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By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

"Beliefs condition the mind"

Article: ‘‘Belief’

By Dr. Vijai S Shankar

Whatever anyone believes is a belief that he or she has as a thought in the mind. Everyone has a belief and therefore believes something or the other. The belief that anyone has in the mind conditions him or her to believe. Therefore, to a believer, the beliefs that he or she believes are the truth to him or her. A believer believes anything that happens in daily life, has answers to why and how it happens, or why and how it has happened. This belief has evolved over time. A believer believes that it is either man or woman who is responsible for why or how anything happens in daily life, implying that man or woman does everything that happens in daily life. That man or woman can do is a strong belief in the mind and it is believed to be the truth. 
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Comment: Article ‘Belief’

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany
Wisdom and knowledge both are illusory words, meaning sound, in life. Whereas knowledge is either right or wrong, depending on the point of view, wisdom is always right, as pointed out in this wise article “Belief“ by Dr. Shankar. Wisdom is irrefutable. Wisdom is on a higher lever than knowledge because wisdom explains all knowledge as relative and illusory. Therefore there is no contradiction in saying that wisdom is illusory too but nevertheless it is relative to knowledge, irrefutable and always true. For the mind of a believer this may appear as contradiction, but the mind, when evolved, becomes wise and there is no contradiction any more. 

Julian Capper, U.K
‘I believe’ has been enshrined, even sanctified, in the traditions of man and woman throughout countless generations. Once learned by heart, uttered and thus confirmed, these words become the bedrock of a believer’s life. The revelation by the wise that belief is an illusion, an illusion of light and sound, is a profound gift of understanding. 

Comment: Article ‘Earth’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
WONDERful article. What a wonder how Life evolves.

Comment: Article ‘Change’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
So beautiful article!! Again proves that understanding will bring peace and trust in life.

Comment: Article ‘Husband and Wife’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Everybody's mind. Understanding is the key. Thank You !! Profound article!! Ready to read for many. Enjoyed! Thank You!

Comment: Article ‘Matter’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Happy to read again in German. So beautiful explained the role of elements to create world man and mind as an illusion. Thank You!

Comment: Article ‘Range’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Very precious article. It helps to accept life as it is. Thank You!!

Diane, USA
An all including clarification that ALL in or as life is as it is and that it will change if it's meant to only by the power of life and not by power of the will of man!

Comment: Article ‘Complain’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
‘Complain’ is a wonderful article. Man complains when life does not go the expected way. In this article if understood man has the opportunity to accept life as it is. The best gift of Life! Thank You!!

Comment: Article ‘Acceptance’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
Most people believe they have to do something to be at ease. Courses. Mindful training. Meditation. Quiet places and so go on. Dr. Shankar means the best for Humanity by explanation an understanding to help man accept life as it is. Thank You!!

Comment: Article ‘Smartphone’

Gerard Benerink, Netherlands
How intelligent Life is to ‘call’ man with a smartphone to show the illusory nature of life. Wonderful article! Thank You!

Marcus Stegmaier, Germany.
Dr. Shankar presents the old-age wisdom in new and modern form, by showing the illusion of everything too which did not exist as yet in the old ages, when wisdom first came to man. Wisdom has evolved from ancient times and here highly evolved and up to date wisdom, so to speak, presents the illusion of one of the  highest evolved thing in the world, the smartphone. A smartphone is almost in everybody’s hand all day. We should begin to ponder its implications for a deeper understanding of daily life.

Letter to AOA

Ankur, India
About one year ago I purchased ‘Non-Duality Life as it Is’ DVD from you. I really liked it.

Sigrid, Munich.
Such a weight is lifted on reading the varying articles. It becomes clear that all labels in the mind have to be understood deeply for deconditioning to happen. Illusion clarifies illusion! The profound inquiry leaves not one iota of space for doubt as to its authenticity. 'Life as it is' gets explained in all aspects and angles. Written words are gifted with extraordinary power to dispel the dream. Thank you so much again and again for your love, care and concern.

Rebecca, USA
Both Conditions 1 and 2 are excellent and really, really intense - will take a few listenings. I can never listen to any of the CDs just once. There is too much there to be casual with. They really open up deeper understanding. Lots of love and appreciation to Dr. Shankar.

Barbara, Munich
Want to let you know what popped up in my mind after listening the CD ‘REAL & ILLUSORY’.  What is written in the Bible, Old Testament: "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" is equivalent to what you call a "reaction".  And what is a quote by Jesus (= Love) and written in the New Testament:  "If somebody slaps your right cheek, offer him the other one" is equivalent to what you call a "response". It suddenly seemed to me so obvious.

Bill Kelley, USA
I listened to the CDs “Conditions-1” and “Conditions-2”  both today, and the second CD is the perfect conclusion to the first one. As you explain, the mind of Man is programmed to believe that happiness is achieved by meeting conditions that truly exist only in his mind. In actuality, they are like roadblocks that prevent man from living life and having true happiness. The CDs really pierce the illusion of conditions in a way that only the enlightened can explain. The CDs are very beautiful. Thank you.

Elisabeth, Netherlands
Dear  dr. Shankar. Very much enjoyed the chapter ‘Satisfaction’ in KG7 and I keep pondering. To understand that man spins a dream and deceives himself because he has not understood the words in everyday life totally, what words really mean has made a deep impression on me. So that is what happens in every encounter one has, not understanding words totally. That a longing for satisfaction which, when it happens, is nothing but the presence of approval and not satisfaction, has become very clear to me. Man is not in the moment that is present to live this satisfaction. Thank You. 


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