and Understanding are gifts in Life"

"Life is Fresh every Moment"
Happy New Year
"Children are Fresh every Moment"
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"Light is Fresh every Moment"
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"Sound is Fresh every Moment"
Happy New Year

Article: 'Fifth Season (1)'

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Understand that wherever you are, you are here for the first time. It is always the first time in life. There is never a second time because your body transforms every moment. You must be distinctly sure of yourself. Is this happiness here wherever you are or is it again an illusion? You have to be distinctly clear with everything you say or happens to get said through you. Nobody can say what he wants to say as a separate individual in life. What needs to get said will get said through you, whether you like it or not, by the intelligence in life as an illusion of sound and not by you. 
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Comments: Article ‘Fifth Season (1)’

Julian Capper, UK
Gradually, understanding evolves and habit dissolves in response to the revelations of the wise.The intelligence in life manifests the living world which all beings, animate and inanimate, inhabit and pass through as they are meant to. There is no choice in this for any being, nor in the form and manner of manifestation. Furthermore, the wise reveal that every human being lives where his feet touch the ground. Mind with thoughts lives elsewhere without awareness of the feet touching the ground. He thinks he lives where and how he chooses. An individual exists only in imagination in an imaginary place until he is gifted with the understanding of the wise. Man, without thoughts, may come to understand as the wise do, if he is meant to.

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich
On the basis of the seasons that come and go in life without man having the say, Dr. Shankar's article on the essence of the human mind makes it clear that even in our world of thought the warm and cold days come and go as they are supposed to, without us having the rudder in our hands. To surrender to life, to the outer and inner seasons, by understanding them as illusions, makes man weatherproof, that is, you accept your thoughts and feelings as well as the outer weather and the season, whether you like it or not. The human struggle against the storms and tempests, the heat and cold phases, the droughts and the rainy seasons, which has prevailed since time immemorial, continues in the struggle against the negative feelings and emotions in his mind. This struggle has an end for the wise ones who receive the clear understanding of this article, like a bolt of lightning simply hitting a tree if it is meant to be.
Wisdom quotes by Dr. Vijai S Shankar part 30 "Seasons"

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Letters to AOA:

Sonia, Canada,
Read the beautiful December newsletter and sure enjoyed listening to the song.
Marcus, Germany
Enjoyed the December newsletter, song and the many letters in it very much!
Elisabeth, Netherlands
CD ‘Words in the mind’. Everyone has to confront that question, why is it that I am not happy? Can the mind be happy in the present? If the happiness is not in life, how could it be real? Something called the past and future must be distinctly understood as an illusion. Dr. Shankar shares what past and future could be. To make it more clear that happiness could be an illusion or that it is an illusion we have to prove it is an illusion also in the present. If in our life the understanding happens that whatever the mind says is an illusion, would we insist on anything, judge anything, demand anything, expect anything? I recognize in the satsang where Dr. Shankar says that the mind does not want to understand. Because we have convinced ourselves that the mind with thoughts is in the present, where is the need for it to bring it to the present? I enjoyed the satsang and listened over and over again. With great gratitude, Elisabeth

Julian Capper, UK
I have read the December Newsletter and listened to the song. The words and the music are a simple declaration of this beautiful phenomenon of childhood. It is as simply beautiful as that: the being of a child. It needs no embellishment. Life declares its simple beauty through a child. I was fortunate today in giving a mock interview to a 10 year old boy in preparation for a secondary school place. When asked if he had a hobby, he said: Mah-jong. My grandmother, who is an expert, is teaching me Mah-jong. The two songs in the newsletters: ‘Who I am?’ and ‘I am the beauty of the child’. A declaration so simple in song.

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands 
Fifth Season (8). Very good explained, you cannot put any conditions to be happy and the importance of patience and trust. Every ‘happy’ lesson is knowledge and a condition too. Fifth Season (9) is a Wonderful article, We come empty handed, we go empty handed. In between man thinks he is responsible for everything what he thinks is ‘mine’. Man thinks conditions are needed to possessions. (If I have money I can buy….) Dr. Shankar explains nothing can be ‘mine’. Everything meaning objects and living beings belongs to life. What a revelation

Dory, Netherlands 
The article "Radar" provides a deep insight into life and the sophistication of life. It makes very much clear that the manifested world, whether humans, animals or advanced radar systems, is essentially an optical illusion of light. It’s a gift of Life that man is able to perceive this life where even perception is an illusion of light. It’s a gift from life too that man can come to a deeper understanding of Life by the words which are shared in this article.

