by Dr. Vijai S Shankar MD.PhD.

Preface by
Peter Julian Capper


1. Wet Winter leaves
2. Ego Speaker

3. Adversities are Mind Cities
4. Happening Questions
5. Fading Parfumes

6. Infinite Caterers

7. Cultural Differences Different Cultures




The mind is the fifth season and it is natural. Every form of weather has the five elements: fire, water, air, earth and space and time within it – each, of course, in different ratios. Everything in life is made up of these essential, five elements, so even the mind has the five elements within it and this makes it the fifth season. Man cries as a result of emotions and feelings - an indication of the water element. He is angry - an indication of fire. He is boastful and expresses pride - a result of air. The mind speaks of food - an indication of earth and everything is enclosed in time and space. Understanding life requires clarity in the playoff the five elements to maintain the illusory world of the waking state, which is life’s intelligence in full bloom. The five elements are basically energy and therefore the five elements are an illusory manifestation of light and sound.


Though man speaks he needs to understand that speaking happens to him. It happens so that he may understand the illusory nature of words and their meaning. The questions in this book indicate the conditioned mind’s belief that life is a matter of daily events and situations, while the answers point to life as an eternal flow of transforming energy that projects an optical and auditory illusion of world, man and mind.


Peter Julian Capper
MA (Cantab) UK

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