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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Achieve happens in the moment."

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Article "To achieve"
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Article: ‘To achieve’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar
Every educated man and woman wishes, wants and desires to achieve in life. What they do achieve in life is achieved in the moment and known in the moment only after achieving is actually done. Whatever the educated man or woman achieves in life is accepted, applauded and appreciated not only by them, but also by the society. The same is expected every time whatever he or she wishes, wants and desires to achieve. The acceptance, applause, appreciation and the expectation also happen in the moment and are known in the moment not only to him or her, but also to their society.
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Comments: 'To achieve’

Julian Capper, UK. D
Understanding anything in life may be regarded as an achievement. The more difficult or complex the problem or situation to solve or resolve the more credit may be accorded to the achiever, whatever age. Achieve, achiever and achievement are the three components of a job done or a problem solved - the three components of daily life. The enlightened understand that life is a singular movement. In actuality there are no separate parts or players, save that they make their appearance, albeit illusory, in the moment that is. A moment in life and in the mind, they declare, is eternal. Understanding this results in absence of fear and trust in life.

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.
Everybody wants to achieve something in life. Be it prosperity, having a family or just being happy. If the achievement were real, it should not change after the achievement, but that is not the case. There can also never be a happy end, because the end is always the beginning of something new. Such is life. Even this insight cannot be achieved, but happens, if meant to happen, spontaneously every moment anew, in a different context and therefore every time in a completely fresh and unexpected way.

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Letters to AOA:

Julian, UK.
In the minds of humanity - man and woman - it is irrefutable that man is the supreme perpetrator, the super doer of actions, whether they are approved of by fellow man or not. In the wisdom of those, however, the enlightened, to whom is gifted a deep understanding of life itself, man is not, nor ever has been, nor will ever be the doer. In listening carefully, again and again, to the words of the wise, there arises a transformation in the beliefs and convictions that have held each of us – let us acknowledge it – in bondage. Such gratitude to life for the gift of Dr Shankar.

Marcus, Germany.
Thank you for the wisdomletter! The mind try’s to cope with life by conditioned reason and logic, but in vain! Conditioned reason and logic is searching for causes and identifies effects as if real. The article “spontaneous“ reveals life’s flow as it is, without cause and effect. At first the mind may feel uncomfortable searching security in reasons and planning. Once the understanding deepens that security is not to be found in time, which is the shadow of cause and effect thinking, it is wonderful to flow with life as it happens and gratitude takes a stand in the mind.


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