Dory, Netherlands
Understanding understands, You often said.  No person involved. Is it correct to say: Life reflects, projects and manifests the whole world, the whole  drama, all as an illusion, life explains the illusion and finally the understanding happens also in an illusion of light/life.. No one involved. Just life. This explains why one is life and not the individual, one thinks he is. Or better: The individual does not exist. Only life is.
Answer from AOA
Dr. Shankar
The illusory individual understands. I have never said no person involved. Understand an illusory person is involved. It is correct to say: Consciousness as life reflects and manifests the whole world, individual and mind. The mind is reflected by consciousness and also the drama which is an illusion of light and sound. Consciousness as Intelligence reflects intellect which explains the illusion which is understood by the illusory individual. Understanding is an illusion of light in the illusory individual. An illusory individual is always involved in the illusory understanding. One is an individual who thinks he or she is. The enlightened is life. The illusory individual exists. Life exists too.

Dory, Netherlands
Thank you for the clarification. Yes, You never said: No person involved”. This was my assumption.
Answer from AOA
Dr. Shankar
Never assume. First Clarify.

Diny, Netherlands
Good morning. What a gift of Live that I can read the Articles over and over again. Specially the Articles ‘Many Actors.’ What a gift. Thank you soooo much.

Sigrid, Munich
Good morning. The quote 'To love unconditionally is the beginning of a life long romance' is utterly beautiful and touching, this is what your sharing is eventually leading to. That words can express such a miracle is a gift from life. Melting in tears

Sigrid, Munich 
The new CD 'WORDS IN THE MIND' conveys a further taste of the multifaceted mind. I had to listen several times because each sentence is a statement by its own being worth a deep pondering. The message I have received so far is that the mind functions in the present as the past. It can only experience that which is not here - an absent contrast. It is distinctly explained that the mind can never contribute anything new to life, it can only recollect. What a shocking insight that analyzation is simply shifting thoughts in the mind, not creation. Thank you for sharing how this magnanimous illusion gets manifested. Thank you for awaken our deluded mind. This CD is again a proof that life is neither old nor new, it is fresh and alive in the moment. With love and best wishes

Bill Kelley, USA
Humankind has yet to realize that the mind just cannot know life. Through this series of articles, “Anxiety”(1-10), the reader has an opportunity to go a long way towards understanding life as it is. The understanding of this series of articles is that the mind is like the seasons of the year with, all of its extremes. With this understanding we can become patient, which is vital to knowing who we really are.

Kalpna Dave, UK 
Absolutely awesome set of 10 articles on ‘Children’. Direct and sharp. Both Julian and Marcus are astute in their comments on children.

Kalpna Dave, UK 
Many Actors (1). Mind blowing article. Lots to dig into though. Thanks so much. Many Actors (2) is an incredible article indeed. Marcus is excellent in summarizing your points. Many Actors (3) is a powerful article indeed. Each para is packed with wisdom.  Many Actors (4) is a Fantastic article.  The penultimate para is too good. Many Actors (5) is simple and straight forward article so easy to understand. Editor’s note is interesting too. Thanks so much. Many Actors (6) is an incredible article, which needs a few readings to sink in. Super super. Marcus was spot on too. Many Actors (7)  I am really enjoying reading this series.  2nd para was spot on. Thanks so much. Many Actors (8) the understanding in this article will help everyone, especially the penultimate para!! Thanks so much

Kalpna Dave, UK 
Fifth Season (1) is a beautiful article...simple but straight to the point. Marcus comments were amazing too. Fifth season (2) was so simple to understand and to relate with.  Awesome. Fifth season (3) is another very easy to understand the mind and it is simple article....enjoyed it very much. Fifth Season (4) the 7th Para of this beautiful article sums it all....fantastic...all family members should read these articles. Fifth Season (5) is another excellent little article. Simply beautiful.  Penultimate para is a hit! Fifth Season (6) is simple and easy to understand article which everyone can relate to. Awesome. Thanks so much. Fifth Season (7) is a Super little article. Para 2 was excellent. Thanks so much. Fifth Season (8and 9) Very simple and to the point articles.  Enjoyed them very much. Fifth Season (10) is Awesome article...it brought tears to my eyes. Amazing.  Thank you.


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