by Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.

Translated by
Mrs. Anuradha Amar BSc.MSc.


1. The Illusion of Birth
2. The Illusion of the Body
3. The Illusion of the Ego
4. The Illusion of the Mind
5. The Illusion of Thought
6. The Illusion of a Doer
7. The Illusion of the Five Senses
8. The Illusion of Time
9. The Illusion of Behaviour
10.The Illusion of Karma
11.The Illusion of Money

12. The Illusion of Love
13. The Illusion of Relationships
14. The Illusion of Problems
15. The Illusion of Questions and Answers
16. The Illusion of Fear
17. The Illusion of Violence
18. The Illusion of Duality
19. The Illusion of Object
20. The Illusion of Death
21. The Illusion of Searching for Enlightenment


Man seems to have harnessed the infinite resources of this planet so efficiently; he believes that he has made remarkable progress in scientific, technological and social environment. There is little that is not available to him for engaging his conditioned, desired interests and enhancing bodily comforts. However, blessed with such enrichments, and in pursuit of contentment, satisfaction and happiness, experience shows that man has found none of these, but rather their opposite. He appears to be lost in a web of illusion and ignorance.

This web is not impenetrable. In his book, Self-Enquiry ‘The Illusions of Life’, Dr. Vijai S. Shankar, a man who has perceived his True Identity to be a state beyond body and mind, indeed beyond man himself, gives deep insights into the nature of each illusion. Freedom is to be found not in any dismissal of the illusion, but in its understanding. The reader will come to discover that the mind, preconditioned by its beliefs and limited to the world of relativity and fiction, cannot comprehend the depth of meaning in this book, for it takes its stand in the Absolute nature.

This book is for those men and women who are earnestly searching for full realisation of their True Identity. Let them read it, above all, with patience, so that the words may be first a window, then an open door to freedom. Such is the substance and heart of this book: it is a wonder; it will touch the lives of all those into whose hands it happens to fall.

Mrs. Anuradha Amar



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