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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

"An enlightened mind is deconditioned."

Article: ‘‘Story’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

A fairy tale begins with the line ‘once upon a time’ and ends with the line ‘they lived happily ever after’. The fairy tale is about the past and it is told in the present as the past. Whatever happens in the present in life is only known with certainty after it happens and never before it actually happens. This implies that the past is known in the present as the present. Also, whatever opinions we may have about others in the present in life, the opinion is only known with certainty after it happens and never before it actually happens. This implies that the opinion is in the past and is known in the present as the present. A story is about the past, which implies that whatever happens in the present and the opinions is about the past and not about the present. This implies that a story actually about the present is absent. ....
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Comment: Article ‘Story’

Julian Capper, U.K
Every one of us, no matter what age, loves a fairy tale and understands that it is a fairy tale, not a real story. It is told over and over again for it delights all who hear it. A moment’s deep reflection, however - for there is only a moment in life -  shows that every one of us has a story to tell, which is our daily life, and presents the reality of the life we believe we experience, albeit illusory. Thus, story-telling is revealed to be the continuous gift provided by life for man’s engagement until understanding happens. Such is enlightenment.

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.
The stories we tell each other make them and us happy or sad, elated or depressed, sometimes loving, sometimes angry. They are “our“ life and we are identified with the stories until we understand that they are “our“ life but not life as it is. Until then we live “our“ life as opposed to the “other’s“ lifes. The wise, however, live life together and not as mine and yours. The wise help us to understand the togetherness of life as it is in this article “Story“.

Comment: Article ‘Deconditioned’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Deconditioning as well as conditioning is a natural process of life. Dr. Shankar is explaining it in this and many articles. Understanding this leads to patience and
trust in life. This leads to enlightenment. Thank You!!

Sonia, Canada,
Thank you for the article "Deconditioned". The sentence "Wisdom helps to accept life as it is in every moment", I have noticed that when there is acceptance in a very difficult situation, there is a sense of peace present. In the past you had mentioned trust and patience and I appreciate that very much and even here I see that I cannot make that happen but at times by some grace it comes.....Thank you.

Elisabeth, Netherlands
I read the article ‘Deconditioned’ and was surprised to discover that I have never looked upon my feelings and emotions as conditioned, strangely enough. Feelings become difficult to bear because they are not accepted by our mind which is conditioned to believe that every feeling has got a cause for it. To decondition the mind to accept a feeling of a circumstance that is difficult to bear, even when wisdom does not make the feeling of a circumstance easy according to the mind´s preference, is quite a challenge. I have always been looking for a cause and for my mind´s preference. So strong is my conditioning. Wisdom helps to accept life as it is in every moment and wisdom deconditions our mind to difficult situations, circumstances and feelings. So much gratitude.

Comment: Article ‘One Way’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Wonderful article!!Life is ‘teaching' us in so many ways. Often You say: 'Life is your satsang’ When I look back ‘it was/ is a one way’. This could never be planned.

Comment: Article ‘Evolution and Sophistication’

Bill Kelly, USA
I read  and very much enjoyed the article  "Evolution and Sophistication".The beauty and sophistication of Life, as represented in mankind and the world, is explained to be truly light and sound. The understanding of that helps open the door to self-realization. Because what we are is an illusion of light and sound, where are all of the boundaries that we think exist? It seems to me that it's a question for man to ask. We are so fortunate to have one who is wise beyond words to write such an article. Thank you.

Letter to AOA

Sigrid, Munich
Like a sponge I am absorbing the new articles on the website. More than two decades ago I read the sentence: 'What is destined to happens will happen and no force on earth can prevent it and what is destined not to happen will not happen and no force on earth can make it happen.' Though I couldn't comprehend it immediately I never forgot these words and I knew, when they are understood totally, everything falls into place. Now especially the articles ‘ONE WAY’, ‘GROWTH’, ‘POSSIBLE’ and ‘EVOLUTION AND SOPHISTICATION’ struck home. Each is a pointer to this essential wisdom. Life will happen in ONE WAY only and not in any other way! Life takes care of GROWTH and not man, and man and women will grow (move, speak and think) the way they are meant to! It is not POSSIBLE for anybody to be other than what he or she is on any situation! The EVOLUTION AND SOPHISTICATION of nature is what it is in every moment, albeit illusory! All these articles are helpful and supporting for the mental understanding to settle down in life. They are a splendid invitation to relax and receive life rather than reject. With love and gratitude.


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