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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Not Knowing is in life."

Deep meaning in article is reflected in Wisdom-quotes.

Article "Not Knowing"
Wisdom Quotes "Not Knowing"
Song "Not Knowing"

Article: ‘Not Knowing’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
In daily life modern-day man and woman usually know what to do. There are moments in daily life, however, when man and woman do not know what to do. In such moments man and woman are not their usual self. Man and woman with knowledge are worried and not calm when they do not know what to do. Man and woman are impatient and are desperate to do what they usually do and know what to do. Man and woman know what to do only after something which they know happens to them. These are issues relating to health, work, friendship, house chores, relationships, issues concerning children etc. 
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Comments: Not Knowing’

Julian Capper, UK. Deep gratitude for the November newsletter.
As confusion and disharmony are expressing themselves as they are in man’s world, the light of the enlightened towards man’s delivery never dims. Yet, understanding is gradually revealing that it is all happening by the intelligence of life itself. What a wonder

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany
Thank you for the wisdomletter! Enjoyed the wonderful article Meeting once again. Yes, all are in the unconditional moment of life and simply moving. So the human wish to meet somebody soon does not refer to life as it is. The wise share to enjoy the movement as it is meant to move. Relaxed is he or she who happens to understand wisdom deeply. What a gift to humanity! Grateful!

Sigrid, Munich
Thank you for the Wisdom-letter in November addressing the topic MEETING. It is always amazing how the article reflects in Wisdom-quotes. Beside enjoying the music of the song the lyrics gives a further hint. Meeting is a daily happening in our relative outward journey of life. So it is worth to ponder and understand that we will meet who we are destined to meet. This meeting (albeit illusory) happens in the moment unconditionally and unique. This clarity bestows deep insights. Nevertheless meeting will always be a miracle. Thank you!

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Letters to AOA:

Julian, UK.
October’s wisdom-letter blows away concerns that may linger in daily life, thus revealing what is in each moment of life. Such gratitude for Guruji’s gift of understanding of the life that really is.

Marcus, Stuttgart
Enjoyed the wisdomletter very much. Thank you for reminding of the article “know” in combination with the song by Bill Withers “Ain’t no sunshine”. It means to me that the mind is in darkness all the time it knows and wants to know something in particular. Concerning the topic of a love story it has deep implications. Once the play of knowing in the mind is understood to be transient and illusory, depending on preferences and conditions, the drama of being in love or not ends and the company of whoever is meant to be with us or not in any given moment is welcomed.
Sonia Ostrikof, Canada
Once again I want to thank you for all that you share with humanity. 
It is by the grace of God that I am able to listen to your cds daily and am very grateful for that.
Sigrid, Munich
Dear Guruji, Namaste!
Two quotes on the website in October hit me tremendously and bestowed immense clarity just when needful. First: 'Self-realisation is neither personal nor an experience.' And second: 'The awakened neither experience awakening nor explain awakening.' Both these profound statements destroy all the ideas and stories 'about' realisation, awakening or enlightenment which are available in abundance on the spiritual marketplace. The tricks of the mind to deceive us are multifaceted and very intelligent.You remind us that the approach to Reality is Neti - Neti (neither this nor that). Everything known I cannot be, a person and experiences are changing all the time and belong most certainly to the illusory Relative. Thank you for these quotes, they are powerful, inevitable and essential! Few words from You are pointing to the silence in between that nobody can explain. What a privilege to be part of this miraculous and magnanimous life where nothing is ever lacking.
In love and gratitude


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