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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Mind: Windmill of light and sound."

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Article "What is the mind"
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Article: ‘What is the mind’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Mind is an all important tool to man. The mind is more evolved in man than in an animal. The presence of language and other functions of the mind are proof that it is more evolved. The presence of mind with language in the vegetable and animal kingdom is dormant, and the more so in matter. In man the mind has evolved to unimaginable proportions, as seen from a primitive man’s perspective. It will continue to evolve in times to come. To what proportions it will, present-day man cannot definitively state; he can however imagine.The mind informs man about the world he lives in. The experiences from the five senses by the mind have been finite from primitive times to the present times, and will continue to be finite as long as man exists on earth. 
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Comments: ‘What is the mind’

Julian Capper, UK
The inquiry into Mind requires mind to guide the inquiry. Is it not remarkable that the inquirer is mind, the inquired is mind and that the inquiry itself is within the scope of mind? Mind is indeed an important tool for man. Every step in this process of bringing these thoughts onto this page in black and white script, in a manner that can be appreciated by the reader, and expressing an opinion that will give rise to further opinions is by courtesy of mind. No wonder, therefore, that mind stands supreme in man's world, for it has imagined this world in which it is king.

Marcus Stegmaier, Munich
The article "What is the mind?" is so deep that it probably will not be understood after one reading. And it is of such a density that the entire works of Dr. Shankar function as a footnote to the various questions that may arise to the reader. So the article opens the door to detailed explanations previously given on www.academy-advaita.com. The reader may come to understand that what the mind reports is not life although it may appear as such. 

Paula, Netherlands
The mind is perhaps the most ingenious illusion of life. We believe what the mind, literally, thinks it sees. Apparently our vision is finite and in some way an image appears in the mind because of the light which comes in through our eyes. Then what is seeing, what is it that sees and how does the mind work in my daily life? This article encourages us to investigate these questions. 

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Letters to AOA:

Julian, England 
The wisdom-letter June 2020 is a unique gift to man who endures a mind as restless as the turbulent sea. The restoration of calm waters and the steady light of reality from its source saves him from drowning. Thank you,

Marcus, Germany
Wonderful wisdom-letter June 2020.Thank you. I enjoyed especially the song No Hard Feelings and everything else too.

Kalpna, UK.
Wisdom June 2020...what a peaceful start to a month where the whole world is in a turmoil. Feel much calmer and blessed, thank you all.

Kalpna, UK.
Each para of this beautiful article ‘As it is (1)’ was  powerful yet simple to understand. Thanks so much. The comparison to waves was so easy to understand in this very beautiful article ‘As it is (2)’  that everyone should read. Thanks so much

Kalpna, UK.
Free will (1) is a Mind blowing article about something which most people are confused about...Free Will. You have really nailed it with proof and precision. Thanks so much. Free will (2) Absolutely a mind blowing article.  Each paragraph was a pure gem.Thanks so much

Kalpna, UK.
Wow...article ‘Precious life (1) is absolutely one of the top top articles. One day people in this solar system will realise what wisdom you shared with us. Incredible...thank you thank you thank you. ‘Precious life (2). Another beautiful article in this incredible series which everyone should read. You have done a great favour or service to the humanity by sowing these precious seeds of wisdom. Thanks so much. ‘Precious life (3). Super super article.  The examples of fruits and flowers was amazing. The penultimate para just nailed it. Thanks so much.
This was a very profound series ‘Precious life (4)...Precious Life. we can relate to. Much to ponder upon and be grateful for.  Thanks so much

Sreehari Balaji, India
Many masters have come and have said the world is a maya, the disciples of that generation simply accepted whatever the master said, may be applicable to those periods of time. Today's mind has sophisticated with scientific education and if some one says- the waking state is unreal, it's confusing to the already confused individual. Guruji's exposition of how this illusion gets created is not only unique but precise and diverse to facilitate the entire spectrum of people to get a grasp from different point of view to a scientifically evolved present day people. The article -" Life is a precious singular movement - play of light and sound " is a gemstone and this particular paragraph is a master piece !
"At a precise moment in the singular movement of life, light unfolds as movements. And at a precise moment in the singular movement of life, sounds that are present with the movements unfold as words in the mind, which make the instinctive movements of life to be known as actions. This is why in life you come to know only after movements happen in life, because sound follows light as the known." Thank you Guruji for exposition of unmatched, unparalleled wisdom!

Randy Breuer, Netherlands.
Dear Dr. Shankar,
You have shared again a lovely message of truly wonderful clarity. There is nothing more important than the understanding that life is precious precision every moment.

Dory, Netherlands
The articles “I want”  challenge the reader to further explore the sense of wanting something. And then the sense of separation associated with wanting is almost impossible to miss. It has different colours: sometimes it tends to feel as missing or being lonely, other times it tends to feel like wanting something. And always followed by a variety of other emotions as explained so clearly in these articles. But the wanting is a game that only plays in the mind, a game that only reinforces the separation as long as it is not understood that in the singular movement of life only that comes to you what is meant to come to you. With that understanding, wanting becomes an opening to live life as it is.Thank you for sharing.

Dory, Netherlands 
Thank you for the articles “Precious Life”. Life indeed is precious. Man is in this precious life with all what is in the moment that is. Life is there to be lived and to be admired. Life is a miracle to which can be pointed, which can never be know but yet understood. It can be understood by the tremendously love, patience and wisdom of the enlightened which can be enjoyed here on this website. Thank you.

Elisabeth, Netherlands
Yesterday I had a wonderful telephone conversation with Regina and she suggested that I should listen to DEEP UNDERSTANDING (1) again. It truly is deeper listening. You ask, where is this light and sound? If life is a play of light and sound, how come we cannot make it out that it is light, and how do we make it out that it is light and sound? We have to take our stand in existence in our center and the source from where this light and sound is happening from. What I also want to tell you is that we can read on the website that Your father reminded Your mother that 'if his children understood another human being, that would be the best education to possess' and that is what You are doing for mankind, educating us with unconditional love, unconditional care and unconditional concern. It feels like a promise to Your wonderful parents.
Elisabeth, Netherlands
In Senses (1) (2) and (3) You reveal that senses as they are indicate pointers to life. Knowledge of the senses is not living life as it is. We do not live any sense, including the sense of understanding. If you accept senses as they are you become wise and you embrace life as it is in every moment, you do not judge the senses. You say that the moment you live your senses totally, that which happens to you, strangely enough, will give you a sense of truth, meaning an understanding of truth. Wisdom reveals that the five senses in life are present in the five seasons of life which are spring, summer, autumn, winter and the human mind. So fascinating. With all best wishes,

Kalpna, UK.
What an article ‘Life is a precious singular movement of light and sound'....its a CREAM of all the articles...Absolutely mind blowing.  You are magic. You are so powerful in your wisdom...the world will realise one day, what precious gift you gave through your precious life...and I am sure many more words of wisdom will be shared by you in the coming days and years. Thanks so much


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