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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Nature is Bliss"

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Article "Bliss"
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Article: ‘Bliss’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Bliss is desired by humans and also sought after by humans. Humans, no matter how affluent and contented they are in life, want and wish to be contented in every moment of their daily life. But they are not. So the question is: what is bliss? Bliss is being contented in every moment of daily life, no matter how life is in any moment of the day. So the question is: how could humans be contented in every moment of their daily life?
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Comments: 'Bliss’

Julian Capper, UK.
The understanding gifted to us by the enlightened in these articles and elsewhere while we travel on our journey in life, as we are meant to, is simplicity itself. No one would deny the experience of bliss to themselves or to any other being. Ironically, yet unwittingly, man denies himself through his adamantine reliance on conditions and techniques. Thus, the means available to man for reaching what is present in every moment of daily life, albeit illusory, hinders access to it. The wise, realising man’s predicament, with generosity and compassion never cease to shine this light of consciousness. There is such gratitude. 

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.
The purpose of spiritual and other techniques is to reassure people to attain bliss. Man wants to overcome his ego with all negative feelings like anger, rage, fear and sadness. The human longing for bliss, peace, love and freedom is temporarily fulfilled by spiritual techniques because they distract from negative every day and essential thoughts and feelings for a certain time. The clarity that is presented in this article that man is not the doer opens up unshakable peace, unconditional love and inner freedom in every moment regardless of external circumstances, that is, bliss. An important aspect of this understanding, as Dr. Shankar explains in the seventh paragraph, is that bliss does not take place in a dream world, but that what man has before his eyes is accepted and lived as an illusion by the enlightened ones.

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Letters to AOA:

Julian, UK.
Understanding life is the supreme jewel of life; the open door for realising, beyond peradventure, ‘who I really am’. On his or her pathway in life, a human being may happen to share the wisdom of the wise, so generously gifted, again and again, in this newsletter and elsewhere. Man – every man and woman – longs deeply for freedom, no matter his or her way in life. Life itself is the way. Thank you.

Marcus, Munich.
Have enjoyed the new wisdomletter as always, the article, song, wisdom quotes and letters! Thank you. May the website help every human being who happens to read, listen and watch its wisdom, to understand, by pondering deeply, that living life means freedom and is not a problem to be solved!

Dory, Netherlands.
Thank you for the wisdomletter about bondage.
Man looks for freedom without recognising the dependecy he has to his thoughts. Thoughts about love, life, sensations, right and wrong, good and bad, problems and solutions etc.These thoughts are deeply settled in his memory. Not by himself but due to the evolution of life.
By looking for freedom man wants to relive certain parts of this memory, the good parts to be there always,  certain ideas about freedom, the special ones,   ignoring the fact that life is always fresh and new and will not repeat it self.
Life creates the illusion of dependecy on memory, whether man likes it or not.
By understanding this play of light and sound, life will be a joy to live
Sigrid, Munich.
Your quote 'THAT MAN IS NOT THE DOER REVEALS ENLIGHTENMENT' reminds me of the recommended CD in the wisdom-letter of July 'IS MAN THE DOER?' The conviction that man is the doer has mankind not left as yet. You address that action is a miracle because life is a singular uninterrupted movement and we think that we are acting. But we only come to know what has happened after the moment has passed away. You emphasise that nothing happens in life except an evolution and sophistication process of light and sound. As long as we think we are the doer, the duality of the mind will appear real to us while life simply slips away. The pendulum of the dual mind works as embracement or rejection - and both are not in the present. So where does  man live? 95% of the bodily movements we don't even register. Life has used religion so far to convince us that our experiences are real. Now science is used by life to reveal that daily life is illusory. Once we understand that life happens to us we admire life and are grateful to live in it. Over and over again you have shared with us that life is very precious and offers the opportunity to recognise its illusory nature. Demands, getting upset, blaming, concluding and so on will be replaced by watching life. It touches my heart deeply to hear your words: 'Living is an eternal enjoyment - in a different way - which cannot be described.' What a mystery life is. I am happy to have listened again.
Love and gratitude 


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